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  1. EU-PVE-Official-LostIsland1120 unplayable, always kicked by server and ping 255!!!!! ... feeding and imprinting is not possible!!!!! Please finally do something ... Outage Report 100x nothing happens!!!!!
  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Wildcard, einmal, seit ihr das Spiel veröffentlicht habt, würde ich gerne sehen, dass etwas auf Anhieb funktioniert! Nein, seit Beta schon immer dieselben Fehler und auch die Beta Spieler verarscht, einfach einen Arschtritt bekommen, danke nochmal dazu! Im übrigen bin ich mal gespannt, ob die Server von Ark 1 auch alle gelöscht werden und man mit Ark 2 wieder neu beginnen darf und die ganzen Spielstunden nochmal für die Katz sind! Man freut sich auf die neue Karte und das Weihnachtsevent, aber was für ein Wunder, bei mir funktioniert es wieder mal nicht, da ich mir die Free Map erst herunterladen muss, bei meinem Mann z.B. klappte das auf Anhieb. Wie schon mal erwähnt, versucht doch bitte mal Ark flüssig hinzu bekommen bevor ihr überhaupt an ein Ark 2 denkt, denn die Fehler die ihr jetzt drinnen habt werdet ihr auch in Ark 2 haben und irgendwann pfeifen Spieler darauf oder habt ihr schon genug Geld verdient dass es euch egal ist???
  3. EU-PVE-Official-GenOne655 is now 74 hours offline!!! many outage report and nothing!!!
  4. Dear Team of Wildcard, you've made a great game with Ark, but unfortunately you're also cutting into your own flesh. You recruit new players and many are now starting to play on Gen2 servers, but it is doomed to failure right from the start at events, why? Tamecap! With the Strydern alias 20 animals you have also cut into your own flesh on Gen2. It would be great if you would lower it to 5-10. In the same way, you also set up the clone chambers at Farbevent, which I personally would not do that way. Players who like to clone can also do this at the weekend events and thus block places to tame again! My question: Why did you bother with cryo and cryo chambers? Why did their dermis and pedestals come into play? In my opinion, clone chambers should be set to 20 pieces per tribe! It can't be that some players have set up more than 100 Cloone chambers! Please think of your new players or older players who like to tame and do not breed, clone etc. so much. Please reduce Tek-Stryder, put a limit on clone chambers (20 pro Tribe)! Thank you very much, I hope something is finally done with this beautiful game!
  5. Point 1 Surprise: Gen2 Tame Cap, especially because many players in masses of Karkinos, Shadowmanes speak no egg layers! I could give you a lot of screenshots and I suspect other frustrated players too! Please do something about it so that this beautiful event at least has a meaning, especially for new players, when you are doing so much advertising! Point 2 Tickets: e.B. Eden Nord has built a player many small buildings, almost the entire north area, was submitted with screens ... happened: NOTHING! This player built this small building in such a way that dinospawns are suppressed. I can still remember how many dinosaurs walked around at the beginning! He also installed another player, you didn't care about that either, the player had to move so that he could do anything at all!!! Sorry guys, but making a game good and beautiful and then not caring about real player problems as well as tame caps is really lousy! Masses of clone chambers with Karkinos, Mammoths, Shadowmans, Gigas, etc. I mean there are not only 10 clone chambers, no that's 50-100 and you don't care about it!!! Ocean platforms have been reduced why don't you do the same with clone chambers per tribe? It can't be that you guys don't get a grip on this so that all players of events etc have something. Tek Stryder alone counts as 10 animals, totally exaggerated! For what? For this you only contribute to the Tamecap, think about other solutions, give enough! Please do something so that the event has a nice aspect and does not contain a bitter aftertaste and no desire for Ark! P.S. On polite request if you can give non egg layer in Cryos and after the event you will only be insulted at the extremely lowest level! This is what your *protected* community looks like in the game!
  6. Prevented the Dodorex/Dodowyvern from being mindcontrolled by the Noglin! Your raptoring seriousness? Think about a better solution for the server taming cap!!!
  7. EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok389b offline @ll 90 mins for 30 mins ... Pls look @ Ragnarok Server and fix this ...
  8. Ragnarok 389b manages to stay online for less than 2 hours and fails for 30 minutes!
  9. Why are so many problems with Ragnarok Servers? 2 hours on and than 30 mins off ... can you pls fix them or look for the problems???
  10. Many official servers seem to have a new IP address and have therefore been deleted from their favorites. Please search for your server under Official Server and re-add it...
  11. We ask for status report on @ll official Servers! Dear Wildcard Team, with all due respect but not at all to react to such problems brings you only one ... an enormous loss of players! We ask everyone for a status report for: High pings, server crashes, server not there but dead or not online for days, etc. Personally, I don't think it's correct how you deal with your players and just leave them standing in the rain.
  12. EU-PVE-Official-Valguero523 - (v310.19) Connect Rank #706 Player count 0/70 Address (Game Port) (Query Port) Status dead Distance 604 km Country Uptime 7 Days: 72%, 30 Days: 91% Downtime History Map Valguero_P In-game Day 6834 Official Server True, Official Mods None
  13. EU-PVE-Official-Valguero523 - (v310.19) This server is over 2 hours offline
  14. i dont write from unoffical servern but says many when no problems on unoffical servers ?
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