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  1. If they are just an annoyance, they should stay that way as well then. Not my fault the devs said they would think about giving the wolves saddles. ALSO I HEAVILY disagree they would be too strong with armor considering nonsense like Shadowmanes exist. Wolves don't even have bleed, all they have is a pack bonus and a strength howl.
  2. You seem to be confused but ASA is in fact back to being considered Early Access. Not sure how you missed that one
  3. I would agree with this, but Basilisks are able to bury while being ridden so it should be entirely possible to avoid that with Purlovia. I don't really think this constitutes as a "fair" or "not fair" situation. I agree Purlovia could be made rideable just to make moving them around a bit easier, but they don't need a saddle since I don't see them being preferred battle mounts. Direwolves should get a saddle before Purlovia do if we are gonna go that route.
  4. I think without a modded creature of some sort to keep them away you may just have to rely on keeping your tame on neutral and a decent shoulder monkey. Also, if you know its about to stun you for sure and isn't a surprise attack you should be able to hop off your mount and avoid getting stunned.
  5. I am gonna be 100% serious with you here. Unless you were alive 65+ million years ago we will never TRULY know what most of these creatures actually looked like. All we can do is infer. Continuing on from that, there is in universe lore and reasoning as to why the ARK's creatures do not resemble their real life counterparts in most cases, and it is because the ARKs have modified the DNA of the creatures to fit specific niches or they are actually new species in general. Now onto the topic at hand. Frog could use a model update yes, I would even go as far to say maybe even a size increase just to make sense how full sized humans are able to ride it. Hydration buff and/or the Megatherium bug buff are a must as well.
  6. Most likely they are taking the dossier word for word since it says stuff refuses to attack them, but not realizing that the dossiers are wrong in some case. Like spiders being ridable these days even thought the dossier says they are too small.
  7. I can't believe we are actually now complaining about the grass
  8. Well keep in mind that the delay is so they can add new caves and make the map more story relevant. I assume you have played ASA so you would have seen the changes to the map, but I am not sure if people realize how much was changed and how much work it took.
  9. Has anyone else been having an issue with the right bumper trying to transfer your inventory into the inventory you are accessing? Random thing I have been experiencing
  10. Creature Submissions were delayed while they monitored the launch of ASA, and with the staggered launches on each platform there has probably been a lot of monitoring. I probably wouldn't expect them to come back until after the first of the year, but that is just my guess with the roadmap we were given for the DLC releases
  11. This may be a little silly as an addition but I would like if the Quetzal's landed posture was changed depending on if it had/didn't have a platform saddle on. Ya know standing more vertical like in it's dossier instead of always being hunched over assuming the platform position. Would also love if Quetzal's could land and be potentially aggressive, staying passive is fine I guess but I feel like something its size would know it could probably eat you.
  12. 100% will buy it and play it. Im not as overly sensitive as a lot of other people over these "problems" and recognize that the game was being released as a "early access" game like last time so fully expect it to be broken, just like last time. Also have zero issues with Nitrado and think people are just purposefully acting like they do because they don't want to use them.
  13. The Devs have already mentioned that the creature submissions will be put on pause for a little bit while they monitor the launch of ASA and focus on any major patches. They will return to doing creature votes again though so please be patient Los desarrolladores ya han mencionado que las presentaciones de criaturas se pondrán en pausa un poco mientras supervisan el lanzamiento de ASA y se centran en cualquier parche importante. Sin embargo, volverán a hacer presentaciones de criaturas de nuevo, así que, por favor, ten paciencia Also sorry I only really speak English so I tried to do a translate version of what I said, hope it helps
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