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  1. Ok, thanks. And if I join a tribe on another server, do they have access and own my stuff on my "old" server?
  2. Decay timer reset also for other servers? If I temporarily change to another map (means another server) for a while, what is it with the structure decay timer? Is it reseted with my login even on other servers or do I have to change back to my old server every week if I want to keep my structures there?
  3. Finaly I found three angler fish in the upper area of the waterfall in the Abberation zone. Tamed a Manta, checked the deep sea crates positions and looked again also for angler fish in the deep sea ... but nothing. Anyway, I made an outpost near the place where I found the three ones and maybe I will find more there.
  4. Ya, I was at 31,81 three times, but nothing. And I checked the whole underground ocean. Nothing. Only flippers, sharks and mantas. But I will try this second river in the Abberation zone, thanks.
  5. No Anglerfish in Valguero Ok, I want to farm Angler gel but can't find Angler fish. I read about missing deep-sea respawn in Valguero and I also tried this spot in the Abberation zone where Angler fish should be too. But no Angler fish anywhere. Is my only chance to wait for a server restart when deep-sea creatures spawn or are there other places to find them?
  6. Odds and ends which would really help OK, after my first few weeks in Ark I want to make suggestions for improvements of odds and ends which are easy to implement and would really help. 1. Use and dismount should not be on the same key Was maybe mentioned often before but I do not open/close doors while on flying mounts because of this. It happened too often that I got in bad problems because I dismounted instead of opening/closing doors. 2. Egg size should be part of tool tip Five egg sizes and everytime when I sort eggs I have to look on pieces of paper which flying around my computer. 3. Font size of ingame notes and recipes Same problem as with the egg sizes. I have to look on pieces of paper which flying around my computer because the font size of ingame notes and recipes are so tiny and unreadable for those who don't have eagle eyes. There is no reason why the font must be so tiny. Please have a heart for those who have problems with it. In a well made game you should'nt use peaces of paper flying around your computer. Feel free to add small improvement suggestions.
  7. That argument is pointless because freeware tools like Autohotkey are way more powerful than any gaming keyboard. Your question can't be answered with "yes" or "no", because even an autorun-key is a simple macro. Another thing are macros which walking routes and doing things all automatically.
  8. That are 51 dinos only for egg farming. When I drive around with my raft base I avoid to get near such giant "Castle Lag". There is even one which needs a minute, before all parts are loaded. Isn't that a problem if the game mechanic requires amounts of dinos which can't be handled proper from the game engine?
  9. Rex kill can trigger Alpha? So I was in my base on mountain top, saw a tek-rex and because of my elevated position I killed him easily. While harvesting the electronics something red appeared. Another Rex. Able to climb the steepest rock and ripping big holes in my stone-base. I was shocked, didn't knew alphas before. Why appeared he? because I killed a rex? And why was he so fixated in destroying my base instead of chasing me?
  10. I got a hive ... but I lost my argy
  11. Yo, I got such an Dein egg (of course I died in the unknown region) but couldn't cook regular kibble with it. I guess I have to set up honey production first. Anyway better than taming or breeding 15 Ankys only for some regular kibble. Any tips for the honey?
  12. What's wrong with egg farming? Ok, so as newbie I'm now at the point to produce kibble for faster taming. This is what I expected first: I put a male and a female together and get an egg every 20 mins. This is what I get: One(!) guaranted (fertilized) egg every 2 days. That 20 mins thing is only a 1% chance? "Boosted" to 2% when mated? Really? Even with Oviraptor that means one regular egg every ~15 hours. No wonder the servers are so laggy if people need dozens of breeders to get more than one or two eggs per day. Maybe I see something wrong but I would like to know: If I need 30 kibbles for taming a higher level dino, how much females do I need to get the 30 eggs in 2 days?
  13. As a new player I enjoy Ark very much, great game. Except the constant farting, which is unbearable. And no way to disable it if playing on official servers, only if playing without sound. Imagine you read a good book, hear great music, drive a cool car or whatever action you like and enjoy ... and you have to hear farting sounds every 2 mins. Why does Wildcard place this burden on their customers? They should ask a psychologist or an advertising expert what this means for a product, if it's farting all day long. I don't wanna know how much players have left Ark because of this. Wildcard, for heaven's sake, make an option for disabling farting sounds. I like your game and I wanna play it, but I think it's only a question of time until my max farting tolerance is reached and then I quit. And this is how I will remember Ark: The game which farted me all day long.
  14. Please let us disable poop sound on official servers Please. Really. The first 100 times it's funny, then it get's annoying and then disgusting . It's even not a poop sound, it's a fart sound. Some find it funny, some find it unesthetic and offensive. For me it's ruining my immersion. Such a great game but this thing is too much. Every few minutes. Is there any other activity in the world where you would accept this? To get farted every 5 mins over hours? I guess not. Please give us a poop sound slider or change it at least to some more decent, maybe a pressing sound from the mouth or a simple "plop". Please.
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