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  1. It's so weird to tease something on social media (on platforms where not everyone is...) and be completely silent about it a few hours later, on your official website in the weekly appointment you have with the community. This Shasta art is pretty cool, though, not gonna lie Always happy to see Bemo featured in the Community Crunch As for LolsAtLance, it's just a brilliant build ! The community is lucky to have that whole new crop of builders who bring their creativity and enthusiasm to ASA.
  2. It's amazing that Garuga's creatures are set to slowly join ASA. He's been so consistently amazing with his creations that I'll go as far as to call it overdue. I never understood why only modded maps had the privilege of becoming basegame in ASE, for starters. Plus, it's a fantastic way to release content more regularly. I'm looking forward to learning how and where the Cerato will spawn ; it's not my favorite ARK Additions creature but the implementation will be interesting to see, and will tell us about the implementation of future ARK Additions creatures. That actually sounds good. We'll see how the mod devs handle this new flexibility, since it's entirely down to them now.
  3. ...In case you missed it, this week Paramount+ released this video related to ARK: The Animated Series : You make it sound like it's the TLC this map deserves. (I personally hadn't realized it had a Tolkien feel the first time, so clearly it's needed in more ways than one)
  4. Oh cool, some behind the scenes for the ARK: The Animated Series ! I feel heard, it almost comes as a shock ! Moar ! (along with a predictable delay)
  5. I wish you gave us some behind-the-scenes content about the animated series. An interview about the writing decisions, or showing some scenes being animated, or... it already feels like it's old news to you. It was yesterday. Glad that you see it and clarify things. More of that, more often.
  6. It's insane to me that you release empty Community Crunches like this, when it would cost nothing to write about an upcoming patch like the one you just released a few days later. You'd buy goodwill from your playerbase for free. Even if you weren't sure of when this patch would be released, at least mentioning a few things that were being worked on would have been better than THIS. You just added a customization option and it's hidden in the patch notes on a Monday, while your Community Crunch, your one weekly appointment with the players on Fridays, doesn't even mention it being worked on ? It's like you love being badmouthed by the community. Why are you always communicating in the worst possible way with your customers ? Whoever makes those decisions must be aware of the discontent this creates for no good reason. If not, they need to stop making decisions.
  7. Thanks for explaining, I wasn't aware how it worked. Ok if it's a paint, it's not so bad. I still don't like the idea of things installing without my saying so just because I'm flying near a base or running into someone (like, some countries have laws about specific imagery that is illegal to be in possession of... when stuff wasn't downloading on my computer, the laws of my country didn't apply to other people's bases, but now they kinda do). But it's not as bad as loading actual skins, as long as they're temporary files and not just piling up in a folder just because I once tamed a Megalodon near a decorated raft, or something XD
  8. So you'd say it's more paint than skin ? "Cosmetics" usually refers to skin-like stuff. Yeah if it works like paint I can see how that would not carry a virus indeed. But then... why does it need to be downloaded ? In ASE did we download something when someone would freehand a paint and we'd render their character ?
  9. Both official and unofficial appear to benefit from this technology once it's implemented, according to the paragraph above. The way it's written seems to say that nothing is downloaded ON THE SERVER SIDE. But there is a download ON THE CLIENT SIDE, since they do say : That makes rule-breaking behavior hard to moderate. If you're on a server where racist content is forbidden, and someone makes, I don't know, a Confederate flag outfit... then admins have no way of blocking that rule-breaking content since it doesn't even pass through their server.
  10. Yeah... I thought it'd be a reskin of an existing creature. Like, say, a Hadrosaur with the same abilities as the Iguanodon, for instance. You have a cool unique tame with custom sounds and animations, but it doesn't give you the upper hand. Wonder how creatures are going to be "acquired", actually. The Oasisaur can't possibly be spawning only for you to tame it, you know what I mean ? That'd break every rule of an online game if no other creature but you can perceive it, and it can't be killed while you try to tame it (that thing is as large as at least 5 Wyverns, it would make no sense !). But on the other hand, it's not like owning the pack immediately gives you as many of an OP creature as you want, of course. So I'm quite note picturing how it'll work. Say you're the only one on the server who has bought the Frontier pack, can you unclaim the Oasisaur for someone else to claim it ? That's how it worked in ASE... (sidenote : the lovely dino-selling con artists will love this) Or does it disappear the minute you unclaim it, risking for some pretty nasty incidents ? Can it be cryo'd and captured during a raid ? Am I crazy or was that never explained ? Same as the premium mods' practicality never being explained ? Like, is it possible to see what premium mods are on a server before loading it ? Who is even paying for it between the server owner and the players ? Did I miss something ?
  11. The Oasisaur is MASSIVE. And it flies/levitates ? And it has a... private lake ?! I'm gonna stop you RIGHT THERE. First of all, don't install sh*t on my computer that other players make without my consent, simply because we play on the same server. Just as a rule. And second of all, there is no way that one player deciding what others have to install in order to render a base will backfire, ever. As we all know, noone in this community is toxic. There will not be rule-breaking content, there will not be attempts to slip in a virus of some sort, nothing of the sort. We're all happy unicorns in the garden of Eden.
  12. Happy holidays everyone Hopefully in 2024 we resume the creature submissions, I miss seeing all the great ideas coming from the community. PS : the screenshot of the campfire stories has to be my favorite in weeks. Well done, GP !
  13. Community voted merch ? This has potential... Sadly the creatures I like are rarely among the most popular, but I'll keep hoping XD (Chalicotherium plushie, anyone ?) The poop plush is hilarious, though. Hopefully it does not come scented...? Quick question : does the ARK store ship internationally ?
  14. When you guys open the communication valve after ASA's release, we're gonna experience some serious whiplash !
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