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  1. Ah that's what I was afraid of. And I suppose you're solo, you don't have a tribemate who could kill the meanies while you pour a cold one to the Chalico ?
  2. I haven't played official in years, can you scoop up a Chalico on a Quetz platform even if you can't grab it ? Or does it somehow go through the foundation/platform ? You could create a Chalico trap up there to bring it to a safer area and then tame it peacefully once deaggrod. With the Chalico aggro mechanics it shouldn't be hard to get it to follow you in there.
  3. Ah, you're on official. Sorry, entirely my bad, I keep forgetting that's not an option. I guess clearing the area beforehand is your only option. Good luck to you my friend.
  4. EASTER EASTER EASTER ! My favorite event of the year. Hope to see you in ARK2, old friend. Grab your Chalico with a Wvvern and bring it somewhere safe, deaggro it and come back to get it drunk. I'm a serial tamer of Chalicos, I bring them to herbivore islands and such (depending on the map), saves me the headache of dealing with wolves and pigs. And yes, I very much worry about the Andrew being a pain to tame. Some creatures since Gen2 are so annoying I tend to give up on them. It's not the cost of the food or the time it takes, it's how finicky some 12-step methods are, and can be even more if you don't do it the exact same way the devs intended.
  5. Holy sh*t, it was posted yesterday ? XD Well at least we're avoiding annoying pranks, and I'm thankful for that. Are we EVER gonna see a Chalicotherium chibi ? Time is running out.
  6. Yeah, depending on what the required specs for ARK2 are, I might have to play Ark The First for a while still. Regardless of the quality of ARK2. I guess we'll have to resort to unofficial events and mods for those who can.
  7. How do you manage to offer only one story for this brand new feature is a bit beyond me. It's ok, at least we have all those new visuals and informations about the next creatures to keep us excited. Oh, wait.
  8. I don't use Discord anymore so I won't be sharing any of mine for this, but I find the Stories idea sweet As the end of Ark The First inexorably approaches (slowly, VERY SLOOOWLY, but surely) for the release of Ark2 in 2043, I feel nostalgic about a lot of the stories, big and small, that have happened to me in the game, and I love to hear the stories of other players. For many of us with hundreds or thousands of hours (half of them spent on updating the game ), Ark has been a big part of our lives, so there should be a lot of great stories to fill the Community Corners even when there's nothing to announce, like the past couple of weeks. ...Or for when I have to leave the PC on for 12hrs for the giant update you're promising. Could we have one hint about something coming in this update ? You need to tease us more about these things ! XD Aw, for a minute there I thought past fanarts were gonna be included XD That'd have been nice, although I understand 300+ CCs are no joke to add to a database. I'll be a nice thing to have for ARK2 too ! Especially if there are tags that allow us to browse them easily, which for now is not very important, but over time will be. At least to find art by creature ? (and I wouldn't be mad at a way to browse stories as they are added, too... That would be an incredible ebook or coffee table book to gift to a fellow survivor, also !) Great, as if I didn't have enough nightmares with the regular Basilisks My only consolation is that at least you'd probably hear the metallic clangs from a distance. That looks bada** ! All jokes aside it's my favorite Arkwork in a while.
  9. That is REALLY not the creature I wanted to win, it was not even in my top5 (I had only placed the insects below it), I'd rather have had a TLC of the Onyc which, legend has it, can actually be tamed, but noone has ever seen it happen Plus, the description of the Desmodus as it currently is refers to jungles, which um, this is not Lost Island, Fjordur is quite light on jungles. I hope it gets interesting changes. (although in the potential future, I'd rather also votes for abilities and not just appearance) As for the Carchar I never really understood the hype, especially with most people describing it most as a big carnivore that can tackle the Giga... Wow, that's indeed unique. I'm sure our friends in PvP need something like that, as they certainly encounters more Gigas on average, but I hope it gets an ability that'll be worth using in PvE/SP too, because I don't need yet another meat farmer when there is already so many I don't tame (who needs an Allo AND a Carno AND a Rex ?). So fingers crossed for something actually unique about this creature. But on the bright side, I think it'd be a perfect fit for an Island light TLC, because 10 maps in, the first Ark does not have anything unique to it anymore ; imho a unique creature would make it worth visiting every once in a while (I feel the same about The Center but have no illusions of this happening for that poor map). Plus, it'd give Ark1 a proper send off. The way I see it, I got NONE of what I was hoping for with this vote, as was the case for the Lost Island vote ; but now that I've met the Sinoma I can't imagine playing without one, so who knows ? Maybe the bat or the teethosaurus will do something interesting that I don't see coming. Hoping for that outcome, at least. Either way I'm thankful for the community votes. Even if I didn't get what I was hoping for (and now look, full of hope, towards mod devs) I hope they become a common occurrence in ARK2 from day one, be it for creatures, armors, building tiers, tools, weapons, or other items. Hell, even in Ark1 I don't see why we couldn't vote on emotes or skins for future events.
