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  1. Luckily we have this forum to help each other out. If only some moderators would have the decency to answere questions in a normal way instead of just locking threads. Oh wait, I already have a warning due to reporting that toxic behaviour... Oh well, they can do what they want. It's their game, their forum. And my wallet not buying another product
  2. My biggest question: How many and what kind of dino's are you trying to raise at the same time? I used to do meatruns with an argy on the Island, raising a few allo's, a spino and 1 rex at the same time. This was before maewings and incubators, it was doable without loosing sleep outside events. My problems started when I got a Giga egg and had to feed 3 of those babies... Thanks to pods I managed but it took me 6 weeks
  3. Around my forge I have no Voidwyrm but the vegetation is not respawning as it used to. Glad the patch at least restored the stryder transmitter back to usable. Pitty the 50k ingots are gone.
  4. Yeah, I know... ARK has bugs. But this is a core mechanic, not just a gimmick. Bit weird to even try to downplay that. Stopping the event was not mentioned by anyone and I also don't have the idea that events realy dissenfranchise anyone. At least acknowledge the bug, is that so hard to ask from the devs?
  5. Is this on a specific map or on all maps? I have the feeling that some dead zones are increased, not specific stryder related. In fact, the rich ore around my forge at Crystal Isles respawned several times while trees and bushes are not comming back. That goes for vegetation around my base as well.
  6. I have had twins and trips from incubator. The real bug is that eggs don't hatch anymore outside incubator. Personaly I can't make incubators since I don't have Gen2 but some people were realy friendly and gave it to me. I have used it in my base but now I'm stuck with my waterbreeds. Can imagine that it makes breeding impossible for new players or people that are not as lucky as me. Also, all the effort in grinding ac's for hatching rooms are a waste of effort now and you can only set 1 temperature at a time, where ac's can do several very different eggs at the same time.
  7. The lootdrops were annoying but not gamebreaking. Not being able to hatch eggs, during a breeding event, is directly affecing the core mechanics of the game. They had more than a week since I and others adressed this issue but still nothing official or even acknowledgement of the issue. Alo no idea why this is moved to Gen2, I don't play Gen2 and the issue affects all maps. Please move this back to "general". Also no idea why I received a warninhg, was it about this post or is this a personal issue of a moderator against me reporting very customer unfriendly comments of him?
  8. 2 weeks? optimistic I realy hope they have fixed the egg bug sooner...
  9. The new community crunch is normaly published on saturday, aren't you just a little bit impatient? Personaly I would rather see them fixing the egg bugs than creating a new map with copyright issues
  10. Yesterday it seemed the egg bug was fixed, 1 Tuso egg hatched the moment it was dropped. Today the bug seems to be back, not only for me but for others as well. Full incubated Tuso- or Parasaur eggs do not hatch normal. Thus raising the questiion: Is hatching eggs being paywalled behind Gen2 DLC? Since there stil is no official answere and CS hardly puts an effort in responding properly to tickets concerning this matter I have a feelling this more a scummy move than a bug. Breaking a core mechanic is serious enough people, please don't let this be intentional.
  11. See if you can choose "download survivor" when going to Scorched Earth. If that's not working, try the same on Ragnarok. Just don't choose "New" unless you are out of options/support. The link to create a ticket for CS is: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us Just keep in mind they don't do fast, never had any response before 17:00 CET, wich is appearantly start of office hours in the USA. In my experience everything beyond the standard "We are so sorry" will take a week or 2 at least. Good luck
  12. Tuso eggs do hatch again. Of course the event is finished now.
  13. If this assumption is correct I have very little hope for Ark2. I have a strong feeling good clean codeing is not a strongpoint of Ark for all the repeating or re-introduced bugs time after time. To me it seems the priority is more high quality dino models than performance.
  14. Frogs need wet feet, tuso need deep water. Sure you have the right depth? I presume you cannot use 1 depth for both creatures.
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