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  1. As new breeder I'm facing a new problem now after the event ended. It was already annoying while the event to spend a hour for meat runs before log off, but now with x1 it's really bad. Even with a 512 slots capped Maewing full of meat it's barely enough for 6 or 7 hours, that means I even can't sleep too long, or my babies would starve. 2 hours for meat runs every evening is too much for me. How could I optimize my meat gaining, please? Currently I'm doing my meat runs with a 500% melee Wyvern, that's the best I have.
  2. Which mission please? Can't find it on the loot tables.
  3. This is what I noticed too. I think the damage sensitivity is zero or near zero at the start until the half course. Then the damage sensitivity raises. Maybe that's the trick. Drive it rough and do not care about damage in the beginning.
  4. I get it in the last tunnel from the "mainroad" of the "bad" side (at the westend).
  5. If you switch on the transmitter, maybe it's there in the trophy tab.
  6. I haven't found it in the patch notes but after taming another basilo today I noticed he didn't got deep water damage. I podded him, flew to a deep sea entrance, unpodded him and did a long relaxed exploration ... with killing of some eels, ha. So thank you devs for fixing the basilo.
  7. The suits can't be used without the engrams. The only small advantage is the durability not going down, but with armor 20 it's like primitive flak.
  8. From the wiki: "While stats show it can have a maximum durability of 30001, this appears irrelevant to how strong the shield can actually be since shield strength can exceed this. If durability reaches 0, the shield generator will go offline for 30 seconds and return at full durability again." I understand this so that you can't repair it because it repairs itself if durability reaches zero.
  9. The long taming of high level dinos annoyed me too in the beginning , but with the time you learn to how to speed up the process. Garden and beehive are essential. And the fastest way to get ascendant kibbles are not Yuties but Deinos. So I think Valguero is the best starter map. After collecting 20 or 40 deinos eggs you can move to any other map.
  10. After 2 weeks of my first breeding I got my first level 1 dino in the morning. And now in the evening he's suddenly gone (on official). Those babies who were around him are still there. Is there a problem with level 1 dinos?
  11. OK, now I have tamed a dozen stryders and tried them out, but: Although it first sounded great (tek-transmitter, link to mining drill and dedi storage), but in practice everything is slow and I need way more time for the harvesting. - The transmitter is useless for moving of large amounts because you have to drag every single stack in and out. Moving 10 or 20 rows of metal through the transmitter is a pain. - The range of the drill link is so small that you have to permanently move the stryder. Moving my Karkinos instead is the same and faster. - Farming with the extractor
  12. Wait. Because of the Stryder plague all players have to forget their platform builds? That's not acceptable. We see now a big problem with the decisions that Stryders can't be podded and have fixed modules. The gen2 maps are packed with useless stryders because they have the wrong modul combination and can't be podded. And nobody on the map can use platform saddles anymore. Devs, this can't be a solution to say "The ARK limit is reached, forget your quetzals, brontos, mossas and whatever dinos with platform saddles, it's more important to have hundreds of useless stryders on the
  13. Then why can I build on my stryder?
  14. Today I tried to build some structures on my Quetzal and got the message: "There are too many creatures with structures on platform saddles on this ARK". But I can build structures on my Stryder. Is this intended? Does that mean I can't build on my Quetzal in Gen2?
  15. Thanks for the detailed describing. Although I could make great spreadsheets (I was a coder) I try to do it all without detailed planning. It makes the game too much to a job for me. So I use the placement of my dinos as "spreadsheet". Currently I have rows with 3-zero, 4-zero and 5-zero stat dinos. I would save time if I would calculate the optimal path ... but this needs a lot of time and is not playing. So I do it all intuitive. Anyway, if Wildcard wants the color breeding to be more attractive it should be seperated from the stat breeding.
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