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  1. ladyteruki

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

  2. YES. New flyer. I've been hoping for new flyers. Fingers crossed for its use being more than just seeing in the dark though !
  3. That's a Titan, except I really wish it were called something else eventually. Have the devs ever seen an ingame chat used by actual players ? Nobody calls creatures by their full name, including the TITANosaur. Anywaaaaaaay.
  4. ladyteruki

    Professions on Official

    It'd be especially interesting for PVE servers, where people tend to work together but have usually the same achievements after a while. Being a better tamer, for instance, makes you a worthy partner for, say, a crafter, and vice versa. You start needing each other, and it makes the community stronger and more fun for it.
  5. ladyteruki

    Color Coded Kibbles

    That's a more flexible approach than kibble being of the same color than the egg. I like it !
  6. ladyteruki

    Glowing Dyes

    It's a simple but very fun idea. I wonder if players would love it as much on pvp though ? Maybe it could give some sort of buff that would justify being more easily noticeable, especially by night.
  7. ladyteruki

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Recently I've been playing on The Center and after months on Ragnarok, I realized that without mods (thank you Ancient Dragons !), there is not much in the game in terms of flyers between the argy on one hand, and the quetz on the other hand. And the quetz is really not good at anything but hauling stuff, really. I must admit I'm a bit lost without at least a good all-purpose wyvern ! Or at the very least a griff... what am I missing here ?! So I thought it'd be a good idea to add a few vanilla, all-maps (...except Aberration obviously) flyers that fit in-between. Hatzegopteryx (see picture) : almost as big as a quetz (and not as much of a late game tame). Its powerful neck makes it a better, grabbing-only carrier (it can catch big creatures, but carries little inventory). When using its grab attack, the UI includes a visual aid to target preys with more accuracy (on servers allowing crosshair). A quality that also makes it, despite its size, very good at targeting small creatures. Shahbaz : the only mythical creature of the list ; prefers warm climates like deserts, arid mountains, or even volcanoes. It presents as a giant, falcon-like creature (twice as big as an argy and more bulky) with powerful claws. It has a melee buff when directed to attack without a rider (...or wild), but even with a rider, it makes a very strong battle flyer. It has two saddles, one made mostly of hide that is available quite early, and one mostly made of metal, available late game, which is heavier but has better armor. Though it is quite big, it carries very little. Istiodactylus : cannot be ridden like most creatures, but its saddle is a basket-like structure that allows up to 3 people to ride it, one of them manning it the same way boats are (...effectively making it a living air balloon !). Has poor attacking skills but excellent resistance to damage and quite decent stamina. Maaradactylus : this exclusively nocturnal flyer with decent weight and excellent melee skills lives near the water, and is semi-aggressive. It is known to switch into attack mode against sources of light if they are in proximity (it does not, on the other hand, specifically look for mid- to far-distant lights to attack ; it can still be a nuisance for bases built near a spawn), any creature trying to intervene will also be attacked. During the day it can usually be found nested on rocks, and will not attack but just try to fly away. Moganopterus : slightly bigger than a pteranodon. It has little to no attack skills, can't grab anything, but has a lot of energy. It can be ridden both in the regular way, or upside down on a straight line (drains more stamina) which exceptionally allows its rider to shoot while seated. Can only be tamed after it's been lasso'd, which effectively leaves the survivor hanging on the other side of the rope while the moganopterus flies away in panic ; when it exhausts its stamina, it falls on the ground and can then be tranq'd. Aerotitan : found in jungles ; it is quite exceptionally an herbivore but is also known to eat insects on occasion, sort of as a delicacy (killing without harvesting an insect is the only way to force a wild one to land ; it can then be bola'd and tranq'd). It's a fast flyer with excellent stamina, and can cover very big distances without ever touching ground. On the other hand its health has to be leveled up a lot to be halfway decent. Guidraco : a fish-eater usually found around water and the smallest of the bunch. Easily afraid. With its wings and if close to the surface, it can splash water in direction of its opponents in close to mid-range combat ; non-swimming creatures are temporarily blinded and humans fall off their tame into the water (it has no effect, obviously, on water dinos). Like the pelagornis, it can somewhat swim on water surfaces. Its eggs can only be hatched in the water. Hey, at least I had fun creating this list, right ?
  8. The craving for actual new content is real. New map, or new creature, or new whatever... this should tell the devs something. Sure we would like to see bugs fixed (thought most of us have developed strategies around them as if they were basegame features by now) but on the other hand most fixes end up with a patch the next day with a new fix fixing the fix... so at least new content makes us immediately happy. And gives us something to get excited for. Whatever happened to getting excited for upcoming stuff ? Can't do that with no upcoming stuf in the foreseeable future. Come on Ark, help us like you. (PS: who do I talk to about an accessibility issue ?)
  9. Of course there are tons of other, bigger priorities, and Ark is supposedly not primarily a building game, but some structures are desperately missing from the game. Some tiers seem to have been introduced for specific uses, when there's no reason not to expand them if we want to take that risk. Such as greenhouse equivalents to wood/stone items (dino gateway and gate, trapdoors, railing, staircase and ladder even), stone furniture (table, bench, chair, come to mind), metal furniture, that kind of things. I'm not suggesting at all that new items should be created (as I'm sure others, and modders, have covered extensively long before I even bought the game), but just variations of existing structures, in each tier, that allow to build more or less the same basic stuff without repeating the same object all the time. Crafting stations, of course, would not fall under that category For those of us on official PVE servers who like to build, it can get really repetitive to try and combine the same old chairs ("oh yeah let's paint it white, it'll change everyting !"), and we spend so much time "living" in one base, might as well have more options to make it as unique as we want. With a mats cost, of course ! (it also would be greatly appreciated if ALL objects could be painted, because sorry not sorry, I'd like to colorcode my preserving bins too !)