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  1. Wildcard can we please fix the damn timing out issue it's getting old and annoying
  2. My unofficial servers are not being found what's going on? I can get on anything even offical? Any one know what's up? Wildcard explanation?
  3. Is anyone having issues joining servers? A friend of mine is having issues getting in, my servers aren't showing for then, but myself and 3 others have no issues getting in. Any suggestions on what to do? He had Uninstalled and reinstalled the game, reset his ps4 and modem, done everything we could think of.
  4. Wildcard stop worrying about your giveaways and fix your game. 48 hours now I've been timedout from my own servers. What's the damn deal? Before your 2.58 update I was playing just fine!
  5. 48 hours now I've been getting timedout of my own servers I don't know what's going on
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