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  1. This is a GREAT idea. They refuse to take the artifacts out of the caves so giving us another way to get them would solve a lot of problems.
  2. Yes I come to the game's forum to talk about the game. Wild concept.
  3. Lol fancy and cool. No its just logical and commonplace to complain about a company that fails to deliver a quality product time and time again while taking every opportunity to monetize that same subpar product. It's not life, but you're on a gaming forum.... where people talk about the game.
  4. The difference is that Fortnite is actually a polished, well running game. Monetization is fine as long as the game already has a strong base, a capable dev team, and is optimized. With ark, we have none of those things yet they continue to crank out ways to take more money from us without actually fixing or stabilizing the game first.
  5. The wheels have been off since they decided to close down ASE and charge for ASA. If things were going well, they would have just went ahead with making ASA a free upgrade like it was planned to be originally. But Shi has been in desperation mode since the failure of his smartcar endeavor, so ASA soley exists to make them as much money as possible, not deliver a quality polished game they can be proud of. Its pretty obvious with the road they've decided to go down, introducing ptw dinos and loot boxes and we're only on the 3rd map. I certainly dont see the game getting LESS monetized in the future.
  6. After the clubs release, Im now convinced this schill is actually a plant by WC to see how a store would go over with the community.
  7. Havent been yet. I'm a bit scared if I go there I'll get ark'd and never get my character back.
  8. Rust is an example of a game with a cash shop thats purely cosmetic and works well for both consumers and publishers alike. My guess is Bobs tall tales didn't sell as well as they hoped so they had to crank out a last second paid addition to monetize The Center. No other explanation makes sense for a creature this amazing getting zero fanfare before its seemingly lumped in with the release of The Center.
  9. Well the pocket giga meta is kinda back with the pyromane, just shoulder deployment instead of cryopod. It really is a game changing dino with many unique abilities. Its honestly worth the 5 bucks but thats the whole problem. The power creep is going to get obscene and expensive if a new monster is introduced for 5 beans every month or so. The Pyromane far overhadows any of the free dinos that have been released so far. Its not even close. The shadiness of surprise dropping it the day of the Centers release and Snails track record worry me. Not thrilled with the direction ark is heading.
  10. I'm looking forward to Shi's next big breakthrough now that he's got my pyromane revenue.
  11. Lol No chance. Definitely not perfect, but SE and The Center are leagues above the ase versions. Like not even close.
  12. Sad but true. If i didn't enjoy the overall sandbox gameplay so much, I would have quit already because of WC and Shi's buffoonery. The pyromane not even being announced until the center dropped is a perfect indication that they are just shoehorning whatever paid creature they can into the maps now. The pyromane is a complete Shadowman reskin right down to the same sound effects. It sure is useful though.
  13. R.volumetricfog 0 isnt even really a cheat at this point. Its the only thing that actually lets you see and play underwater
  14. I know one consumer who will be rushing out to buy the bootlickersaur once it comes out.
  15. Game changer for caves given the way cryofridges work now.
  16. Well, guess we know why the center was really delayed - to get the p2w creature onto the map.
  17. Dollies always been an out of touch clownshoe. Who hypes up the choice of how long to delay something? Thats like hyping up the choice between eating a shoe or a piece of glass. She really thought that would go over well with the consumers....
  18. Watched a video on yt highlighting all the new games and DLCs coming in June. Ark was nowhere to be found. At first I wondered why but soon realized there's nothing to actually show in a video like that because we havent seen a single trailer or teaser about the center, which comes out in 4 days. WC's PR department is basically nonexistent at this point.
  19. They detailed that a whole rework of the platform saddles was needed for this creature, so maybe that particular bubble shape was a lot easier to code and make work rather than a sleeker longer design which ran along the body of the shasta. Either way I agree. The bubble looks kinda dumb but maybe this platform saddle rework can lay the foundation for some really epic things to come in maps like Extinction and Gensis (if they ever see the light of day).
  20. What server? I'd love a chill server to play on as my temporary SE server is set to time out in a few days
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