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  1. I think I have some really good news for you guys ; there has been talk that they might look at creatures who made it 'close but not quite' when they go back over the maps, now I'm not holding my breath, this was ultimately a "maybe". We are going to wait until the voting events are over, and she has someone who is willing to mod her at her best and get her into the game for everyone, one way or another! They want her exactly like she is in the art, with good quality as well as with variants and all and we even discussed a pygmy version where it's a shoulder buddy to the side. We're thinking of holding off specifically until the voting ends, and we are hoping that, by then, maybe Wildcard will say something about whether they will put her in officially or not since she made it so close! My fingers are heavily crossed that once the voting events end, they will maybe talk with us more about the possibility of creatures getting a second chance to be implimented, like Maevia, so that if anyone is planning on modding the losing creatures they can be given a bit of hope and maybe not spend so much time and resources trying to make a mod of the creature when it's certain to be put ingame later on! But again, I am certainly not holding my breath, but I want you guys to know this ❤️
  2. Sorry for the late reply! My username is sovira on there, however TaronCapala is who you may want to speak to in reference with any potential modding regards! He has offered to fund anything related to that ❤️
  3. I wanted to toss an idea out there that could be a compromise for this but it might be not be the best idea for sure, and I could see some disagreements with it! The idea was that you could maybe limit it to at least 2 getting in there, which honestly may not really have to, I see 3 making it in at once as highly unlikely but I could be wrong! But in the case of 2 making it in, it didn't count it against the total, so there would ultimately be 11 (it wouldn't kick the 10th place out)! Now I do see flaws with this like, I'm sure it would make the ranked-choice selection rounds more difficult, maybe putting strain on how it counts up in the end but I genuinely have no idea how far that goes, so just wanted to throw this out there!
  4. This looks like Yingi to me, I was shown a picture of it in amber and it has all the same traits, spider? check. Huge strange tail? check. If this looked more accurate to the real life Yingi that was in amber, not only would it be hideous, but it also wouldn't fit remotely as well as this one does for its seriously incredible abilities as well as the map that it's been entered into. I've spoken to some of those who disliked it for not being Paleo enough, a few of them turned around and defended a creature for being more fantasy-looking in appearance. At the end of the day this is a game that has a large amount of fantasy mixed with dinosaurs, it has NOTHING to do with accuracy whatsoever, aside from just trying to bring cool creatures from the past to life. If there wasn't a Yingi so well preserved in amber and we just found a leg or two on a fossil, these same people would suddenly be all for something like this.
  5. Putting words into another persons mouth that they so clearly didn't say, check. Acting holier than thou like as if there is no better solution than yours alone, no compromise no nothing, it's the end all, which there clearly is other solutions or ways, check. Classifying people as 'immature' just for posting their creature more than two times, check. instead of actually coming up with something that would ultimately be a win for others and those that don't get seen enough, you come up with "let's kill this off and their following of thousands of people because I think it's fair that way". Oh, right, you didn't consider that either did you while you were so busy blatantly attacking me and BELITTLING ME. You've proven just how toxic you are alone with how much you've belittled me this entire time, and it shows ever so clearly. I won't come up with 'new ideas' because Maevia was a DREAM I've had to make it into Ark since 2016, yeah 2016, and how dare I care enough that other people who've had dreams for their creatures can get a remote shot for their creatures too. Cultivating a positive community, what an honestly messed up thing to say when you haven't even acknowledged 16 other issues I could list right now that fuel the root of problems within the system itself. I want to say it's been wild, and pretty messed up how you try to tear specifically maevia down, and don't even bother attacking some of the other repeated submissions, like Hatz etc. Nah. I see something wrong when you think it's okay for people to post 23 different submissions over time and often with somebody having multiple submissions making it into the final 10, but how dare somebody like me just want one creature, and keep posting it for the other people that share the same feeling. Do I think the system could use some change? Yes I do absolutely! But in a way that isn't directly trying to DESTROY people like me just for existing and trying my hardest. As for posting here any longer, I won't, I'm done, you've caused enough strife and anxiety for me to never want to even step foot on here again because you don't seem to care how you affect other people when you belittle them, starting with the facepalm react to my post, you've been nothing short of a complete jerk to me, and that is not the way to treat people if you want to get any form of points across, as you surely didn't. (Maevia, has other plans) I can only hope you aren't as insensitive with other people as you've been with me towards other people you approach in the future.
