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  1. You need to mess with the time cycle variables on GameUserSettings.ini. it's not possible to freeze time but you can make it take weeks for a single day to pass in game changing the values of: DayCycleSpeedScale NightTimeSpeedScale DayTimeSpeedScale
  2. There is no point on getting to mad about this situation. it's only bad for your health. Ark was built on an older version of the Unreal Engine. Highly un-optimized, single core, bad memory management, etc.... WC will not port Ark to a better version, they just don't bother and would be too expensive. It's amazing to see what a modern UE is capable of on other games that can process thousand of structures with no effort.
  3. Unofficial require some careful searching until you find a good one. Usually those from big streamers or modders (like the eco's servers) are pretty reliable, well maintained and with a great community. If you are running the show, the big secret is: do not cave to the requests of your player base. Usually the most annoying ones are those who ask for auto-stuff, high rates, etc.. because they are just plain lazy. They are the ones that will kill your server. They will max out everything real fast and leave. Also, don't give special (P2W) treatment to donors. The good donors are the o
  4. Talk to your friends, get your save and pay for an unofficial server and never have problems again.
  5. We are in beta since 2015. The games has so many basic flaws (dubbing, meshing) that I say we are far from final release. We're all beta-testers!
  6. You're 100% correct. Wildcard was founded by dishonest people (https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ark-dev-settles-lawsuit-for-reported-40-million/1100-6438902/) and that's just another facet of that "business philosophy". Just drop shadow quality to low or go back to a GTX 1080 TI if Ark is your primary game. RTX won't be implemented, period.
  7. @radurain I agree with you completely. I only play 3 games: Ark, Satisfactory and Astroneer, and Ark is prob 75% of my total gaming time. it's ridiculous to go trough what you are going right now. You spend a lot of money on the Top graphics card on the market to not be able to play your favorite game or, in order to do so, have to revert to DXD10, low quality graphics settings that completely negate the point of having the graphics board at the 1st time. The fact that this is going on for so long is inexcusable too. I was on the market for a new display card and choose the 1080 TI. I can
  8. I advise you to get back to your 1080 GTX and revert the display drivers to the last one on the 399 series. The 400 series is buggy and slows old cards on purpose to force you into upgrading. There is no excuse for the drop in performance from 399.xx to 400.xx on Pascal display adapters.
  9. Anything that doesn't hover when you let go the keyboard can go to Aberration. Flyers deny the challenge the map's verticallity imposes.
  10. Buy a GTX 1080 Ti. Faster, resilient and cheaper. The RTX series has serious memory hardware problems. If you get Samsung memory on your board you're on the safer side but if you get Microservice (iirc) or any other memory chip vendor, they just fry on the board.
  11. Changing the order and placing the line for Raw Prime last worked for me. It's stacking normally.
  12. Thanks for the info. Was going nuts over this.
  13. I'm using the new setting for stacking on my server and I can stack everything I want except Raw prime meat. No matter what I do I always have only stacks of 1. I'm trying to get stacks of 10 from prime and I already tried this (all didn't work): 1-) Put only ItemStackSizeMultiplier=10.000000 on GUS.INI 2-) Put ItemStackSizeMultiplier=10.000000 on GUS.INI and ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10,bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) on GAME.INI 3-) Put ItemStackSizeMultiplier=10.000000 on GUS.INI and ConfigOver
  14. why the command syntax doesn't match what is on the wiki?
  15. If this was a driver issue it would be fixed by now. It's 3 months already since ppl began to report the issues. Nvidia would never let a issue like that to drag for so long. It was not fixed already bc it's not up to them.
  16. Can we activate more than one event at a time? Like in a comma list?
  17. It's beyond belief that this issue is still an issue but it tell a lot about what kind of company WC really is.
  18. It's not a driver issue: problem manifests only with Ark, other games have no issue. It's not a PSU problem: card draws 370W top with 100% load. Even if you have a old Intel CPU the rest of your PC will draw some 80 - 100W tops. It's an Ark issue. Simple as that. Going against logic doesn't do anybody any good.
  19. Element is the new Tiberium. C&C vibes anybody?
  20. @Jat 256.3 is a great patch but I think you forgot about the sand on the doed. While stone was reduced by 75% one stack of sand still weights 50. Some love for the adobe builders on SE pls! Thank you.
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