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  1. I don't know of course exactly what bugs you would be referring to, but: there can be several reasons: Wildcard gets a lot of bugreports, and as you can imagine with the average person here, a lot of those reports may be about intentional gameplay, user error, duplicates of other bug reports, etc. It can get hard for Wildcard to really 'fish' through them. They still have obligations for new content. Well, not with Fjordur, but now they have Ark 2 to work on. They can't just halt all projects and move every dev to bug fixing. It also depends on the type of bug you talk about. A typo in the crossbow's description where "significantly" is spelled wrong is easily fixed, but a bug like resources not respawning if harvested in singleplayer when unloaded while hibernation was on? Yea, that gets a lot harder to fix.
  2. But you can't un-neuter/spay them, so that isn't a solution either.
  3. We already have a separate mating option now. To have wandering also cause mating is just going to mess with dinos you want to keep wandering for other reasons, like Achatina.
  4. well, something about Fenrir being a 4th confirmed creature, I don't think WC mentioned that here yet.
  5. Sounds like it has the option to both swim and run over the bottom of the water body.
  6. The current submission still seems a bit overpowered. It is a beast in both air and water, can carry things larger than the quetzal and wyvern can carry, while also being able to carry big swimmers. It's only counter mentioned is fire, with the Fire Wyvern and Magmasaurs as specific examples named, and I guess the Phoenix and Ember Crystal Wyvern too, but: that means that in PVE, you can easily just avoid the areas those are in, and underwater those creatures don't exactly work well. The design is amazing, but with the submission as is, it needs to be nerfed down. It tries too much to outclass everything in multiple fields.
  7. Yea, better also remove the ascension levels from Rockwell, Corrupted Master Controller, and Rockwell Prime, for people who don't have the DLCs. Also, to split up the levels would mean one of three things; either the King Titan doesn't have 5 levels per difficulty, or we don't have numbers dividable by 5 everywhere, or we have more than 200 levels. It wouldn't cleanly fit. And it's just 5 levels, people without the DLCs will cope. And to design a part of game progression with 'completionism' in mind, it would already be a bit weird to cater to the people who don't purchase the DLCs, especially since it would be Wildcard's goal to get people to buy them.
  8. I find that a weird reason to not have given the King Titan any ascension levels or other bonuses. Wouldn't it be exactly the final boss that gives a bonus, instead of the final boss being pointless? And Rockwell Prime has not just ascension levels, but also a skin that you need the boss for to equip, and new tekgrams, while that is the true final chapter.
  9. Good question: I would say every creature. I believe the achievement doesn't require that because it predates the new DLCs. But, just like we have extra levels for *all* explorer notes while having an achievement for only those on The Island, I feel like requiring players to tame everything is also in order. At most I would question the creatures exclusive to the official mod maps, being the Griffin, Deinonychus, Tropeognathus, Crystal Wyverns, and those coming with Lost Island and Fjördur. I don't feel like we should be required to stray off of the story maps for such 'completion', which is also why I feel the Tek Light should be given to a boss on a story map.
  10. Just get the Steam version while already having bought the game... and go get all the DLCs you already paid for before... and go re-create all your savefiles and characters you had... and go find new servers... and go actually buy a computer capable of running Ark... There are a lot more steps. You heavily simplify things there.
  11. Did you know this contest is also for console, EpicGames, official steam, and anywhere else that exists or may exist in the future that cannot run mods?
  12. "Developers are disqualified from posting their own ideas" You may suggest creatures other's mods have, just not your own mod. Also, besides being "Brachiosaurus", this has tons of differences with Ark Addition's Brachiosaurus.
  13. This just sounds almost identical to the Titanosaur tbh. Similar power level, both sauropods, both cannon KOs, both able to destroy metal, both platform saddles.
  14. soepie7

    What if:

    There is a specific place on the forum for creature suggestions...
  15. So, how is it different from this other suggestion, it looks very similar: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/642407-repenomamus-the-killer-of-puppies/#comment-3251282 Edit: posts are merged now, but when this was commented there was a second post of it.
  16. You see, even the maker of the map supports the Bison!
  17. Voidwyrm aside, Tek variants are identical in behaviour. Changing that for one specific creature interaction just causes confusing inconsistency, and its not like it is "the nerf that Tek Parasaurs need". Who said about adjusting the mic in Ark? Ark just reads one of your computer's devices, and that device can be altered. You mention "talking a little to loud", but I think you underestimate how loud 100 DB is. Also, casual talking isn't a sign of fear either, and you wanted this to be a test of fear. If you also target casual talking, then you also target people who for example can't play the game in quiet places, people who stream the game, people who chat with friends over Discord, etc. We already have easy early on egg sources, namely... pretty much half of the tameable creatures. Also, with the amount of eggs you mentioned, it is not just "easily accessible", it is just OP. Males with a breed cooldown? So you want the base breeding code to be edited... just because your creature is so ridiculous it needs extra chains to hold it back? At that point you should really just reconsider if the breeding mechanics you want are even good. "is to that those are" this grammar is so bad, I don't even know what you meant with your final point.
  18. The things I mentioned were examples of how the armor you suggested is not something new, they weren't examples of things that could see the snake itself... Also, separating the Tek Parasaur: Just why? There is no precedent of any creature being excluded from the Parasaur, not anything about the Tek Parasaur doing the ability different than the normal Parasaur. It would be a pretty terrible design if, for a game that is years old, the developers suddenly say: "You need additional hardware or we will forcefully exclude content from you". Plus, if you don't have a mic, I don't think Ark would detect it any differently as a mic that hears nothing. And if else, you can just adjust the sensitivity of your mic until it doesn't pick up any sound at all. Also, this entire mic thing is still around the idea that the average player would get so scared from a snake in Ark that they would yell loudly. It's a lot of stuff needed for a mechanic that likely won't even work in practise. I never said the armor was a version of hide, I said the snake drops a variant of hide. My whole point with the eggs was about the ridiculous quantity, not if it is instantly or not. With what you said, it would still mean that breeding once would get 35-85 babies, whereas everything else has 1-3, mostly just 1. And it needing a lot of eggs as... oviraptor taming food? We already have a ton of eggs that are good for oviraptors, and wouldn't it then be better to have the snake lay 1 egg that gives a lot of taming progress instead of many that give a little progress? And then again the whole 'fear' section; the concept is not nearly as scary as you think it is.
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