  6. I fully agree with this, your suggestion is already a thousand times better and the toxic react from them made it not worth my time to waste reading what they even had to say in response to begin with. Maevia won 7 out of the 9 rounds on Aberration for example and could've been considered to be put into the game because of this, there's another creature this happened to from a previous vote as well and it would be far more fair entirely in the end, and would help root out creatures that made it so close but not quite, so that room for others could be freed up as well, it's a win win overall and you hit the nail on the head. ❤️ 17,000+ people would be livid if the creature they wanted was struck down like that and in an unfair manner with no chance of being brought back in the future even, it would be a very callous move in the end towards those who put so much effort into their submissions.
  7. Actually, If this was the case, and it was like this, then barely any of the creatures submitted would actually stand a chance in the first place. There are many submissions who've only had a remote chance due to the following build-up that they have, and each vote it is more than fair for people to submit their creatures repeatedly, nobody is forcing you to vote for them. If others do well enough and receive enough attention, they can just as easily push past these submissions that have been repeated more than once, it's up to the people who vote for them in the end. I don't feel the need to shatter the integrity of what Maevia first started with in appearance in order to make it new and exciting for you, as that could potentially ruin its reputation entirely for those that originally adored it and wanted it in the game. This can be seen with what happened to the poor Bastion Beetle and a few others as well over the events. This is why when I do make changes they are not exaggerated or extreme, I care about what those wanted to begin with and will continue to heavily consider this alone ❤️ I'm sorry but you don't get to decide what people do and don't want, if they voted for it, and I honestly don't think Wildcard would want to stop the general community from being able to do that either, it's their choice if they want the creature in the game or not, and if they continue to vote on it well that means they do. If other creatures are desired enough, they will make it up there into the spots just like others have. I backed Maevia out of The Center to give the aquatics a chance because we are a bit lacking in the water area on Arks maps, but I will not be pulling her out of this one, as she is perfectly fit for a map that has a city loaded with spiders in the first place. I should also point out the fact that spiders and snakes, being the most hated animals on earth, and the system being ranked-choice voting, makes it an uphill battle for creatures like this submission, the Yingi, and others alike, Gigantophis the snake was struck out of the SE votes immediately in huge part due to these circumstances, aside from other factors. This isn't trying to replace it if you took and read my submission, there's plenty of things that can be done for Araneo as well to make it unique and truly fun outside of these ideas, and above all, who says it couldn't share many of these too? Jumping spiders are vastly different than the rest of the spiders as they hunt in a completely different manner and are incredibly intelligent, most of their behavior alone is vastly different from other spiders. ASA is coming up and there should be expectations that the Araneo will get its TLC eventually, as they already told us that they will be able to continue working on the main game through it and adding in new content. Lastly, just because something has been submitted more than once doesn't make it less valid of an option to be put into the game, no matter what creature it is.
