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  1. Should be in the next decade. Or 2.
  2. I've a hard time believing these numbers. There are more occasions where Snail puts up numbers wich didnt add up. But, lets give them the benafits of doubt as this point. Because if that's the case, it shows how desperate they are to make alot of money fast, regardless the promiseses on map release for instance. Or dropping an amazing update towards their outstanding succesfull game. Wich runs smooth, no issues at all, not even while you're on high end pcs or console. Thank the holy Dodorex we see no crashes or complaints on this forum or their Discord. Hilarious. I defend every businessowner in to make money. Yet, I refuse to do the same towards businesses who are absolute in being unfair towards their community. Lets face it, Aberation will drop (still not sure, yet they scream it will be) on the 4th of september. Playable? Prolly not. Same crashes as ASE? Most likely. Not even going into the first 3 roadmaps from ASA and I'm sure in the end we will have at least 1 to 1,5 years of postponed maps. But... That UE update, simultaniously with AB, on the 4th of september, that would be an achievement on its own. Ofc we want to see 1 or 2 patches to fix some stuff, like in other games. Yet all of the above is most likely not going to happen. Premium mods are the way for Snail now maybe, yet they will not keep this up. All debts, all utterly empty promises and last but not least the lack of actual support on their own gameservers are a sign that someone is clearing out accounts. When that is done, the company will get sold/divided and thats that.
  3. All hail the almighty Threadnecrozilla!!!
  4. Die once, maybe that helps. Grimreaper seems to have interest in helping you out 😉
  5. Tbh, you need to cheat/tweak alot to actieve this. MC is designed to do with a band of people.
  6. Master Controller hasnt been introduced yet on ASA. Might take untill Christmas 2032 before that will happen. I think you need to be in that channel as well. Sidenote: MC is nearly impossible to do as solo player.
  7. Remove your graphcard, then re insert it. Also, if that didnt help, clean out your pc. Prefer to blow the dust out, as well as the fans on your graphcard. You can remove all drivers too and do a clean install of the latest one.
  8. The controller might be the issue here. Disconnect it and see if you still have those issues.
  9. Can only say that it works on our cluster, not touching offi lol.
  10. Boot the game in lowest settings and start tweaking from there. As long as there's no update in UE5, you just have to go and practice the art of deduction. I can write an enormous list of possible fixes, yet I find its completely random. I've been sciencing the crap out of this. And I still find my rig having issues with only ASA. There's no other game this poorly optimized that I know of. 4090 RTX, 64GB RAM, M2 SSD, etc etc. High end, yet I tweaked it so low that its shaming to use my rig at this point.
  11. You're even a worse troll then those fake daily ads.
  12. Every tinkle you hear is a player tossing the game in the bin.
  13. Only 7 years of waiting and hollow promisses from Snail untill it gets implemented. They said this summer, yet words from that company dont mean anything anymore.
  14. Thats the money wich evaporizes from the ARK community. Each tinkle is a player who lost faith.
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