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Community Crunch 290: Happy Halloween, Community Corner, and More!


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Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch!


The Studio Wildcard team wants to wish you a very happy Halloween!

Our 24-hour charity stream for ExtraLife is right around the corner.  On November 6th, 10 am Pacific, we'll be kicking off our 7th ExtraLife stream on twitch.tv/survivetheark from our Seattle headquarters.  For 24 hours we'll be teasing you with ARK info, playing games, but most importantly raising money for kids in need.  

Stop by and have a chance at winning some amazing giveaways from sponsors like Blue microphone or special limited-edition ARK merch!  

 If you are interested in joining our team to help raise money, we'd love to have you!  Check out this link for more information on how to get started.  All donations go to the Extra Life organization and contribute to raising the Official Network rates!  We'll be sharing an event outline, a list of sponsors, and details on boosted Official Network rates next week!





Fear Evolved 5  is live from October 26th to November 9th with the following perks:

  • Official Servers: 3x XP, Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, 5x Harvesting, 5x Taming, and 5x Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • Conquest: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus




Creator: Raasclark

What's your favorite  ARK soundtrack?  Even Gareth Coker himself has taken an interest in Raasclark's latest video!

Creator: Clamen

Check out this recent video from Clamen where he goes on attack against three different tribes.



Dinotober Day 25: Ark Giganotosaurus by LionsAngel22


Ark Halloween Implant by Allenolantern


Fear Evolved by @kawarayane


Lightning Wyvern from ARK by Ангел Хаоса

download (3).jpg

ZOMKIBBY by @NeoVanilluxe


Noglin by @J0vando








download (4).jpg



Have a great Halloween!
Studio Wildcard

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Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
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Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
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Last year you increased the amount of headstones/scarecrows/pumpkins you got from each spooky pile to a chance of 1-5.  Why has that reverted to 1 per again?  It took me 3+ hours to pick up enough junk to craft four chibis.  And I got a doedicurus, a party rex, and 2 ankylosaurus.  That's really sad.  Can you possibly increase the amount of items you get from piles, and the % of getting a new halloween chibi,  instead of all the old things us veteran players already have loads of

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I agree increasing the spawns of the lost tombstones, scare crows and pumpkins would be nice.  And yeah the servers are not taking this well, crashes and lagging bad, with less than 30 population on the server I’m on.  I don’t get it these events didn’t used to lag like this.  Yeah there would be some hard save lags and the typical joining and leaving lag but up until a couple years ago it was fairly playable, now on for 10 minutes and bam down goes the server.  

A form of ultrasound machine would be cool to check out the babies with creatures that don’t lay eggs, also can something be done about the troughs showing the range when they are on hide range.  And maybe a separate setting for the snails so they can be on wander to produce past but not be breeding all the time until we want them to.

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1 hour ago, KillerSloth said:

Please do something about the masses of Karkinos clones sitting out on gen2 servers. Nobody can tame or breed anything during these events.

These people just start the cloners back up and leave them sitting there until nobody else can tame/breed.

We need enforcement action.

they do it to clone them for poly


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1 hour ago, Trexman said:

It would be nice to actually play on my server its been crashing non stop for 2 days 

Considering others can play fine, it's not a fundamental flaw in the game itself. Have you at least sent a bug report about this, or was your only action really: "Ark crashes, let's just complain about it on unrelated forum threads."?

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6 hours ago, Mooosyyy said:

they do it to clone them for poly


So do I. I currently have just under 200 of them (although that is dropping as now it is x3 they're getting squished) but our tribe cap currently shows 86/500.
Know why?
Bc cryopods and not selfish/spiteful.

5 hours ago, soepie7 said:

Considering others can play fine, it's not a fundamental flaw in the game itself. Have you at least sent a bug report about this, or was your only action really: "Ark crashes, let's just complain about it on unrelated forum threads."?

