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  1. UDGxKnight

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    HYPE BOIS!!!!! Seriously though I can't wait to unravel the secrets of this map, already loving the showcased new creatures and can't wait to see more. Now I am wondering if those are basic fire wyverns in that image or are there going to be new ones?
  2. Just because you say so? Doesn't matter if a few people have your opinion, player numbers are what decide that and guess what. Ark is number 13 currently on steam for amount of players currently playing. When Extinction drops I bet it goes into at least top 5.
  3. tfw fools waste their time complaining and being trolls on the internet instead of just letting people do their jobs and being patient while they are obviously busy
  4. UDGxKnight

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    Dude chill. A halloween event wont make or break the game so its irrelevant. Let them make the DLC and not have to worry about events that don't matter and aren't planned
  5. UDGxKnight

    Make land dinoes walk faster.

    Thats Auto turrets not Mini Gun or Rocket ones, those are the ones I meant
  6. UDGxKnight

    Make land dinoes walk faster.

    I would also like to point out that you want large poorly flexible creatures to put on full sprints? In real life if they tried to run to fast and tripped they would die instantly just from their own weight falling in on themselves. Feel like the realism of them being slow makes more sense. Besides yeah, PvP Bronto/Paracer sprinting into bases with turrets on its back seems game breaking I also feel like every creature should have a hard cap on speed based on their frame and abilities. Flyer cap was one of the best things to happen to the game
  7. UDGxKnight

    TLC 3 ARK Suggestion

    Liopluerodon needs that stupid magic ability taken away from it so it can be a permanent tame Dunkleosteus needs to lower the weight of metal/rocks it gathers
  8. Helena, Rockwell, and Mei all came from the island at the same time. When they went to the ascension cave Mei was fighting a guy named Minerva I think and she had to kill him but ended up teleported to Aberration. Then Helena and Rockwell ended up teleported to Scorched Earth, where there were already people there that had been there and didn't seem to be from anywhere else as they never mentioned it. There isn't really a theory as to why some start in different places, maybe its like when the Ark system creates the survivor it determines their skill level and assigns them to an Ark accordingly.
  9. Assuming the countdown is for the DLC DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN
  10. As far as we can tell and with what info we are given they did start on Aberration, however it wasn't always the way it is now. With the creatures living on AB we can assume that their Ark used to be another Island like the one we started on. Yes, before they set off the bomb there was guardians and an Overseer, see they actually hacked the obelisks to teleport them straight to the control room and bypassed having to fight the guardians (probably Broodmother, Kong, and the Dragon) and that actually made the Overseer quite angry. So when they showed up trying to demand it send them back to Earth it started trying extra hard to kill them and they ended up setting off that bomb destroying the Overseer and throwing the Arks systems into chaos. That led to the Radiation shielding around the ark becoming weaker than would be necessary to fully resist the radiation from space/sun, which is what makes the surface light on fire during the day and forced them and the creatures underground. Then with only basic systems available the Ark adapted the creatures living there to fit their new environment. Rockwell then took over the Ark after his fight with Helena and Mei when he got pushed into the abyss that they thought killed him, so he became both the guardian and the Overseer and thats why we have to kill him to "ascend" I don't think so, because on Scorched Earth Raia and the others act like they have been their since they could remember but she did make it sound like some people did occasionally teleport there like Helena and Rockwell did. However I do believe that you are supposed to ascend to higher and higher difficulties because it is all supposed to be a test of our skills to survive. I think the last vestiges of Homo Deus set up these test to see if Homo Sapiens(normal humans like us) could once again evolve to be like them to save their dying species orrrr that our survivors are somehow Homo Deus and the tests are to make them evolve further to save their species that way. I am more inclined to the first one since for some reason these people have memories they shouldnt have when they are obviously all clones, which is something I hope gets explained because they didn't get teleported through time so how did they clone memories of people that were dead for hundreds or thousands of years.
  11. UDGxKnight

    Future "Ice Age" or "Frozen Wasteland" DLC

    I think everybody has been tryna get WC to do a map like this after the theme of Scorched Earth. I also think they said it depended on what happens after Extinction wether or not they would do another official DLC. Other than that I think its a good idea, as long as they can come up with enough unique content to make it entertaining. More Ice Age creatures, some fancy mythical ones as well, and of course Items that can be usable outside the map. A TEK cryo beam weapon would be sick lol, I also like the idea of a dog sled :p
  12. As for the people who went through you got that right, however I am pretty sure Diana died I think cuz I remember Mei being upset and staring at the necklace Diana gave her like she was gone. So everyone in your list but Diana in that case. Diana, Santiago, along with the rest of their group started on Aberration. Mei-Yin, Helena, and Rockwell arrived later but Mei arrived before the other two cuz she skipped Scorched Earth. Scorched Earth is the next "test" in line for us since we start on the Island, then we proceed to Aberration. So since Diana and her group tried to escape their Ark and ended up setting off a bomb and destroying part of it, which caused the surface to become death and them being forced underground, they ended up rigging up their own teleportation system because they had ALOT of scientist types with them and understood TEK better than most. They figured out they were on the station and decided they wanted to return to Earth and realized there was a signal on Earth that they could lock their teleport signal onto and re-wired the "ascension" process to send us to Earth instead of the next Ark in line (whatever that may have been). So we should actually ascend to another Ark but because of the work Diana and crew did we instead Ascend to Earth way earlier than we are supposed to.
  13. UDGxKnight

    Where are Jesse and Jeremy ??

    They playing an intense game of Hide and Seek
  14. UDGxKnight

    More Content or More Patches?

    It doesnt matter since separate teams work on separate things.... One team does content and one does bug fixes, everyone should know how studios do this by now
  15. Y'all should make Crystal Isles official! I would love to play this on console with my friends