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  1. I do appreciate your optimism, personaly I considder myself too much a realist to believe it will benefit the game at all Kudos for your attempt to keep official ASE alive!
  2. Have you considdered playing ASE instead of ASA? Platforms and more of your wishlist does kind of function in there.
  3. So why would you believe any extra money would benefit ASA? You can bett your dilo's and raptors it will get the same treatment as ASE the moment they are about to launch ARK2. Every penny you throw at them might end up in the wrong pocket instead of development or server maintenance/moderating. And no, we won't have anything more. There is a huge issue with bugs that take time to fix, they had years time with ASE and they failed. Modded maps are most likely being launched faster and already available as mtx/dlc. And about a monthly fee... Console players do pay that, MS/Sony always told us the subscription were needed for online games. Did it help them to keep the servers up and running? If you are willing to pay a monthly fee why not just start your own cluster? Why throw your money at companies prooven unthrustworty with their promisses? Again: If you think they need and deserve more money, just donate to them. Don't use a shop that effects all players.
  4. In an ideal world WC could get all that money. In the real world Steam, Sony, MS or whatever store you use grabs their 30% and Snail steals a large chunk of the rest. ARK made billions according to some and look what happened with ASE: Forever in early acces, money all up in smoke on a bankrupt EV dream. So what is the big issue of some gamer making a few bucks on the side instead of donating that money to an financial irresponsible company? To me it's all the same.
  5. That is the issue: MTX will not end that market. Black markets will always find a way to benefit someone for cash, sellers wil always find something that someone "needs". And lets be fair, how much different is the grinder that sells a dedi full of dust from a tips&tricks YouTuber earning ad revenue? Basicly they both use the game to make a few bucks. One by selling resources, the other by teaching tricks. (For the record: I'm involved in neither)
  6. Which part of recent history did you miss? EVERY publisher that has a strong focus on mtx has great financial succes but hardly any decent game. Yes, it works to get funds but those funds hardly benefit game development. Sofar it was always said that revenue was not an issue for ARK but most of that money was wasted on someones electric car pipedream. So even if they take your disposable money it is no guarantee at all any of that will benefit ASA or ARK 2. No one is demonizing you but also no one is supporting your idea. But hey, feel free to donate all you can spare to Snail and believe you're the saviour of ARK...
  7. This is almost worth a report for repeatedly posting or copy/paste. Sofar "Your community" is just you and the imaginairy people inside your head, go seek help please.
  8. He's pulling your leg, @thejokerstoy! Everone knows thatch has been replaced by flint 346 AEK years ago.
  9. The usual: Drop game breaking patch end of workday, go home. Normaly they did that just before a weekend. Oh wait... Isn't it a holiday today? Busines as usual.
  10. No one in here knows anything about any report. But there has been an update so expect issues as usual.
  11. Your reasoning is the proof of what is wrong with your idea. Creating artifical scarcity to validade overspending, every game using stores is desinged around that. Sad to see you don't recognize the issues you mention for what they realy are. The game's mechanics, rule's and enforcement is creating the opportunity to "own" a server, the settings are creating the grind, the lack of sufficient servers is part of the problem as well. Your "shop" will not fix any of this, it will just generate more cash for publisher and platform store's. Also it will not solve the issue of ASA being dumped like ASE at launch of ARK 2, same scenario is to be expected: Launch announced, end of support announced (ASE events, remember?), closing of servers announced to free up servers for new game, ARK 2 delayed and money dissapeared into electric car dream project while game is left to die...
  12. There are no mods on PS4. ASA is not running there and ASE does not have them for PS.
  13. The good news: ASA on on sale on PS5, only €36. And now the april fools news: The theme mod for SE is €30!!!! Tel me you are joking, you can't charge the price of an AA game for a mod for an early acces game without laughing.
  14. Except you could not repair them if someone else decided to pilar a beach or so. I know there were workarounds but just try see it from a fresh build character without acces to teksuits, trying to build his first farm. Not everyone starts with lvl 100 on day 1.
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