Who exactly can "play fine"? People.... on servers that are not G2? Well, as long as they aren't on Lagnaork / Extinction / Aber-render-hell of course. Yes. But then, that isn't the point despite your obvious attempt to sneer at someone with a genuine grievance.
You see, the problem here is - it really and factually IS a fundamental flaw in the game itself. The numbers are readily available to be viewed online providing you would actually care to bother to. There is NO G2 server that is not having serious issues and crashing multiple times in every 24 hour period.
None. Fact.
And even the ones that "only" crash 2 or 3 times per day are in the same boat as the rest with the inability to mate/tame anything except for VERY few instances that are down to luck alone as the thing that does actually manage to mate was ready and something else on that server happened to die or get uploaded at just the right moment.
Oh, and just to illustrate this point:
One of my G2 servers is now on its FOURTH hardware allocation. It continues to crash multiple times daily and is losing around 4 hours in every 24 and if those 4 hours are in your 8 'Saturday hours' then you are losing 50% of your weekend time playing. Additionally, that server - like all the others - is still a place you can not build on skiffs except very rarely due to someone else's misfortune nor, as I said, can you currently tame or mate etc. On top of that, due to the incredibly bad connectivity half the logged players get randomly dumped out with disturbing frequency. As if all of that were not enough, the saves are now taking anywhere between 30 seconds and 3 minutes (opposed to the expected, and usual for this game, 14-18 seconds) and are not every 15 minutes but.... well it seems to be whenever the poor dying server feels like doing it. That could be 3 minutes between saves or as long as 19 minutes - who knows any more?
It has gotten so bad now that I find it un-playable. And that is not "I will not play that as it offends my privilege" it is "nothing responds - commands just do not execute so it is technically impossible to complete simple tasks". Therefore I, along with a good number of people I talk with, am waiting out the event - with its additional strains on the servers compounding everything - on a totally different map despite the fact that this is the complete opposite of what I would wish to be doing because at least that map bloody works!!
More or less.

So now, please tell me exactly how you think your response is in ANY way at all something that can possibly be viewed as other than sheer ignorance wrapped up in a completely, offensively arrogant attitude.

I am simply dying to hear how your appallingly smug, self-righteous comment can be justified in any remotely plausible way.

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7 hours ago, soepie7 said:

Considering others can play fine, it's not a fundamental flaw in the game itself. Have you at least sent a bug report about this, or was your only action really: "Ark crashes, let's just complain about it on unrelated forum threads."?

well, i've been waiting 2 years already, not for a solution, just for a RESPONSE, of some reports

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Point 1

Surprise: Gen2 Tame Cap, especially because many players in masses of Karkinos, Shadowmanes speak no egg layers! I could give you a lot of screenshots and I suspect other frustrated players too! Please do something about it so that this beautiful event at least has a meaning, especially for new players, when you are doing so much advertising!


Point 2

Tickets: e.B. Eden Nord has built a player many small buildings, almost the entire north area, was submitted with screens ... happened: NOTHING! This player built this small building in such a way that dinospawns are suppressed. I can still remember how many dinosaurs walked around at the beginning! He also installed another player, you didn't care about that either, the player had to move so that he could do anything at all!!!


Sorry guys, but making a game good and beautiful and then not caring about real player problems as well as tame caps is really lousy! Masses of clone chambers with Karkinos, Mammoths, Shadowmans, Gigas, etc. I mean there are not only 10 clone chambers, no that's 50-100 and you don't care about it!!! Ocean platforms have been reduced why don't you do the same with clone chambers per tribe?


It can't be that you guys don't get a grip on this so that all players of events etc have something. Tek Stryder alone counts as 10 animals, totally exaggerated! For what? For this you only contribute to the Tamecap, think about other solutions, give enough! 

Please do something so that the event has a nice aspect and does not contain a bitter aftertaste and no desire for Ark!


P.S. On polite request if you can give non egg layer in Cryos and after the event you will only be insulted at the extremely lowest level! This is what your *protected* community looks like in the game!

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18 hours ago, forgotenlore said:

It is time for me to once again ask wildcard to please add a item that allows us to see the stats on gestating baby animals so that we don't have to leave out hundreds of animals needlessly for one mutation!!!!!!!

To add to your weekly post, make it capable of abortion. If u argue it’s Killy babies, well it’s ark, it’s for mutations and mutations is killing baby Dino’s

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