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  1. More community creatures is a fantastic idea, and I hope it becomes a regular thing... with a few tweaks (for instance picking the species and the abilities separately).
  2. I am so impressed that you're already releasing concept art AND dino dossier for the Dinopithecus. I thought it'd take weeks, particularly in the middle of the summer Just as impressive is how you're using the parasite in the pewp of the Dinopithecus to retcon how OP Gen2 has made Ark. We'll of course have to see the balance in action but on paper, smart. What I feel compelled to say is that this whole vote showed a few things : - People are willing to be involved with what is added to the game. We already knew that, in part, from the laundry list of QoL suggestions made last year (of
  3. Not gonna lie, "Lost Island" is a dumb name, and I'm calling it now : noone is really ever gonna call it that because players like to avoid confusion as much as possible (you should try it sometimes). I guess most people are just gonna call it "Lost" probably ? So might as well update your art. Your description mentions new biomes but all I can see so far is biomes we've already seen half a dozen times... Jungle ? Redwoods ? Swamp ? Volcano ? Snow ? Mkay, revolutionary stuff here. Maybe it's because I was expecting Fjördur or Tiamat, which are so interesting to explore and come up with ac
  4. Ever considered some sort of season pass that would add ONE item every few months, submitted and voted on by the community ? Players can have amazing ideas sometimes. I would pay real world money for that rhino tek saddle.
  5. Please tell me that to kill time while traveling, the Astrodelphis quizzes you or asks embarrassing questions : "What's 712x3 ?" / "What movie won an Oscar in 1973 ?" / "Survivor, where do babies come from ?".
  6. The Maewing is HUGE. I didn't expect that at all from the concept art. I'm not saying I hate it, but it really comes as a surprise. I thought it was "the cutie" of that DLC (you know there's always one ).
  7. If by "structures and items" you mean "a new building tier because we haven't added one since the Scorched Earth DLC and that was back when we were still in Early Access", then you're all forgiven. THEN AND ONLY THEN. I think I paid for this DLC about two years ago now ? What's two more months.
  8. Yesss. On the serious side : how many tickets solved ? How much downtime on officials ? How many hours played (all players combined) ? On the fun side : how many deaths overall ? How many survivors killed themselves (Darwin award of the week) ? How many C4 exploded ? How many creatures tamed ? How many creatures born/hatched ? (and what creature had more babies this week ?) Can you even see how many walls were built ? I think it'd even be fun to compare week after week, especially metrics that'll be comparable with Genesis2 (so, you know better than us if dilo deaths will be a met
  9. I didn't say it didn't have a use at all, I said "not as much". As in, some functionalities will only benefit PvP players. At least, unless some creatures in Gen2 do have offspring in the wild, which is always a possibility for this ability to become universal.
  10. Ha ! That's fun ! Is there a way to trigger that on unofficials and/or in SP ?
  11. I'll be honest, I prefer the Maewing's design to that of the Noglin. It's in line with why the Velonasaur is one of my favorite sci-fi creatures : as imaginary as it is, there's a prehistoric feel to it. I'm afraid that for PvE players (and even more SP players, yes we exist, please remember us in your further endeavors ?) will not have as much use of it. We are a peaceful people ! Unless Gen2 creatures start having offspring in the wild (which... don't get me wrong, I'd be game for that), we don't have enemies. Unless you're not telling us the whole story just yet, of course Happy
  12. There's a first time for everything, I'm crying reading a Community Crunch.
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