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  1. I have not much clue about breeding, all I know is that you can't play while "breeding" because you have to do the sick "Move 5, Click 5" babyfeeding minigame for many hours, weeks, months ... Of course it's impossible to do that without getting braindead, therefore it is not only allowed from the devs to use macros ... it's a must to use macros if you want to "enjoy" the "endgame". In this times I want to play videogames for relaxing from crazy reality, but in ARK this would mean to watch my "Move 5, Click 5" macro instead of playing. So I quit ARK the third time. In fact I wou
  2. Taming highlevels is a waste of time. I did 10 snails between 25 and 60, spent all points into food until they have 4000 (that's enough for more than 2 weeks) and the rest in weight allthough that's not really necessary as long as you don'r want to store crazy amounts of polymer.
  3. From my experience an Anky needs 3 height, not only 2. Keep also in mind that it's better to transport dinos one wall higher than the base height of the raft, or the dino will be pulled of your raft from any rock or branch near the water surface.
  4. You see this way to personal. The reality for every coder on the world, regardless what or where he is coding, is that he is always facing totaly unrealistic expectations from their clients. Blame the system which enforces coders to code fast and dirty, not the coder who has to fed his family.
  5. That could be true but where is the problem? Sure, there are differences in crash frequency from player to player, but even if someone crashes once per week ... is this really relevant if you have to wait 5 mins once per week? And there is also the safety question: If it would be possible to immidiately reconnect after a crash, hackers would for sure use this to hijack connections from other players. Should Wildacrad really bring us all into the risk of hijacked connections only for this occassionally 5 mins?
  6. That's the problem, "after all this time". Very typical for longtime software projects: Those who wrote the original ARK code are all gone, and those who are now continue the developing will never have the same insight as the original coders. The older and bigger a software is, the more control over the code get lost.
  7. I recently did all the artifacts on Crytsal Isles. I think too it's easiest there because there are no dungeon-like caves like on other maps. But for the one artifact in the north-west corner you need a basilo. Very deep, full with electro beasts and tusos.
  8. Trolls on my pve server doing this whenever they can, pulling wild argys to my turrets or have grappled wild animals on the back of their wyverns to soak my turrets empty. No actions from wildcard to prevent this.
  9. After many months I'm still running around with a green longneck rifle from an orbital drop. But I'm doing deep sea loot crates since longer and I have found all other weapons/blueprints in all qualities. My vaults are full with ascendant/mastercrafted blueprints/weapons ... but still no longneck. Has anyone found a longneck in a deep sea crate?
  10. Wildcard has drastically changed the loot tables. One or two years ago I always got great loot from orbital drops, but on the other side it was too easy. Now the orbital drops have rarely good stuff, even not the red ones. I have to do deep sea loot crates for good loot.
  11. The steam client is also a copyright protection. It must run while you play or you can't play.
  12. Which difficulty you have in your singleplayer? Official is roughly equal to 5.0 difficulty.
  13. Have you closed the steam client or simply made a reset? I'm asking because it works for me always, maybe it's important to close and reopen the steamclient and not only doing a reset. Or maybe you have just closed the steam client window which does not close the steam client.
  14. For me the catapult is working again since the last patch (on CI map), I have now my second karkinos. Thanks to the devs.
  15. I could be wrong but I think there are also differences in the taming of water dinos. But, what do you expect? That singleplayer and official are identical? There are many reasons for wildcard to have different rulesets for singleplayer and official. And of course we players have to find out all differences by ourself
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