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  1. It is. When I started ARK this was what I was looking for, not Star Wars with Dino's Pitty it is abandoned.
  2. No, not on ps official. Bed hopping might work but this glitch often comes with that other glitch where you can't interact with anything at all, so you can't secure your inventory before bed hopping.
  3. There is a glitch that turns all of them on at log in, you need to first turn them on and then off manualy. Your option does not work since they are not turned on if it's caused by the glitch.
  4. PS5 on official. Framerate is jerky as F since last update. On solo the same issues with drawing distance. When I first came to CI the world looked very pretty but now it looks barren: Foliage only drawn at close range, trees only popping up at close range. The world looks like a huge dessert with mountains untill you are getting realy close. Before the Gen2 update it was actualy improving with most updates so it is kind of dissapointing.
  5. Decent graphical performance, matching the platform you are playing on. As it is now the game on new gen consoles looks like crap the second you are using anything big or fast, dino's at my own base need over 5 seconds to get their skins or even shape, trapping wyverns in traps that only draw after you've flewn through them... In spite of all the updates the game is performing only worse every update since Gen2 launched. No overcomplicated models that take too long to draw, just simple things that look decent. Please?
  6. So the hunt for topstats snails for breeders can beging I hope they do not bring this unbalanced quality update to console before a decent overhaul. Test servers, some companies use those to see if their upgrads realy work
  7. Please be a bit more specific, what platform/map are you on? Can confirm that on PS4 official map CI the stryder linked to fiber dedi still is harvesting berries as always. Have not tested it unlinked. Edit: v695.10/26 (And not v695.17 as the patchnote header wants us to believe)
  8. My experience is a mixed bag. While my character glitching on top of the Ark had high priority, the way bugged out items or dino's are handled are less satisfying. First and for all: We can not blame GM's for bugs and policies! The policy to replace only lvl 150 with random stats is making most of the cases not even worth reporting. The exemption to raise the limit to 200 if proof is provided does sound decent but is questionable: A screenshot of tribelog stating you podded a lvl200+ will do while it only prooves you once held that dino but sais nothing about the actual ownership. Furthe
  9. Angler fish an Beelzebufo. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Breeding Mantis eggs are also collectible.
  10. It is only available in Genesis, making the entire DLC pay to win (Not to mention other items and creatures)
  11. Good point. But they are here as part of the pay to win system Gen2 DLC and not leaving. Consider myself lucky I got it as a gift and it saves me a lot of boring grind.
  12. Making a tek sleeping pod and transmitter podable is way too overpowered. But extending the decay to match other Tek items is very valid and logic.
  13. I think this is a valid question for there are different ways to aproach this: - Points are level related, so you get just the points back according to your level. Or - You bought the points, you keep them forever. Personaly I think these pay to win bonuses should be bought again if you whipe them but I realy don't know if my logic is WC logic. If anyone know what the real answere is?
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