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  1. The moment the bossbabies are adult I set them up in a corner around feeding trough and start leveling on health. No need to use healers and when fully healed there are the next few levels. After they hit 100k HP (+28 lvls) I pod them, the melee levels don't cause the need for food or healing so can be done anytime. Never had any issues this way, just don't save up too much levels when doing health. Edit: Did they starve when you were there or did you leave them?
  2. Gues you used organic poly or so? That is only 20 per slot so you need to replace some with hard poly comes in stacks of 100. Be carefull with crafting with full slot cap never tested that in obelisk but had issues with that in argies and fabricators.
  3. If only reporting worked better it would be an improvement. One of our allies tried to report a cheater/griefer but the link to create a ticket did not work from his phone. Also, why they do not accept screenshots in PM on consoles? The extra work would pay off in goodwill and trust. The company policies and merrits need to be improved, the general tendency is little trust in future projects if things not change.
  4. The random beach bob will be happy to talk, hoping for gifts or advice. In PvE people running away and not communicating are offten trolling or scouting. Griffins or shadowmanes seem the dino of choice for them. If they start dumping glowsticks everywhere better get into bed and log off, this is believed to cause bluescreen so they can drag and drown you. Tribeless higher levels named "Human" are a big red flag as well. Another thing is stealing eggs. Now we have incubators it is less of a problem but before that trolls could realy mess up your hatchery by just taking all eggs and simply eat them if they were overweight.
  5. please read my first comment again: I do agree that the decay timers are random and only press people to build ugly. The thing I was talking about in the rest of my comments was the presumed insta kill of podded dino's when a fridge was unpowered and that is a thing that is not correct. Also, that is something I can't see as "Trolling" from WC as stated in the title but as part of PvP tactics.
  6. It is not a smart workaround, it is just how it works: Fridge unpowered is NOT insta kill podded dino's. I'm not the first to "defend" WC but in this case I can totaly see why it makes sense and that is PvP: Target oppo's power to kill his defenses, including the dino's. The smart workarounds there are double wire's, auto start generators, batteries
  7. Worst thing is, stats and sex are completely random. And it used to be max 150 unless you provided proof of the actual level. In all fairness, to me this compensation was never worth the trouble and the wait sofar. Grind a few stacks of poly and trade saves you lots of frustrations.
  8. I absolutely agree with the decay system being a bit random and is not encuraging nice builds but that last bit is not how it works. True, after 8 days there will be no more wires but no one stops you to re-wire them. As long as you do not acces the inventory your pods will be alive as soon as you powered the fridge up again. Another thing is the upgrade to a tek generator, these don't need wires. Just keep in mind to never open an unpowered cryofridge
  9. Wait what? Think you made a typo: EA ends in 2027.
  10. Not just PvP, a lot of people on the PvP servers had a real good time there building up their tribes to get their first OWN bossfight. Now the servers are turning into just a copy/paste version of all the others with big boxes full of "top stats", fully lagged out. Unlimitted transferes are not good for the gameplay.
  11. It's only a version number, just like those in the patch notes. "Wait what, do people realy check if they have correct updates installed when they want to create a bug report? What's next, checking the crunchnumbers to see they realy got the latest news??? "
  12. Yes, that is how I explained my thoughts in that other thread As far as I can think of there were only the bat and the little monkey in the dangerzone. Not a big issue, just kind of annoying there was no response if this would be an issue or not.
  13. Most creatures do not have issues with the interval. Only the Mesopithecus and Onyc are normaly getting 3 imprints but now only 1 and therefor on risk missing 1/3rd imprint unless the first is 100%.
  14. Ehm... Obvious??? And now stop beating about the bush: DILO are they doing?
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