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  1. @Udam Interesting ideas all around, and yeah I understand the apprehension on the Giant Bees it was just the idea I have had for them ever since they came out. The drones dont have to be OP or anything just like if you are being chased by a raptor then they can distract it. I can agree on the wishing everything was breedable but there are some creatures that would dominate if they could breed (wyverns, basilisks, and reapers to be specific) so maybe it is ok that they can't. Always have to keep in mind that if you let something get too powerful then the community will complain about it and it will get nerfed to near uselessness (managarmr, which the massive range ice beam did need a nerf I won't deny but I didn't think in damage or it's mobility).
  2. Next TLC Ideas (Not obvious ones) Not sure where a proper thread is to place this so just combine with one appropriate if needed. SO we already know the obvious TLC creatures (Carno, Plesi, Mammoth, etc obviousness) however I would like to point at a few things that could be good in general. Insect Breeding- Now I know this is a hot topic for WC since they don't want to do the lifestages of the bugs and the fact that bugs produce tons of offspring bla bla realism bla. I would like however if we just made them generic. It can be surmised that dinos layed more than one egg per sitting but ours only lay one, in that same idea if the Arks can genetically modify creatures and make the mythological reality then why can't bugs just grow up like normal creatures orrrr do what the Reaper does in its growth cycle. Insects just get outclassed and its a shame cuz they are some of my favorite tames. Let me know what you think. Giant Bees- I think these deserve to be shoulder mounts. It would be awesome to have a giant bee sitting on your shoulder and defending you like you were its hive, and if you got in danger it would produce drones to attack and distract the aggressor. I just think its a shame that their only purpose is to become a hive and just sit there and not be appreciated for their design. Fish- All fish (Coels, Saber Salmon, Piranha, and even the Leeches/Lampreys) should not be able to be above level 1. Size changes are fine but why can a fish that can't fight back and does me no good to catch in a fish basket tip off my charge tame's 150 radar? Unless fish get some other kind of use I think they should just be made to only spawn at level 1 like Jerboas.
  3. Time to add a fine print to this "golden rule" (no such thing) NO PREORDERS! Unless you are confident in the series or new entry. If you know it's your kind of genre or so on then it won't hurt a thing. At the end of the day how you receive a games is entirely up to you and not up to anyone else or any review online.
  4. They have said plenty just not here. There is no point in giving a release date for people to complain about when they could just wait till it is done and ready then tell everyone
  5. Chibis were an amazing idea! Suggestion for the chibis: Make an equip slot specifically for the pet cosmetics if this is planned to be an ongoing idea for the future. It is kinda odd that they are a "shield skin" especially since they have the weird always trying to be on a specific side of you and face the same way as you making them difficult to look at and appreciate.
  6. There's always that one person/group of people who just choose to live life miserable about everything
  7. Unofficial Server Option for Permanent Titans and fixing the Titanosaur Alright, so I am sure this has probably already been talked about elsewhere(feel free to merge if needed of course) but I think I wanna revisit this. So on the servers I host for my friends we enjoy having as much fun as possible with things. I have yet to see a way to make Titans a permanent tame just for us to have fun and not have a time limit. Plus it makes it difficult when we want to PvP and everyone wants their own Ice Titan or the others to goof off with. I would appreciate a server option that turns off their timers and makes them act like normal tames, kinda like what the raid dino feeding option does. However that brings me to my second thing. The raid dino feeding option, while it does allow a Titanosaur to be permanent, is only like half done. The Titanosaur can eat of course but it has to be hand fed(if this works differently for others please let me know) and hand feeding is a pain sometimes to remember. It would be nice if it allowed the Titanosaur to eat out of troughs like other tames. This is only for private servers and singleplayer of course, I would never want this stuff on official lol. At the end of the day this isn't something that is necessary just something that would be fun for unofficials, especially for consoles. Some ark players just adore collecting all the creatures and having a zoo, some people could care less. Creatures with time limits attached to them kinda ruin that but I do understand why they are that way for official servers. I am sure some people will say just use mods and such, but what about console players who rely on server options for stuff like this. I would love to have Liopleurodons be permanent but they were given a silly ability that made them have to be time limited tames.
  8. Someone explain to me why this is still a topic of conversation? SE doesn't need ascension. The story is finely laid out. Helena and Rockwell DID NOT ascend to leave SE so why in the world would we? The Systems of the Arks were explained to us to be failing from long before we were spawned on them thanks to Helena's integration on Extinction. SE's ascension programing failed and we and everyone else are free to come and go as we please without the Overseer's permission. Honestly the Overseer is probably inactive and the station is running on auto pilot. I dont wan't useless ascension content on an old map. I want something new to work for and discover. SE had its time and now its time for new stuff.
  9. Yes we did indeed "ascend" from Aberration. However, that only happened because Rockwell took over and the systems recognized him as the Overseer and we had to go through him according to the systems. Helena and Co. all circumvented that because they exploded the previous Overseer, which in hindsight means they completed the requirements to ascend cuz they killed it, and they created the teleportation system to go to Earth probably by adapting the systems that would have normally teleported them if they hadn't wrecked the Ark. I would assume the Ark adapted their new system as the new path for ascension to the next test. Although like we were told on Extinction we would never have made it to Earth without that new route being made cuz the tests were unreasonable and not completable. For reasons I don't comprehend I can only assume that Scorched Earth's ascension system had a system failure and is no longer required to take place, which just like we were told about the tests being broken it makes some sense if not all functioned properly at all anymore. We have no semblance of a time scale of when Helena and Rockwell went through SE but we can assume the tests had already been breaking down by their time (wiping out a "civilization" for not progressing seems like a malpractice to me).
  10. Everyone knows the Managarmr is currently the highly debated creature of Ark. Its already being worked on to balance it so just be patient
  11. They already confirmed they have no plans to do this because they feel that Scorched Earth is already completed story wise. Rockwell and Helena didn't have to ascend so why would we?
  12. They literally said feature by feature and official game balancing. This isn't your private world or server, this is for the whole game and balancing has to be considered
  13. Would Adore the Ark additions mod to become a part of the base game. Wouldn't be a bad idea to outsource some creature creation
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