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  1. Whatever happened to this @Cedric ? It's one of the most popular suggestions but nothing came out of it ?
  2. Bright colors, musical emotes, new chibis (astrocetus)... man this is the kind of event I could go for all year.
  3. Oh my God whoever is working on designing dinos (and TLC-ing them) since Genesis, and now with the Tropeo and the Crystal wyverns, is doing an amazing job at coming up with great visuals. Look at this (ember ?) wyvern ! Honestly, this looks amazing. Can't wait to tame one, or two, or thousands. (I was hoping on event colors but oh well, as we've learned during the past 5 years, you have to take what you can get)
  4. Noone is fooled by this. The extreme vague language this message uses to refuse showing support one way or another -- thousands of other companies have done it, for whatever that's worth -- only leads us to think that this is just an attempt to hide that, once again, you couldn't deliver on time. The dirty little secret is that, when someone does something for a political reason (and there's little as political than the current events), they tend to, you know, make a political statement. I promise you this : Ark will never upstage any worldwide event. Or nationwide. Or local. I mean, it's not even the most important thing happening in my living room. Rest assured that meeting deadlines will offend noone.
  5. Dear WildCard employee who made the X-Dinos and now the Tropeo : you're good. You're real good. Ask for a raise.
  6. Happy anniversary, Ark. Five years of dying, respawning, dying again, taming, building, dying, exploring, dying, crashing, hating you for all the bugs that have become features... and so many of us are still here to celebrate nonetheless XD You found an untapped market of masochists to sell games to, and that was creative genius Just teasing, Ark, you know I love/hate you. I was sure the new dino would be a flyer because of Crystal Isles' floating islands, well I'm happy with my guess. I agree with the comment above that this looks a lot like a Tropeognathus (the modder Hokiroya had made a nice one at some point and this beak looks very familiar), and I like the idea of a turret on a creature. Always surprised there aren't more in the game ! Dino Riders showed the way ...And I hope you guys notice how excited people get for new "real" dinos ! Sure, all the people who have played CI as a mod wonder what's going to happen to the crystal wyverns, crystal griffins, embertross, and all the mean creatures from Eldritch Island, but there is a real excitement about getting an actual dino, in a game many of us starting playing because of the dinosaur angle. When we talk about it, that's oftentimes the first thing that comes up, along with the nostalgia of the EA phase when discovering regularly new creatures was keeping things fresh and exciting. I'd pay real life money (and possibly with my first born child) for a season pass that introduces new creatures regularly.
  7. Oh my God yes. The breeding and mutation system needs to be made clearer. The UI needs to be more detailed about how mutations work and happen, the way you obtain them requires a complete rework, and honestly even stats should be made easier to deal with. I play on unofficial PvE and I have seen waves over waves over waves of people coming from official who need to be explained everything despite having hundreds (sometimes thousands) of hours in the game. And it's sheer insanity that we need a third party app like ARK Smart Breeding for that, given that you don't provide tools to do so yourself. It's time to do something about this. Sidenote on the crate part of this quote : I like Genesis (though that map is clearly not designed for people to live permanently on it, and it feels many disposable in many ways) but I miss loot crates on this map. I understand it's not an actual ark so it makes sort of sense to tie loot to missions instead, but loot crates promote exploration of a biome, and are less task-oriented, which in PvE makes a big difference in how you play. Also, more broadly, one of the recent patches messed up loot the appearance of loot crates on other maps (the "big electricity ball" at the top of the beam never disappears, so you think it has just landed and actually it's about to disappear by the time you fly to it), and it's really a silly change that provides no improvement. Please revert this.
  8. I'll be honest with you : I don't use PGMs anymore. But my point is : I WOULD if I could play with the creatures I like. If you put barriers between me and the content I actually paid for, I'm just never gonna use the feature. That barrier is : DLC stuff I paid for cannot be used in a PGM at the moment. Either the PGM is improved, and includes the content I did pay for, or it's not. That's the story for me. As for Scorched Earth... well the truth is, a lot of people hate the map because of its resources (it's hell to farm decent amounts of wood), its lack of water (you can't bring your water tames with you or have to keep them in cryopods), etc. But they like the content and they paid for it already. So imho if they want to use that content in a different PGM map, the content is still paid for, they're still using it, so I don't see the issue on any level.
  9. How about, IF that function is updated of course, we let players decide what they want or not on their map ? I understand that nest-based creatures are probably more complex, but the rest should be left up to people generating their own map. For instance I see absolutely no reason why the griffin can't spawn on a PGM. If you use griffins to tame quetzes for instance, you're happy to have them on a map you made to your liking and it's normal to customize a map that, by definition, is customizable ! I mean most people use PGM for singleplayer purposes, right ? Who is it harming that a map has everything, especially since it requires to have purchased the DLC beforehand anyway.
  10. Maybe a wyvern trench would indeed be complicated and those can't be procedurally generated, I'll give you that XD I think selecting what DLC (that you own) is included in the PGM makes sense though. But if you create a water PGM, don't you want the giant turtle from Genesis in it, for instance ? If you want to remake a Scorched Earth map, don't you want SE mats in it like silk ? Stuff like that.
  11. Just "Enable wandering" would be find. Noone uses that functionality for mating anymore. On the other hand I agree that many of us especially in PvE (and/or, I believe, RP), like to have some dinos walking/swimming around for aesthetical purposes.
  12. I haven't touched it in a while (of course, since it's outdated !) but can you even include DLC in your PGM ? If you can't even position a wyvern trench or some resources like fungal wood/gems/etc. on the map, how are we ever to use that functionality !
  13. Yes. The language thing, especially, is important. Also sometimes all you want is just to betray an alliance quietly
  14. UI improvement : Engrams tab Everytime you level up, Ark's UI automatically opens the Engrams tab. You're now level 57 ! That's great... but now you gotta scroll all the way down there to see what you can unlock. Fantastic waste of time, isn't it ? Let's find a solution for one of those tiny annoyances. Introducing a moderately simple UI improvement : THE ENGRAMS TAB BAR ! (not to be confused with an "engram bar tab", which involves getting drunk with a chalicotherium at the local tavern, then leaving the poor beast passed out drunk with the tab left to pay, but that's another story for another day) At the top of the Engrams tab, a bar now lists all the levels and whenever you unlock a new level, you only need to click on "57" in the bar, and the game scrolls to level 57 for you. Magical ! Because levels can be setup differently than vanilla on unofficial servers, this could be done dynamically, so that EVERYONE enjoys this modern marvel of not having to scroll until level 712. Prototype provided below. Bonus : I also suggest an additional option "Unlock all" button, for the rich survivors among us. Completely new on a DLC map, but don't want to scroll through the whole engrams list to unlock everything ? Just "Unlock all" and go back to exploring ! (it would be greyed out if you can't afford all the engrams of the selection, to avoid issues)
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