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  1. Bosses not really doable with tames When I started playing ARK a year ago I came early to the conclusion that doing the breeding thing is nothing for me, not only because it's extreme time consuming, but also because you have to do sick things then like mass killing babies for optimizing breeding lines. Sure, they are only virtual, but it has an impact to your thinking if you are excercising brutal social-darwinistic selection by mass killing babies. Whatever, as passionate builder I really would like it to have the moonpool, because building underwater is an exciting challenge for me. I also made the mistake to not check exactly what is needed for the moonpool, I thought I have just to defeat the Broodmother to unlock all tek, now I know that I have to kill 3 bosses to unlock all neccessary parts for the moonpool (maybe I'm wrong with this too). So I tamed 20 high level megatheriums, with all the preparations I needed 2 months for this. Ready for the fight I started practicing the fight in single player with official settings. After a dozen failed fights I came to the conclusion that I need at least ~level 400 megatheriums to make sure to win the fight, but my tames are only around ~level 225. Even if I would spend months for leveling them I would still have the problem with the other bosses, the alpha dragon. So the only way to the moonpool is the year long way of the baby mass murderer. But I had a great time in ARK, it helped me through the winter and it was a lot of fun.
  2. I could be wrong but from my personal experience the foundation respawn block radius is ~4 foundations. Try it out by yourself: place a foundation into vegetation, remove all rocks and plants and check later what is respawning and what not. If you want to prevent that don't use foundations. Instead build a large base platform on pillars, because pillars don't block respawn. The trick to get a flat base platform also on uneven ground is to build only the first pillar from bottom to top, and all other pillars from top to bottom.
  3. Zapha


    @OP I see a possibly self made problem with your points 2 and 3. Thinking that you can copy older ini files onto a newer version is not that unproblematic like you think. It has a reason why settings are reseted. Do you always verify all lines of all your backed up ini files with the new ones to make sure any new implemented line is also in your files? I think not. If you mix old ini files with new versions you create a totaly unsupported version with side effects only you experience ... what brings me to your point 3. Maybe you are right but maybe the "ruined" Island map is a result of your old ini files. To make sure it's not from your file tinkering you have to reset all settings and then see how it looks like.
  4. That's part of the event, the rat invasion. Don't ask the devs, it's up to you to defeat the plague.
  5. Ya I thought that too and was surprised to see them walking there. Best spot for setting up a balista with chain bolas.
  6. There is the hidden valley with the biber dams at 22-70, quetzals like it to land and stay there. When I farm the biber dams I have seen often one walking around there.
  7. In which pvp game are new players welcome?
  8. Have you made it default in the replay- and record-tab of windows sound?
  9. It happens if you hold the transfer button, stacks get then swapped endless between your inventory and the target inventory. We have to press the button for each stack until they fix it.
  10. There is always enough free land on all maps ... but not at the beaches. Beach bases are crap, they are only good for beginners. All advanced players have their bases near metal fields or in areas where the interesting dinos spawn ... and that is not the beach area. At the beach you have stealing seagulls, trampling brontos, low resources and boring dinos. Forget that. Check places near metal fields, you will always find an empty spot there.
  11. There are many legit reasons for pillaring. If you ever made the experience to get a crazy big borg cube filled with hundreds of dinos in the render range of your base ... then you will do the same. Pillaring resource zones is a good thing, that prevents newbies from building foundations there, which prevents respawn. If a tribe pillars a large area but 80 % of their area is resource area, then you can't count that in. The spamming of ocean platforms can also only be prevented with large scale pillaring of seaground. I'm in for a drastic reduction of the structure limit to prevent all that crap but doesn't looks like the limit will be changed.
  12. I scraped half a dozen metal behemot gates because they went open/close into the wrong direction. As perfectionist I don't like that. Then I realized that the open direction is dependant on which side you click. Clicking right side swings the door to inside, clicking left side swings the door to outside.
  13. Zapha

    New servers

    There are allready ~1000 official servers and new servers would make it all worse. New servers would also not solve your problem because any new server would be pillared in a day. Start with a raft base and check places you would like. Earlier or later one of the players who own this places will stop playing and then you can grab it.
  14. I do short Valguero runs for this. 1 to 2 hours for ~4000 cement.
  15. Come on, tell us the whole story. You don't get banned for placing signs, you get banned for what you have written on the signs. Tell us: What was it? How have you offended him?
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