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  1. seriously though thanks for all the hard work over the years. its not a perfect game its been both frustrating and fun to find the imperfections within the game. looking forward to watching the extra life stream like I have basically since the beginning staying up for as long as I can playing the game. good luck And may the odds be ever in your favor.
  2. moschops-prime fish? fix ,remove ,or tlc? 👉🥺👈 .....🤣
  3. thanks for all the hard work guys but i got to know whats the eta on fixing moschops so it can collect prime fish or removing it from the collection wheel. ive tried to collect from just about everything and it just wont collect prime fish.
  4. thank you for the gestation buff option in the incubators.it is a great addition to the game im glad you guys came through.
  5. You know what I am here for? im here for some dino ultrasound hype!!!!! lets get it done wildcard we need that ultrasound device ASAP.
  6. It is time for me to once again ask wildcard to please add a item that allows us to see the stats on gestating baby animals so that we don't have to leave out hundreds of animals needlessly for one mutation!!!!!!!
  7. please consider adding a item to allow us to see the stats of gestating baby animals so we dont have to leave out hundreds of animals for mutations and we can put away the animals that dont have the mutations we want. it will help with alot of issues. thank you
  8. el problema es que tenemos que dejar fuera a cientos de animales que no necesitan estar tomando gorra domesticada o gorra de tribu cuando podrían ser reemplazados. Por lo general, dejo morir a los bebés malos y cosecho la prima con moschops para obtener mucha prima cocida. pero ¿por qué ocupar el espacio? Si estamos criando mutaciones, solo queremos las buenas estadísticas de todos modos.
  9. please add a item that allows us to see gestating animal baby stats so we dont have to leave 100 animals or more out for mutations. it would help with tame cap problems thank you.
  10. please add a item like the magnifying glass that allows us to see the stats on gestating animal babys so we dont have to keep the unwanted animals out for mutations thank you!
  11. please fix moschops so it can actually collect prime fish its been on its wheel since it was first introduced and it still cant collect it. there are so few ways to collect prime fish and that would help with that issue since it is available on so many maps that require prime fish
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