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  1. That Ice Titan fanart really is amazing. Really shows how it is the most awesome Titan.
  2. Not just an aquatic theropod: a theropod that had no business being aquatic. The only thing aquatic about them is that their teeth resemble those of the great white shark, and the suggestion somehow turned teeth shape into Hydration buff, fast swimmer, and passive keratin production.
  3. The original suggestion for it was terrible though. It was just a pile of features that just... didn't make sense for it. And in the end, it's just yet another theropod.
  4. So other UE4-4.5 games can switch audio source?
  5. It's not just Ark that has that, the editor has that problem too. With Minecraft, to fix the audio source you have to do F3+T, which reloads all resources. However, it is not true that it is just a thing for bigger games, because on the other hand, Monster Hunter World dynamically alters the audio source when needed. I can imagine though that this is just a flaw of the Unreal Engine that Ark uses.
  6. Imagine playing official and having to rely on Wildcard launching evolution events
  7. Background audio is where the game is in the background but continues to play sound. Ark cannot do this, but this setting in the Ark DevKit shows that the engine is capable of it. Can we have this as a client option?
  8. So much drama and nonsense surrounding the creature vote, and the madlads just... do it again...
  9. Maybe first wait until those creature are released before you start whining that their capabilities aren't enough and need extra suggestions.
  10. Just like normal wyvern eggs, which are arguably easier to collect. And all wyverns are breedable, so from breeding you can just get a large supply of wyvern eggs already if you just have 2 of any kind.
  11. Nice idea, but don't know if the engine would support it, as it sounds like it needs to dynamically make holes in landscapes and static actors. Vacuum Compartments already have the issue that they cannot actually make the water surface invisible if they are only partially submerged.
  12. I would already be happy if transfering across a cluster didn't reset the server filter you set. My own unofficial cluster has 3 servers, and they are the only favourites I have. When transfering; all is fine, it only shows those servers, but after I leave Ark and later join again; my server filter is set to all of unofficial, which is a lot to load.
  13. Wasn't the release of Genesis: Part 2 the anniversary event?
  14. We can call ourselves lucky. without this suggestion no one would have ever thought of doing this...
  15. Okay, but let's be honest; that is not a solution in the slightest.
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