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  1. They won’t replace because they don’t want to. Honestly, how many PVE players are rolling through maps meshing? Close to zero. I would challenge Customer Support to do the right thing and replace what is lost. But I also know the amount of tickets being submitted must be insane and unmanageable at current staffing. So we will just chalk this up to continued poor customer service. Which is not surprising.
  2. I am hunting for the comment that put numbers to it. It may have been during one of the Extra Life chats. Agreed though that PVE was stated to have a bigger player base (on official)
  3. It’s over half. Wildcard has said so themselves. So no, I’m not overestimating.
  4. That would get rid of 55-60% of the total players on official. That wouldn’t be good for business. Maybe they should leave the PVP players alone for a year and focus only on improving PVE.
  5. This is why I won’t be playing for a few weeks (maybe longer if problems continue). I won’t be the guinea pig for false positive reports while I lose full tek suits and 1100+ melee gigas. I will render while everything remains podded I guess. Good way to drive players out of the game...
  6. Deins on PVE PS4 are hatching at 3100 HP 578 melee. Imprint alone will get 700+ melee.
  7. Extinction map - ps4 PvE official. The ladders and fence foundation were not big deals (no idea where I had them). I landed inside one of the broken structures to check the pillar and then I got the “spawn in you got F’ed” message. No beam of course, so it cost me an 1100 melee giga with a 124 saddle and a full tek suit. All replaceable things, but I just won’t play until things are in a better state. Helping you by losing dinos and gear that you couldn’t even come close to replacing IF I opened a ticket and got a response is of no interest to me. @complexminded this might be t
  8. I watched a video today of a guy on one deinonychus that completed alpha dragon. 17k Hp and 720 melee. He got tucked under the dragon legs and chewed. He was down to 5k HP after it took off first time. Then Pteras showed up and he chewed them. Dragon landed and he was healing. Got back up to 6k HP and then finished dragon. He only used bite attack, not latch. this was on official PVE PS4 (server 602 if you want to look for the YouTube video).
  9. We’ve lost to Alpha Valguero 6 times out of the 15 tries. It’s really deflating. We have 2700 melee rexes, 298 shotguns, 1200 melee manas and still can’t reliably beat it.
  10. 1. Corrupted cannot be teleported 2. Corrupted despawn once they enter a biome Problem solved.
  11. Rag is much less broken than SE or Val, but I have seen issues there too rarely. I think Valguero would be too easy if they used Rag Manticore instead of the SE variant of manticore. 500+ element per run is nuts when you think about the tribute and artifacts needed. So they made it randomly never land like on SE so you have to replace your boss teams. @complexminded maybe we could get an official acknowledgment on this some day soon? We’ve essentially left Valguero due to this just like we left SE a year ago after losing our 40th boss team.
  12. Manticore on Scorched Earth and Valguero are broken and have been since launch as far as i can tell. Others will tell you to bring shotguns - which can help other than collecting element if you shoot it out of the air. So my contention that it’s broken is based on the fact that you get zero element from a kill in the air other than from manas (which were nerfed to near uselessness with the current range). So your best bet is to take in shotguns, shoot it to a sliver and then wait until you have 1-2min left and finish it off with shotguns to prevent a full loss of all dinos/gear.
  13. I play both. Official PvE for breeding and stat mutation achievements and game completion. Unofficial PvP just to build up fast and then lose it all in a raid.
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