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  1. "We dont need another monkey or carno, but we do need shoulderpet #15."
  2. This is just way too much, devalueing a lot of content by being heavily OP. You want it to be an archaeopteryx, glider suit without durability drain, otter, microraptor, and armor all at once. This suggestion is a disgrace to Ark.
  3. Because everyone plays on unofficial Steam servers.
  4. Pretty sure Wildcard got nothing from Garuga to make the vanilla Deinonychus, and I do remember a statement from Garuga that he has no desire to hand of his creatures to Wildcard in general. After all, you admitted yourself it is not the exact same model, nor the same abilities. And this was over 2 years ago, and why was no other AA creature then added with Crystal Isles or something like that?
  5. You do realise that 99% of this forum is in English, right?
  6. Garuga doesn't have a monopoly on Brachiosaurus, and this suggestion doesn't built off of what the Ark Additions Brachiosaurus does. Also, I want to remind you that Tek variant costumes existed before they became a stand-alone creature.
  7. Wasn't the release of Genesis: Part 2 the anniversary event?
  8. Didn't they have a "only one creature per suggestion" rule?
  9. Can I just point out that this dinosaur has a very badass name?
  10. So this whole suggestion is just "Titanosaur but bigger", while the Titanosaur already got a unique position in the game due to its size?
  11. It only creates issues with the files if both WC and the modders use the exact same file name. If WC takes those modders in mind by not wanting such issues, they could do that by just using a different file name.
  12. Your post is half English and half.... Spanish? All in the same sentence? On an Engish forum? Also, the styracosaurus costume is already in-game.
  13. This is about creatures to be added to vanilla, not to be added to Garuga's mod.
  14. So... what would it do in-game to make it unique?
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