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  1. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    Sounds like gospel to me lol
  2. ARK Digest Q&A!

    When are gonna get some more news on the Hive and Swarm creatures in the dev kit? Since it is like one of the last unused assets in there that I have seen
  3. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Can we make Giant Bees a shoulder mount that still produces drones when you are attacked? I really love the giant insects and I feel like the bee could have more use than just becoming a structure. If I can't have insect breeding I at least want this lol
  4. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    I mean if you wanna be a pessimist about it, but it has possibilities if it was hostile unlike the Quetz
  5. Kentro vs Bosses

    I can't swear to it but I want to say that I think the bosses are immune to the reflect
  6. Minigun turrets still bugged?

    Feel free to give me all the face palms
  7. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    I see we are all in agreement that a giant hostile Pterosaur that is the size of the Quetz would be both terrifying and fun lol
  8. Minigun turrets still bugged?

    I mean "long time" is kind of generic and could be interpreted many ways.... Needless to say, unless your server specifically allows auto turrets on platforms then they wont work on them. So if its an Official Legacy then they will only work placed on grounded structures
  9. Minigun turrets still bugged?

    Well I don't wanna be that guy, but was that before or after the patch that removed the ability for auto turrets to be placed on a Quetz? Cuz thats a thing now
  10. Minigun turrets still bugged?

    I never experienced this bug? Did it just affect certain platforms or areas? I can say that I have not in recent times experienced this
  11. Spider and Bat Spawns too high

    Sounds like someone takes things way too seriously and can't tell slight sarcasm. Event was not poorly planned, there was no plan to begin with. A lot of people enjoyed the event and if you didn't well thats just too bad lol You can also claim whatever progress you want to get whatever sympathy you want, but as far as I stand it is NOBODY'S fault that you aren't defended no matter how far you are into the game. That is just your progress All I can say is oh well, you didn't do well and blame others for it.. meh
  12. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    I just would like to see a more hostile giant flyer that isn't Wyverns
  13. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    I think it would be sick to have another giant flyer like the quetzal. Lol I don't think ,as far we know, there was anything THAT big
  14. Can an alpha Rex be tamed?

    Yeah but its still similar, especially if you happen to be slightly color blind like me
  15. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    So has anyone else heard about the new Pterosaur discovered in Mongolia that may have rivaled the Quetz in size, may have even been bigger? I foresee a bigger better Quetz in Ark lol except this one is actually hostile