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  1. The event just finished yesterday you can see official rates here http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini
  2. Tranquilizate Siempre hago mi mejor esfuerzo para hablar Inglés, Español y Portugués.
  3. Pro tip: HEAR THE COMMUNITTY (Don't make the same mistakes like ARK 1)
  4. i've help this game with a loot of reports of xploits, bugs and glitch filling the doc my last was ads floating on the wiki and all the reports of false antymesh system in my almost 10,000 hrs and you guys still paying me with a nice "comment deleted" i want to help to fix the wiki on spanish version bc still broken, but idk if im going to be deleted again...
  5. they dissapear cables 8 days electric gen 16 days i dont know why they have that timers
  6. Fix that https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Breeding you can see nothing in the right side with somany ads on the screen, the first wiki was wrong with the same problem and the new wiki is just a new copy
  7. is an old bug, go to play SP for some minuts, or press primitive+ on the main menu and go back to the normal game
  8. i've see my dinos like "dissapearing", you can't see them but they are on the maewing, eject babys and press "J" (follow all) and leave render distance the babys still full of bugs like stuck on invisible tails, ruberbanding and visual bugs since years ago also try to leave the maewing far away from walls, ceillings or mountains, they can get stuck even if they are more small than you can see
  9. i saw the same on the same update was a bug from WC, maybe they add some "new settings" I got old pillars with ladders, but ANTIMESH only destroy tek ladders... and then after some time the AUTODECAY destroy the tek pillar is a problem with antymesh system
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