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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives

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Got killed at my base on flat land for no reason when I dismounted a spino. Due to lags, sometimes when you dismount, you are immediatly placed on ground instead of the top of the dino. This time, it killed me. Of course, I lost the dinos I had in cryo a few seconds before as well as some nice capped-stuff. At least it didn't killed my glowtail...


Also in the log, a weird Metal Ramp destroyed, but I don't know where is it.

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Extinction False Positive



Additionally on The Center these coordinates are the same kind of thing.  Harvestable rock spawned where my pillar & Ladder was


On Ragnarok, before the killzones were made, I had my mana glitch through the ground here.  I was in the air and did the boost jet thing from the mountain.  It teleported me back to my base (the last place I was on the ground) when I went back over to my mana half its body was sticking out from this spot that my mana is looking at.  Not sure if that mesh was fixed or not but when walking around it it seems glitchy.


Same thing with a metal node on Scorched Earth, it spawned, clipped the ladder



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Center 56 PVE is the server


I am thinking today Ill go back and have a lot of pillars that are gone, the ladders went with the update. I lost ceiling tiles in the water pen, most things seem to be foundation items that were placed in the non solid rocks placed in areas (cannot pillar top yet need pillar for foundation structure above if that makes sense.  Center some tribes lost half their base.  Bases that sit on beach across from skull mountain.  Also I used the cord commands to go into single player and see where things were lost. Here they are if you all want to look also. I did investigate the cords, use this to see where yours are located. Solo Player mode. https://arkids.net/command/setplayerpos#

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On 1/23/2020 at 11:33 AM, Pharuan101 said:

There’s a cave under the ruin castle on Val. The one wall by the big entrance as you go up the ramp if you have something like a rock elemental following you and you touch the wall it teleports you above the cave and the thing following disappears. 

check 50/50 for your dino, it auto ports there in val and island if they disapear. 

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Character getting killed when logging in, even short time. (server kick/host time out)  1st few times thought I starved out overnight.

SE in base on Adobe Foundation or Ceiling 3 floors above.   Body/bag ends up below the map. (farther than can see with Orbital camera)

No Anti-meshing log msg., but started with update.

24.8 - 22.2 cords

NA-PVE-XboxOfficial-ScorchedEarth115-(v793.411)  ping 35

1st time posting, sorry if it's jacked up.




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Extinction map - ps4 PvE official. The ladders and fence foundation were not big deals (no idea where I had them). 

I landed inside one of the broken structures to check the pillar and then I got the “spawn in you got F’ed” message. No beam of course, so it cost me an 1100 melee giga with a 124 saddle and a full tek suit. All replaceable things, but I just won’t play until things are in a better state. Helping you by losing dinos and gear that you couldn’t even come close to replacing IF I opened a ticket and got a response is of no interest to me. 

@complexminded this might be the final straw for us PvE players. Too costly to risk any dinos at this point. 


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