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  1. Support is lacking, kited, vapid in assistance and will be for the foreseeable future. This is unfortunately the reality of it(out side of those who will throw out anecdotal examples they experience on rare occasion to the contrary.) Given the majority of players opt to play on unofficial servers and away from official/legacies due to a lack of (and intentional with legacy I might add) support, You may want to consider then making such a non issue and making different play choices.
  2. Unless you plan to hardcode some sort of engagement raid protection system(and given the state of the game that sounds like it would throw servers into even more instability), there's no way to proactively enforce this what so ever and seems extremely short sighted. I'm wondering how you would even enforce the breeding restrictions mentioned, especially since its easy enough to muddy that across servers and mask that through all manner of shenanigans. Either you're going to have to implement more hardcoded solutions or modify this rule change yet again.
  3. Novarae

    Structure Decay Changes

    Thing is with all of this, its just treating the symptoms and not the causes.
  4. That's understandable. However though with more servers coming on line(albeit still not up to the pre-8/29 950 mark) this seems to be a rather inefficient way to enact/implement. I was under the impression that the team had more technical and subtle means by which to suss out who and what was being done and then enacted a response in one efficient action that would minimally effect those involved and as well those not involved on servers. Thus if such a system is not in place currently to do that, I highly suggest the team develop such response system soon because 3 years of history of these sorts of shenanigans by players is not going stop. I'm sure devs of studios like Blizzard can attest to that after over 10 years of seeing such things happen on some of their games and having more efficient response systems(though they too could do with improvements obviously) in place.
  5. Novarae

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    Merging really doesn't matter as others have cited for some reasons. They also don't really matter on the grander scale of things because with each reduction/repurposing of legacies they do, they replace as newer official servers, -but- continue to reduce the overall server numbers. Prior to August 29th we had 950 or so official servers on steam for example. Post the purge it was in the 700's both of new and legacies combined. Then later in the fall more new officials were added and then by dec when aberration was released more of those servers were added bring the total to around 840. Then the start of March saw another legacy server purge and the current total is around 823(when some aren't offline as some tend to be always so somewhere). If I had to speculate, I'd say by the end of the summer another legacy purge may occur with a similar result and then again once Extinction releases to make way for those servers but still reducing overall totals accordingly. So remember, this is intentionally being slowly done. Asking for mergers are pointless thus because not only the afore mentioned legacy slow purging but the overall intent by Wildcard to make less the numbers of servers they maintain.
  6. Novarae

    Survival Of The Fittest Reborn!!!!

    Devs have stated over the last year the reasons why they shelved sotf and said reasons haven't changed. Poker's Arena of Gods mod already exists and is pretty much getting more support for a successor to the shelved sotf.
  7. Novarae

    Ideas on how to revive SOTF

    While I assume you attempted to format your quoting incorrectly there, you might want to realize that even though Snail Games is the parent company for Wildcard since the Dec 2015 merger, Pixark has a whole different dev team in a completely different locale working on it; and this all has -zero- to do with the torch waving for sotf anyway.
  8. Novarae

    Ideas on how to revive SOTF

    I can tell you didn't read the article. Sure the article was a year ago but the conditions(again if you actually read the article) for why and what would need to occur for Sotf to be revisited have not changed. As for your other point: cite your official sources that Devs has stated that: 1. The last dlc in the Season pass(extinction) will be their last official content project for ark. 2. That after Extinction WC will be looking for another game to work on. That's just conjecture on your part to fit your agenda/narrative.
  9. Novarae

    Ideas on how to revive SOTF

    Currently, the best bet of a sotf-esque thing going forward is Poker's mod at the moment. Otherwise, some other player driven project is the only way Sotf style fans are going to see anything because a year ago the devs stated that pretty much it would take player/community run efforts otherwise. You can read this article from last year with Jeremy talking about the whys and why they'll not be revisiting it in the future unless its crowdfunded/driven in some manner: https://www.pcgamer.com/ark-survival-of-the-fittest-is-an-experiment-that-didnt-catch-on-but-we-do-think-theres-a-fun-game-there-says-studio-wildcard/
  10. Novarae

    Cookie Cutter humans

    Hair cutting, dying, mods for altering appearances further, etc all exist. Keep in mind this isn't City of Heroes either but there is nothing stopping you from hitting the dev kit and also making things that may suit your wants too and if you're work is good enough, WC might even pay you for it in the sponsored mods program or buy you out etc. But keep in mind this is a really low priority QoL to alter the character creation to your wants by the devs. I think you can reasonably agree and see how much more things have more priority to work on than this but again the devs at least give an open door to players with the ability to use the dev kit for this otherwise.
  11. Novarae