  10. THIS. Tracking would track (...ha) with the hawk's characteristics as depicted here, and I really find that it's missing. When you're trying to tranq a dino and it runs/flies to the point you lose track of it (because you were attacked for instance), you can't use the taming tracking system because it's technically not counted as being tamed yet, so this little dude would come and fill in that gap. Or sometimes you want to tame something, but you don't have your taming gear or the appropriate food on you, so tracking the creature's location while you go back to base could be nice. I don't play PvP but I imagine this could have use in that mode too (tracking someone's base after an encounter in the wild for instance ?). Being able to mark a prey (wild creature, tamed creature, survivor...) as easily as you track ongoing tames on the map would be precious in many ways ; if the creature that wins this round of community vote doesn't include the tracking ability, I hope it goes to the Fjordhawk instead ! Of course with a limitation (no more than one tracked prey at the same time ; putting something in a cryopod cancels out the mark ; another creature like the Parasaur that can alert you that you've been tagged, etc.), but still, that'd be awesome. (sorry I missed this very good comment last night !)
  11. Yeah that part I got, it's the "collecting items" I don't get. The way I understand it, you point it to bags and it brings the content to you, but... how often does it happen that you can't go fetch the bag yourself ? I imagine in PvP people will send a hawk to grab some loot while they deal with turrets or enemies, maybe, but like I said in PvE/SP I'm not sure I see how that would work.
  12. I really like the idea of a hawk as a shoulder pet, it could have a very cool animation and/or idle pose that'd make me feel like a powerful falconer, but I'm not sure I fully see the point of this ability (especially as a singleplayer/PvE player). I might need a demonstration...? (well, what can I say, it was worth a try) As for the voting process, I find this idea fantastic ; I also had THOUGHTS about the Lost Island vote, like many people. I only regret that this vote isn't clearer on abilities. When I vote for a creature, I don't just vote for the species but also for its abilities, to know what it has to bring to the table ingame. Some creatures (in the Top10, but also below) suggested for this round looked AMAZING, truly, but some of them have only uses for PvP (other than "is gonna kill dinos", which um, yeah, they pretty much all do that already), or sometimes the person suggesting them offered no specifics, or sometimes noone could agree on what they would do if implemented. For Lost Island people voted for the Dinopithecus thinking it'd be a gun wielding monkey, and, well. Ideally we'd vote on the abilities separately, but I'm aware that would mean more steps for you. I was hoping a middle ground could be found. Thank you for this recap I love longer Community Crunches like this, in general. But also because it reminded me of all the good times, of course. It's been a complicated year outside of the Arks, but this game has given us so much stuff to see and do ! And I feel that, though it could seem ironic since you had just announced ARK2 last December, it's also the year during which WildCard has made its most interesting efforts for Ark The First, trying to get us not just interested but involved in the game (and, sure, it serves the franchise as a whole, but it truly helped the game). The events were more fun, the votes were definitely something that should have been there all along (and I certainly would happily pay for a "voting season pass" so we get new communited-picked creatures or items in ARK2 every 3 months or so), there was a visible push to avoid "business as usual" and it paid off. I hope 2022 is as exciting and full of good things for Ark The First while we wait for the sequel (...I haven't heard anything about the proposed ArkBuildingTLC in a while, I hope it's still being considered ? Cedric took notes of our wishes and you showed us the tier that almost made it into Gen2, and then the conversation faded). I'm certainly looking forward to the Animated series too, it's pretty much a dream come true for me. Happy Holidays to you all, from France
  13. I'm a fan of both the design and the detecting abilities. There are some strong contenders in this creature submission, some with a lot of votes already, but I really hope people see this and vote for it so it catches up.
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