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  1. Add Homestead tekgrams to Center, Ragnarok, and Valguero. I mean... why not?
  2. So if I get this correctly, a temporary event is going to permanently increase your max level?
  3. Like the others said, the main problem is that such an overhaul would be easy if Wildcard could just wipe all saves, but that is obviously not a good solution. It would be nice however if Wildcard would look into the possibility of this mechanic.
  4. soepie7

    Tek armor

    Well, that suggestion went off-topic quickly, considering your post is titled 'Tek Armor'. Why do Direwolves need a Tek Saddle? They don't even have a normal saddle which is already unlike all other Tek Saddles, and if you want it for the laser attack - Direwolves are designed to be in a pack unlike all other creatures with Tek Saddles, and then only the pack leader (the one you'd ride) would benefit from the Saddle's perk. I wouldn't actually be surprised if Wildcard forgot the Tek ATV existed. As said by yekrucifixion187, the hardware cannot even handle it. The tether is not made as a gameplay design, just a necessary evil to make the whole offline multiplayer even work.
  5. I am not against Achievements with an extra challenge, however: Wildcard seemed to have been against implementing achievements requiring paid DLCs. If my memory serves well, Scorched Earth was released before the last released achievement. (Note that it is rumored you need the HLNA notes on The Island for the 100% notes achievement however) People will just use cheats to get the achievements, making them worthless to present. Now of course, you can say you did it legit, but those tasks you can also do now without there being an achievement for it and then too you can say you did it.
  6. That's what bugs me about that mechanic - they obviously allowed Extinction tames in it to hype up their new content. What I personally want is the Native Creatures config to be usable on every map, but also to have a config available to add/remove creatures. for example now, the Aberrant Styracosaurus from Kraken's Better Dinos would not count as a native Aberration creature.
  7. cheat DestroyAll Argent_Character_BP_C As far as I can see, it already exists.
  8. If memory serves me correctly, you can use ForceAllStructureLocking=true in your GUS.ini to lock everything, including things that normall cannot be locked.
  9. The Center is the only map without any form of exclusive content. It should have the lowest priority.
  10. I do play Singleplayer, abd I still don't see a connection. The config for speed flyers for example; why is that directed to Singleplayer, and not just to Ark in general? Do people who play Singleplayer have less patience when traveling?
  11. Well, the problem is that it is still not possible to change creature components (which decide what stats can be leveled) during runtime, which is what configs need. This requires an overhaul of the base creature class, which could be very dangerous. Also, if uploading them is not allowed, that means you cannot even transfer them within your own cluster or to other singleplayer maps. There is a config for this already. Also, Singleplayer doesn't need this, as things don't spoil anyway when you're 'offline'. ... It seems that none of these suggestions are really aimed towards Singleplayer, like you mentioned.
  12. soepie7


    That's already in the game, it's called: cheat InfiniteStats
  13. Judging from profile pictures (unless they changed what the default picture is); did you really now just use alt accounts to "Agreed. Great idea!" your own suggestion...?
  14. soepie7

    TEK Armor

    To extend on what @SapphireSam7 said: if it really is disabled for balance reasons, then maybe also a config that could disable all skins, so you can't hide any armor, not just Tek.
  15. The best part of this suggestion is that the mechanics are already in place (I look at you, Enforcer and MEK). All that is really needed is a flip of a boolean on the creature BPs.
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