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  1. Yup definitely part of an airlock blocking tribe. It's not impossible to get through. Thats not the point. The point is you shouldn't have to take down turret towers just to play more than half the map, not to mention do the boss fight. It's entirely different than a tribe claiming the best metal spot on a map. You shouldn't be able to claim an entire biome, just like people did on Gen 1 before WC actually stepped up and fixed it. Meh whatever I've already beat the boss and am done with gen 2 and ark as a whole at this point. GG
  2. They released PAID dlc when the game was in early access. That should tell you all you need to know about their stance on fixing the game vs milking it.
  3. The tek suit is great to get around the huge gen 2 map but the new dinos actually have some amazing utility like raising babies w the mae, farming w the stryder, scouting/infiltrating bases w the noglin, structure damage with the tek dragon, and the dolphin is a PvP menace. Every single one of the new dinos brings something to the table. I guess you could argue that the Shadowmane is outclassed by other power dinos but I found it fun as hell to play around with. You can get them surprisingly strong through breeding and even tamed ones have serious stats when maxed out. So gen 2
  4. How did you ever tame a dino if you refuse to engage in any FPS like activity ? Wouldn't firing a longneck or bow constitute such an act ? Seems like kind of a weird place to draw a line in the sand.
  5. Ok no ones talking about large tribe warfare. The discussion is about people just trying to move between the biomes. There's only like 8 tunnels and 4 bridges per side. Setting up 12 turret towers now that duping is back and it's easier than ever to farm with the stryder is not the least bit impossible or even that difficult for an active multi member tribe. Besides who said that all the tunnels and bridges have to be blocked by the same tribe. On my server many different tribes have claimed various airlocks and bridges. It's a bad system period, regardless of how hard or easy
  6. I'm on playstation so I had to do it with a controller. I fully understand that its a massive pain in the allo but it is doable. Just take the course piece by piece, obstacle by obstacle and try to learn where the power ups are positioned. You kinda have to get lucky with health drops though because every run wont be the exact same. I don't know who says to keep the reticle centered but that wont work. You'll just keep smashing into walls and losing health. You have to make small adjustments with the steering as it's really sensitive. Youre gonna take hits from the walls no ma
  7. Damn sounds like you need to go hunting for other people's sky quetz bases.
  8. Star Dolphin isnt THAT hard I mean its definitely a major pain in the butt, but just seek out the health power ups to give yourself enough life to survive the garbage first 2 sections where you can barely turn. Just spam lock on bombs the whole time while doing your best to stay off the walls (its not easy). You kinda have to get lucky with the health pick ups but once you get out into open space the rest of the mission is a piece of cake.
  9. Ark in a nutshell really
  10. But the real question is should you have to go through all that just to play half the map...
  11. Would you saying bringing in multiple dinos is overkill ? My first try (not the disconnect I just failed on my own) I brought 2 mate boosted rexes and spent much of the fight trying to keep the 2nd one following close to me while I was mounted. I ended up struggling to get around the room since those tentacles have a slowing debuff, and ultimately was killed on the 4th wave by mutated survivors after my rexes went down. 2nd try I brought a single bred shadowmane w about 20k hp and was getting around the room just fine, making quick work of the purple tentacles. Then the game fro
  12. I guess the game 6 years ago was perfect and nothing should be altered or designed on a map to map basis. That saying about painting with a broad brush stroke must also be incorrect as logic that applies to all the other wide open maps clearly is the exact same you should apply to a map with really small easy to block hallways between its biomes.
  13. Seems WC went way overboard with the corrections made from gen 1. Yes, everyone hated the no build zones across most of the gen 1 map, but that doesnt mean you allow building EVERYWHERE in gen 2. It's such a ham fisted approach. Obviously allowing players to block terminals and the very narrow passages between biomes was going to create issues in the long run. The map is gigantic. People would have plenty of space to build if there was a small zone around each terminal and the airlocks to prevent closing them off. It's WCs mantra at this point, amazing vision and concepts w
  14. Yup the mods here seem to think blocking off half the map is no problem either. This is like the 5th thread on the issue.
  15. Game crashed on my second attempt and I lost my best shotty and shadowmane, so that was fun. Still havent tried a 3rd time yet.
  16. And then someone blows it up. I'm waiting for them to get cryopod capability. Until then they're just sitting ducks unless you have a serious base to keep them protected.
  17. I'm on playstation so are you blaming Sony too ? How would Microsoft be responsible for restricting speech in tame names and commands but not the in-game chat ?
  18. Its a new way to raid. Why tame high level stegos and soak when you can just start a mission !
  19. Dont even see the point in them when you only get a single mutagen.
  20. Have seen a bunch of videos about the tek pistol and the insane damage it can inflict once fully buffed. Since Rockwell is a sitting duck, I was thinking the tek pistol might be a really good weapon to use against his final form. Couldn't find anything on yt about it. Has anyone tried it ?
  21. Yeah I got that which is why the rest of the post other than the first line was about PvP. The PvE comment was just to show that allowing map wide airlock/bridge building is problematic in both modes because it's inherently a bad idea.
  22. And what about if people build walls in PvE ? You shouldn't have to engage in a full on military campaign just to play an entire half of the map. It's akin to blocking mission terminals or putting turrets that KOS teleport spawns on genesis one, the latter of which WC actually patched out because it became such an issue.
  23. Yeah the range is really low. The 1000 it starts with seems like 1000 centimeters. You also cant name your Mae "Milk Jugs" .... because jugs is censored yet I see all sorts of colorful wonderful language in chat errday.
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