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  1. I'm not suited with singleplayer transfer, but isn't it possible in singleplayer too, to have items in the inventory while the transfer?
  2. With only 8 GB the game starts fast with swapping. Do you have enough free disk space for your swap file?
  3. Expecting an undestructable savegame is unrealistic. Especially for a game like ARK. I have a folder full with savegame backups of the many games I have played. It happens so often that a savegame is suddenly ruined.
  4. Key table from here. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Spray_Painter Maybe a remapping issue?
  5. Yes, I just want to unlock tek structures. Your advice sounds good but also too easy. I did the water cave for some months and I have several vaults full of best gear and weapons, have also some basilos which are easy to get in Genesis. That's not the problem. Once I tamed 18 megatheriums and a yuti. I did some test fights in single player with official difficulty settings. I came to the conclusion that I can't beat the alpha broodmother with normal tamed dinos. Maybe the gamma version. But there are more bosses for unlocking all the parts and afaik they are all harder than the broodmothe
  6. Makes also a big difference if someone plays 12 hours per day or only 2 hours. What was your average playtime then? Were you able to beat the alpha version with your "Breeded in 2 months" army? Have you started your breeding with normal dinos or with already well breeded dinos from others?
  7. Do you play with official difficulty settings? If not it can't be compared. I knew I get no answer. therfore I think it's a year. You have to "breed" (stare at babies) a year long before you can do the boss fight.
  8. That's not an answer. How long is "not that long"?
  9. No, I'm asking for the time I need on official. In single player we all cheat, that's not a challenge. How many months do I have to stare at babies on official before I can do the boss fight?
  10. And how much time do I have to spent for breeding my arena dinos?
  11. Don't forget that developers are not bosses, the boss is afaik Snail Games from Suzhou, so blame them, they are making the decisions. If you have some insight into coding it should also be clear to you that over the years hundreds different coders have worked at this code. It's unavoidable that such a large game software like ARK becomes a mess over the time. Earlier or later comes the day when nobody is anymore in the crew who has full insight and oversight over the code. Especially localisation and UI code of ARK seems to be a real bad mess, because they never fixed this over the y
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