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  1. help me my character bugged, I had that new character and the old one and everything I had built and taming remains on the map. I don't want to miss the event, please remove 7 days transfer unofficial servers Marsh NA Unofficial Daybreak Server
  2. put another member in the tribe before leaving. a friend secondary account
  3. to transfer, you cannot be in tribe, you must pass your tribe to another player and leave, when you return to the home server you get your tribe back !!
  4. good question! I would like to know that! What time does it start ??
  5. should create candy or toy that increases the rate of imprint
  6. ? ? ??because the imprint is very low I used 10 candy and the increase of 6%, quetzal!!!!
  7. please maintenance ? please maintenance and error repair on tentacle server
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