    Are we ill? Why do we even play this game

    Bugs? Sure. That's the nature of a game with continuing development. Players make the choice to deal with it and play or they don't. Clearly due to the continued popularity of the game, people seem to be playing and enjoying otherwise. Another important point to make is that not uncommonly, people who complain of bugs and issues once you start looking very specifically at their issues, that it can be user end generated as opposed to Wildcard. Again that's not being dismissive of fault or issues with Wildcard's development shortcomings, its just saying that people don't separate the two. And then there are issues outside of the hands of Wildcard to fix currently(like the Unreal Engine ones that Wildcard is waiting on from UE4's 4.20 update in the coming months). Then there are issues that people dislike official game play servers conditions and claim as bugs yet playing on unofficial servers becomes a non issue. In those cases that's just a mismatch and choice on the players part. All of that gets lumped into one big pile with which WC becomes the whipping boy. People just need to keep in mind Ark will never, ever be bug free, even if its ever shuttered unless players take on the mantle of fixes there after. Its always a triage and catchup situation. So again the choice is left to a player as to whether or not they handle what's going on or they move on(or in the case of some who cant let go like a jilted lover just continue to complain to their hearts content because they're still madly in love with the game even if they've stopped hehe).
  12. Correct. That's not in contention, the volume of participants on that platform using such versus that of the other mediums, I'm saying there seems to be a counter intuitive notion of limiting how they're handled/approached in comparison to the other for simply being a perceived catch all on red and here. Ironically though steam gets xbox and ps4 folks coming on there too asking questions at times though and Ive often told them to visit here in steam. But I'm again saying that statistically the evidence is compelling that the steam forums have a high volume of interactions of players on it with Ark, perhaps statistically more so than I would argue the volume of the 3 platforms combined here but at the very least the pc ones here. Saying then that the devs cannot maintain some form of consistent implementation of bettering the situation with the forums on Steam even with more volunteer mods is a shame. I know addressing this is an exercise in futility but I just wanted to have some form of it being mentioned given the context of what the crunch was speaking to.
  13. Correct, it is one part but with 5 million units or so sold to date on that platform and the daily activity on its forums for Ark being arguably as or more active than the official forums, here, (I've not monitored reddit's activity to state otherwise). I understand the statements of foucs on reddit and the official forums but its somewhat counterintuitive knowing how steam makes for quicker facilitation of dissemination of information by just under half the player base of the game. Also, I know members of the team have expressed as well open disdain for the steam forums too in the past but again its just a shame that resources cannot be put forward on the platform more to have both proactive and reactive responses to issues and interactions. While you cite the dev team being small(70's if I remember right), that doesn't require precluding more volunteer mods answering to Eli, you, etc or even some non dev team related payment resource that could be allotted for more liasons for steam either. GP Deb David are the only volunteer mods typically witnessed sporadically on steam ark forums and I think you can agree you could well enact more and quite easily. So again its just disappointing I genuinely think more could be done and not require full time devs at WA/FL/UK paygrades to do it. There are not too many things I am overly critical of the team for but the reticence to facilitate more on the steam platform in these regards is one of them.
  14. My only criticism of the code of conduct update is that more proactive (and reactive) applicability to that on the steam forums would be very welcome. Having people go pages and pages in threads(even being reported for it) calling devs and others pretty vulgar names and insults, spreading intention disinformation, and much worse on a -daily- basis seems to contradict the effort stated above. I just wish more consistency was put in place in that regard.
  15. Novarae

    Any advice on finding lost birds?

    My initial, recent, response was in regards to SmokeyB commenting on my post's situation 2+ years ago, now in the present. That was, to me, a bit inane. 2+ years ago though my comment reflected the status of bugs and issues that were resolved in later update iterations. Almost a year after that, an update also ensued that introduced an anti exploit change to delete any dinos that would attempt to be hidden by respawning rocks or similar. In that later case, the devs intentionally thus deleted such dinos. Therefore all in all bringing back up extremely old threads can have a tendency to reflect out of date or incorrect information(especially from those early days) for resolving issues etc. (For example there are many mods that now similar to the pet finder one that do an even better job(and since Fennec Fox who made the mod will never update that mod due to being banned from the dev it, its also wiser to consider those other options). In general here, there isn't necessarily that much chastisement(if any) for those who post a fresh thread that concerns an issue for them. With so many different variables that can be so commonly relative to the specific nature of players' rigs or circumstances, its just more apt to approach such from the stand point of one making one's own thread to focus responses to address those individual needs.