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  1. I did gamma and beta broodmother with Deinos. They are easy to get, you just have to collect eggs on Valguero until you find some with ~30 points in hp and melee.
  2. Maybe a problem with the "Lease" of the router. Have you tried using fixed local IP-adresses for your LAN-Clients?
  3. The same with structures on platform saddles. "There are too many structures on platform saddles on this ARK" is what I get if I try to build on my quetzal-platform-saddle.
  4. For me the drill has displaced the saw as main tool, I have the saw no longer with me. Saw is only better for wood and meat, but if I need much wood I use the stryder now.
  5. The map is diverted in squares, and each square has a structure limit, which is not bound to a player. If the limit in a square is reached (afaik it's 15,000 structures per square) then no player can build more. Seems like your base is built over 2 squares, or maybe 4 if you are direct over a crossing. Then you have to deal with 2 or 4 different structure limits around your base.
  6. In the steam client under View>Server is your server history stored. There you can see the last visited server.
  7. I still can't build dedi storage so I'm not affected, but I use clicky macros for the left mouse key and for the use key, that's good for my mouse and my fingers.
  8. I got destroyed from Beta after I defeated her twice with ease, so I think the buff came at this time. For Alpha and Beta.
  9. Are you sure it's not over the Internet? I read ARK would prefer it to run over the internet, even in LAN mode. Maybe once your server ran over the LAN but the newest updates switched it secretly back to internet mode?
  10. If you are experienced with the missions. I did only those which I needed for taming low level stryders. The missions are all console style, prestidigitation and capability of reacting is what you need. Old guys like me don't like that. I also think most ARK players are more older, so the mission designs are a totaly mistake, designed for the youngers which are only a small group of the ARK players.
  11. Another reason why breeding while x1 is a pain. You don't have much tolerance for the imprinting. If I remember right I had only ~30 min tolerance per interval or I will not reach 100%.
  12. That's what I have experienced too. Is there more info about this?
  13. In theory I can make great raising setups, but in my practice I have to login every 2 hours, especially if I raise different dinos. If I don't want to login every 2 hours and don't want starved babies I have to do a several hours long preparation. That's exactly what I don't have in times with low motivation: several hours for preparation.
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