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  1. Regarding the beginner servers, they should have transfers enabled again as of last Friday. So you can upload your dinos before they get wiped. Thanks for that, by the way. But it shouldn't have taken that long to fix, considering the two tickets I put in about it, bug report posts on the forum, and repeatedly pestering you guys on twitter. Also, that GIF is 8.5MB and has ugly dithered colors. Every modern browser supports video, so export to mp4 or webm instead of GIF and the page will load faster and look better. Your CDN will thank you.
  2. The two tickets that I put in did absolutely nothing, but apparently harassing the right people on twitter can actually get things done. @thelilpanda got the uploads enabled again. I was finally able to transfer off my level 1 rexes and argies. Just in time.
  3. I play on a beginner server for the challenge, ironically. And to tame level 1 dinos for breeding, but since UPLOADS HAVE BEEN DISABLED FOR OVER A MONTH I can't do anything with them. For the love of Rockwell, please turn on uploads so I can transfer all my dinos off before you wipe everything. I've put in a ticket and harassed Ced on twitter, but still nothing. Just take the 30 seconds to change the server setting before crapping over everything I've done.
  4. There are also the pointy red mushrooms down in ab. Kick a patch of those with a procoptodon and you'll get a couple stacks. You also get tons of biotoxin.
  5. I put in a support ticket for this, and I got this response: I don't get why it would be difficult or time consuming for them to re-enabled uploads. They just need to change a server setting, not roll out a patch or anything complicated.
  6. What exactly do you mean? Transfers of items and characters out of Valguero are already enabled on Xbox official servers. I was able to upload deino eggs and download them on my other server. And can you also re-enable item and dino uploads for the Xbox beginner servers? We used to be able to upload tames before you disabled it because of duping, but it never got enabled again along with all the other servers. I want to upload my level 1 event rexes.
  7. Why not extend the time for the whole event? Console players had two fewer days to tame event dinos and get the skins, and that's just as important as breeding rates in my opinion.
  8. As a temporary workaround, you can create a folder for gas and drop a stack in it. Then when you take all, you don't pull the gas out. I say temporary because of a bug with folders. Whenever the server restarts, it messes up the folder associations so that 'take all' works as if nothing is in a folder.
  9. Fly around pretty high up during the heatwave, about the same height as the top of the plateau by green. Get multiple people and split up so you cover different sections of the map. If you're the first one in render where the phoenix was at the end of the heatwave, you might see it turn to ash but remain visible on the ground. That's a visual glitch, it'll disappear when you leave render, but it will appear in that spot when the next heatwave starts. The parasaur will detect the phoenix's ash pile, and you can fly around on a wyvern carrying a parasaur on alert mode. It mostly just takes a lot of luck since they can spawn pretty much anywhere on the map.
  10. They go poof at 451 and higher. 450 is safe. I've had level 450 rexes hang around through multiple server resets and being cryopoded. Also note that if you cryopod a 451+ dino, the pod will look normal but it will go poof when you try to uncryo.
  11. So it sounds like you have to steal eggs and hatch them like drakes and wyverns, but then you can breed them, and you might have to deal with giga or gacha levels of food consumption for babies instead of getting venom or milk. And then it sounds like they might enrage giga-style around fertilized eggs. The latching attack sounds megalosaurus-like and could be a lot of fun if you can do it riding a tamed one. Just my interpretation and best guess, regardless I like how they're adding something unique and different.
  12. No offense, but those networking optimizations sound incredibly simple and rather obvious. I'd bet the change required only a few lines of code, or more likely the deletion of a few. I hope that's just one part of a larger set of optimizations. A much, much better optimization would be to implement object loading in bulk, as opposed to each one loading by itself. Like the way Minecraft loads the world in chunks. Loading in any particular structure/dino has some amount of network overhead - especially apparent when you zoom into a huge base and watch each individual wall/foundation/ceiling/etc. pop in almost sequentially. So why not group a bunch of them together in a single update to load stuff in faster? Slightly unrelated, but you also really need to maintain the physics state of objects as they're loaded in, so the client doesn't start processing fall logic and make players/dinos look like they fell halfway through the ceiling they're standing on. This results in a desynchronized client/server state. Make it work like wild dinos on trees that get destroyed, or link the player/dino to the object it's on and wait for that to load before processing physics.
  13. Allan, please add patch number. So how do the industrial cooker changes work with wells on official PvE now, or have you still not fixed that? You couldn't ever build pipes on wells, so they have always been completely useless. Still, it's fantastic that you can irrigate cookers with water tanks now. Also, does this patch fix the black triangle artifacts from lightning storms on Xbox? Never really noticed any artifacts from sandstorms.
  14. I'm ok with this. I'd rather wait a few days to play a broken, buggy mess rather than getting a broken, buggy, unplayable mess now.
  15. I appreciate the explanation about meshing and I understand that this is a very hard problem to fix. I think you're missing a significant part of the problem, though: projectile collision only works on the front face of the mesh, and being able to shoot through from the underside is a massive advantage for meshers. You don't need to add an additional reverse-facing mesh or change the way the game renders back-faced or occluded textures, just the projectile physics. I can't say for certain if it could have other potential impacts (shooting from inside a dino might be an exception you'd want to make) or how easy it would actually be, but it seems like you could simply remove the back-face detection in the collision logic for projectiles. Yes, people could still exploit and get inside bases they couldn't normally, but they couldn't snipe or plant C4 or have their turrets shoot from under the mesh. Another method of preventing this kind of thing would be to do a periodic check for back-face meshes in several directions from the player via a line-of-sight detection and record the player's location each time. If it detects more than a set threshold of back-faces within a certain range (should probably ignore very close ones for the cases where you clip into an irregular shape), it could do some more complex checks from different angles to determine that they're actually inside the mesh, and then move them back to their last known non-mesh location. This would add some overhead and depend on the ability to properly detect an undermeshed position, but it seems to me that a technique like this would address the problem far better than ad-hoc map and physics engine patches. PS: Please fix the deathtrap loot crate that's inside the kill volume in the Ruins of Nosti cave, and the inaccessible one in the middle of the wall in the Old Tunnels cave on Scorched.
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