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  1. I've seen people kill turkey with them so I got one to try this year
  2. We want transparent tek or tek glass structures like greenhouse glass. Who supports me? let us listen !!! So that we have transparent tek
  3. Thanks for the answer, after a while I discovered that the timer stopped when I disconnected and asked the server. In the wiki it does not say anywhere that the timer stops when disconnected, so after discovering it I went to edit the wiki so that someone who is about to tame his first reaper like me at the time, can do it quietly
  4. I read that if I die, the timer is reset, is it still like that? if so, my option would be to ask my wife to kill my character and she would gladly kill him hahahahaha
  5. the maewing claims the babies only in pve? I have a reaper in gestation but when he is born, I am at work, if I leave a maewing he claims him alone and in his bag he is fed? If possible, what options or how do I configure the maewing to do it?
  6. Why do they put a patch in the middle of an event ???? That has literally delayed me 4 hours to play. Could you leave the updates for the days without event please so at least we can enjoy a little what they give us
  7. Me pasó varias veces lo único que puedo decirte es que vayas más rápido e ignores el tiempo, cuanto más rápido vayas, mejor. Lo terminé de esa manera. And lower the sensitivity of the camera in options to handle it better (on PC)
  8. Can someone tell me how much the Ark weighs on their PC on Steam. I think that it is creating corrupt files because every so often it is updated when there is no official update. For example now it weighs 336 GB I have all the expansions and official maps, no mod or unofficial map
  9. Does anyone know if we are going to have a Extra life event this year? Wey are in october and we are very close to the Fear Envolved date.
  10. Thanks, I'm raising 21 Rex after losing 45 to the last update. And it would be very bad if they robbed me with a Maewing hahahaha that's why the question
  11. It is an obvious question, but just in case I ask anyway. The meawing can only steal hatchlings in PvP and not in PvE, right?
  12. Para mi esta bien, estoy criando 20 Rex sin multiplicador de cria y si había evento entonces tendría que esperar dos días para seguir criando, ahora voy a poder disfrutar el finde criando a mis Rex tranquilamente con impronta 100%
  13. Can a dino in offical PVE go up to 450 without being eliminated or does it have to be 449?
  14. Well and another thing that I have thought if I make a clone of a rex that was born with, for example, lv 450, the clone comes out with lv1, right? So could you raise the points properly?
  15. Viendo los tutoriales vi que podría ser hasta 254 puntos porque lugo ya no te deja subir de nivel, pero no sé si sigue igual o cambia. También si la estadística completa se puede lograr en cada uno o no. Por ejemplo en HP , cuerpo a cuerpo y energía Quería saber si puedo aumentar indefinidamente o cada estadística tiene un límite, creo que sí porque los niveles le dan las estadísticas, ¿no? y tengo rex con 23k HP y 808% base cuerpo a cuerpo
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