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  1. I didn't say it didn't have a use at all, I said "not as much". As in, some functionalities will only benefit PvP players. At least, unless some creatures in Gen2 do have offspring in the wild, which is always a possibility for this ability to become universal.
  2. Ha ! That's fun ! Is there a way to trigger that on unofficials and/or in SP ?
  3. I'll be honest, I prefer the Maewing's design to that of the Noglin. It's in line with why the Velonasaur is one of my favorite sci-fi creatures : as imaginary as it is, there's a prehistoric feel to it. I'm afraid that for PvE players (and even more SP players, yes we exist, please remember us in your further endeavors ?) will not have as much use of it. We are a peaceful people ! Unless Gen2 creatures start having offspring in the wild (which... don't get me wrong, I'd be game for that), we don't have enemies. Unless you're not telling us the whole story just yet, of course Happy
  4. There's a first time for everything, I'm crying reading a Community Crunch.
  5. *looks at Community Crunch* *looks at day of the week* *looks at Community Crunch again*
  6. Whoever designed the X variants, the Tropeo and now the Stego TLC (you can't convince me one same person isn't behind these) really deserves a raise. Those look amazing, with a great use of stripes/patterns (and the Stego's are even functional !), better volumes, and incredible details. Also gotta love the S&M saddle for the Stego.
  7. *sigh* Thank God for fanarts or else those Community Crunches could look VERY empty... EDIT : I'm so tired of being teased about upcoming things in tweets ("there's a lot coming ! promise !") and every week seeing THIS in Community Crunches. Even if you have nothing to announce, here are a few ideas that could make CCs meatier : - a recap of the most important tweets posted by the WildCard team in the past week - a recap of videos posted by Ark Youtubers in the past week. Or some clips from Ark streamers of the past week. I'm sure they'd be happy to send them to Cedric for promotiona
  8. It would be so cool if the Diplocaulus actually had a saddle, like in MayaPatch's drawing ! Especially since they're so fragile by nature... but also because look at this ! Look at how cool it looks ! #DiplocaulusTLC2k20
  9. Please be tameable and breedable. (either Genesis 2 is about hentai, or we're having another corruption theme XD )
  10. Whatever happened to this @Cedric ? It's one of the most popular suggestions but nothing came out of it ?
  11. Bright colors, musical emotes, new chibis (astrocetus)... man this is the kind of event I could go for all year.
  12. Oh my God whoever is working on designing dinos (and TLC-ing them) since Genesis, and now with the Tropeo and the Crystal wyverns, is doing an amazing job at coming up with great visuals. Look at this (ember ?) wyvern ! Honestly, this looks amazing. Can't wait to tame one, or two, or thousands. (I was hoping on event colors but oh well, as we've learned during the past 5 years, you have to take what you can get)
  13. Noone is fooled by this. The extreme vague language this message uses to refuse showing support one way or another -- thousands of other companies have done it, for whatever that's worth -- only leads us to think that this is just an attempt to hide that, once again, you couldn't deliver on time. The dirty little secret is that, when someone does something for a political reason (and there's little as political than the current events), they tend to, you know, make a political statement. I promise you this : Ark will never upstage any worldwide event. Or nationwide. Or local. I mean, it's no
  14. Dear WildCard employee who made the X-Dinos and now the Tropeo : you're good. You're real good. Ask for a raise.
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