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  1. I KNEW it! I knew that Extinction was not the final chapter! The holograms in the sanctuary about Arat Prime are basically telling the world "this isn't the end!"
  2. unfortunately it doesn't work that way. people don't play fair because the same thing happened to them when they first played. there are some solutions. just find a place to build that is hidden and hard to find. or put up a sign that says "please don't raid, just trying to have a fun time" or something like that(yes that works on SOME people).
  3. BULLET FACE LOL! i gotta get me one of those! what am i gonna name him? BULLET FACE HA! i'm just cracking up at the fact it shoots quills out of its face
  4. I would rather release it on the current date and let players find the bug, cause then they'll (as in should) shrug it off as a bug that always happens at the beginning of a release. it just makes people angrier this way
  5. (Sigh) I was hoping there would be a large body of water. oh well...
  6. i'm not looking for an argument or anything like that, but in my opinion i think it would be extremely frustrating to any player(everywhere the "king" wanders) who was unfortunate to have a base in that part of the map. the only safe place would be extreme mountains and underwater bases, which each have their own problems.
  7. like what tiny hippo said, if it wandered around you wouldn't need kill the others to encounter it, plus, if it wandered, it would destroy everyone's base and just make everyone angry
  8. well the overseer isn't called the guardian king. just saying.
  9. I never heard anything about any king titan. were did you hear this? or did you just infer that there was a king titan. cause we don't know that the boss is a titan at all
  10. not going to happen. i was rooting for a spino as well until i realized they were only adding dinos that had bionic skins. that means the only dinos left are the mosa, giga, and trike.
  11. I sure hope that we find out what happened to the moon in the explorer notes from extinction(not tek ones but actual notes)
  12. it is a limited transfer system like aberration
  13. the leviathan is actually part of a mod.
  14. its the extinction argy. probably the exact same size too
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