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  1. This would make my life easier trying to judge stats to just have the cryopods list it like i have seen some mods have i hope the new and upcoming egg incubator will have points shown of whats on the egg and not just how much hp or melee that stat has what do you guys think ? and take wasted points out pleeeeease lol
  2. GREAT IDEA GUYS!!! GREAT WORK!! but could you change the time so im not waiting up all night in the uk? and please please please fix the wyvern nests only half are working since the turkey event!!!!
  3. Shut.......UP! this is good news stop making it bad
  4. from the looks of it they are on another planet so i think we are the aliens to them see how the t rex and these humaniods both have like quils or spikes on them i dont think we are on a ark
  5. Ever since the thanks giving update half the wyvern nests on my server dont work they just dont spawn really fustrating and for some reason there are way more poison and lightning that fire they bearly show up Please fix this i need to breed the ultimate wyvern!!
  6. So came over to the island to do overseer and now im trying to get back to gen1 and everytime im about to go back to gen1 it crashes then says login locked then disconnects me keeps happening and i have to wait another 15 mins over and over very fustrating i just want to get back to my map i thought this problem was solved in the patch but its still ongoing
  7. you can only do that on structures plus... not for offical
  8. The chibi cost is so expensive for the halloween event a bit of everything ?! and you can get a common thats lame i liked the anivesary event where it just cost cake i think and i could get a bunch but now i am lucky to even get one .. i hope they change this who agrees?
  9. PLEASE GIVE US NO WASTED STATS!!! and i would LOVE if you added the crystal skull as a skin for wyverns pleaaaaaseee oh and aberrant raptors suck they still dismount you by just looking at you lol
  10. soooo when are we getting the TLC 3 would be nice to know so we can add another month to when you say cause its always pushed back lol
  11. some really good changes but... the lag on official is just too hard to put up with you know what you should really do ... make it so people cant have 500 creatures out id say max 100 and make them be able to build less because some people just build crap for no reason so that would clear up some of the lag i mean we dont need 500 creatures out now that we have cryopods and really only 2 tlc creatures getting done.. thats lame guys so many need a rework they are so clunky and old now
  12. CRYOPODS BROKEN ? i needed to transfer some stuff over from another server so i brought a cryopoded bloodstalker got to my valguero map threw him out fine got to my base then got my stuff ready to transfer back then i cryoed him and poof he gone like he was never there really weird i had to transfer more stuff so i went back to my main server on genesis dropped stuff off and came back with a ptera as i got to valguero again the cryopod i brought was just gone completly .. is something weird going on with transfers or something?
  13. EU CRYSTAL ISLE 876 PVE NOT FOUND?! The server i started on yesterday was fine when it went up for 2/3 hours then a patch come up and messed it up constant crashes so i thought the patch would fix it but now the server has been taken down completly and no word from anyone saying when it will be back up i was really looking forward to playing crystal isle and got a good spot i know if i switch server now all the good spots would be taken up and not only that i had a good character on their too witch i need because hes my only acess to my valguero base ... please wildcard someone tell me what
  14. yeah it was fine when i started yesterday for like 2/3 hours then after the patch so many crashes then now the servers not even appearing and i can see half the eu servers are packed out at 70/70 so they must be working fine so something must be up with the server im really hoping it gets fixed soon ive not got a good spot like i have on this map with any new map
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