  8. I'm Sovira and I'm posting on behalf of Fico who could not make it in time! I did not want to leave him without a chance ❤️ Common Name: Megalictis Species: Megalictis Dirus Time: Miocene Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild It’s the best there is at what it does and what it does isn’t very nice. If there is one creature that you should not mess with, it is Megalictis ferox. Like their modern relatives the wolverines, these tenacious creatures can come face to face with multiple opponents at once and still come out on top. Fear tactics have no effect on them, and their thick hide shields them from the most brutal of attacks. I’ve rarely seen Megalictis run from a fight, but if they are weakened enough, they tend to discharge a foul-smelling musk that deters enemies while they make their escape. Domesticated Megalictis are quite difficult to tame, as tranquilizers cannot pierce their thick skin and they are impossible to approach. Drugging corpses with Narcotic seems to do the trick with knocking them out, however. The thick fur of Megalictis provides ample insulation to anyone traversing the extreme freezing climates. They are also expert trackers, allowing them to locate their prey after taking a single bite out of them. In battle is where they shine the brightest, as they can latch onto much larger targets with ease, inflicting wounds with their powerful jaws and sharp claws. And they can heal quickly thanks to the exposure to the Element in their environment. Be wary as they take damage, however, as they will go into a berserker rage attacking all enemies in sight with an animalistic fury that rivals even giga’s Abilities •Megalictis's stocky yet fuzzy build allows it to survive in the coldest regions of any map with little difficulty, this includes the murder snow! It's thick skin and dense fur even allow it to shrug off ice-based attacks as well most conventional tranquilizing techniques. •Megalictis can roll in snow and mud to create a ball around itself, which can deal damage to natural and crafted structures and creatures when it’s built up enough and slams into them! •When health is reaching critical levels, it will release a stink bomb that can deter attackers, causing Oxygen loss, torpor, and can blind enemies! •Megalictis are immune to Yutyrannus and Rhyniognatha roars! •Can avoid confrontation from any creatures unless it provokes them! •Can deal damage to Corrupted Creatures. •Can leap moderate distances! (SPACE) •Can break through stone structures with its claw attack! (LMB) •Has a bite attack! (RMB) •Has a special buff called Snowshoe buff where it gains increased movement speed on snowy terrain •Can enter Berserker mode when requirements are met (receiving enough damage and killing enough enemies), which grants increased Melee, Damage resistance and Speed and can negate armor of Survivors and Creatures alike! [Claws will extend and glow with Element when in this state] •Can self-heal with a command, but will use a lot of the creature’s energy and drain Food rapidly! [Body will glow with Element when using this] •Can grapple onto larger creatures with its jaws and inflict damage over time, at the cost of Stamina! Can move around the body depending on the size of the creature! It will also enable it to grapple onto the creatures neck or face with it being able bite and slash at either causing blindness when attacking the face and oxygen damage when attacking the throat Taming •Find a Megalictis. •Kill a creature that’s large in size and add Narcotic to the inventory. •Wait for a Megalictis to approach the carcass and watch from a distance. •Let it feed till the carcass is consumed, it’ll gain torpor depending on how many bites it takes. •Rinse and repeat till it is knocked out. •Feed it’s preferred food, but keep it torpored as it has a high Torpor drain! Ability suggestions and possible abilities •It’s fur can be cut off or harvested from dead megalictis and used to make special fur armor with the same high hypothermic insulation along with being much more durable than the standard fur armor •It’s poop is used to mark it’s territory and scares off other creatures •It’s poop can be put on arrows and launched scaring other creatures •Can track targets through taking a bite out of them! Credits Creators: Martian Cookiehunter and Fico Dossier writer and taming method: Raeph Clark Artwork: Riskybiscuits and Raeph Clark Special fur Armor, Snowshoe, and poop abilities: Sovi
  9. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using it! Heck, so what if artists have lost their actual jobs and livelihoods over it? it's not you so you don't even have to worry about such nonsense! I don't see why everyone on the submissions forum doesn't simply just generate AI images, to hell with these artists on here, why pay them when we can just get our submission images generated for free, supporting artists is absolutely nonsense, in fact let's just go so far as stating nothing at all so that people will look at it and believe we did them as a full on 4 day long strenuous work of art! /s
  10. I just can't get over the idea of a cheetah tripping stuff, it literally makes them tamer material and I really love that!
  11. This point right here, has me very concerned for the future of any spider or snake type submissions, and I feel that it is a point that should be seen even in part.
  12. this is actually such a good idea!!! I'm bringing it up with the other maevia followers on discord, I left the link up there if you'd like to join too, going to be brainstorming a lot and seeing whether we should or shouldn't have maevia on center, there is a lot of concern right now on how 'oversubmitting' her could cause her to be a bit 'washed up' so to speak, so it's a touch and go right now!!! these ideas are perfect though! ❤️
  13. That actually sounds like a seriously cool idea!!! definitely going to consider this because there are those who'd like to see maevia on the center as a suggestion too!
  14. I want you guys to know that I am making a little discord server for those of us who wanna stay up to date on Maevia and give support / suggestions or just hang out on there in general! We have other maevia allies here already so feel free to join us! I think sticking together would help greatly, you can always even mute the server and only check in on it when the next map comes around to give some support / check it out! ❤️ Here is the link!!! https://discord.gg/DMkDPq3ZGe
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