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  1. There ya go. Put a year in that for ya.
  2. flamron

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    When do the yellows start showing up with some frequency? Plenty of the common white/Black/Browns, but I’ve seen less than a handful of yellow. And we’ve killed well over a thousand rexes trying to spawn in tek rexes (no yellow rexes yet).
  3. flamron

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Nah - you are just being a jerk. Uncalled for IMO.
  4. flamron

    Tek Rex spawns only at level 24

    Haha. We’ve killed well over 1000 regular rexes on our official server and the highest roll so far was a 150 that we tamed right out the gate. My theory is the rex spawns were cut down for this event to make it even harder. A 5% chance to spawn in a Tek Rex and an minuscule percentage to be a good level. Around a 1:3600 chance I believe.
  5. flamron

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    So far, two annoying things. 1. These colors are crap. Most are wild colors already that I can breed together 2. I’ve found zero tek rexes on the island and it seems regular rex spawns are considerably lower IMO. Still disappointed that this countdown was for an event and not the release date for extinction too. But I’m afraid extinction is going to be too similar to aberration at this point, and those servers are completely... extinct
  6. Hopefully that focus is on improving PR by deciding when and when not to use countdowns. Lol
  7. flamron

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    I guess argies aren’t smithys any more. Was fun while it lasted. Gg Wildcard.
  8. flamron

    Question about Gigas

    Breed the gigas. That’s where it gets fun if you’re on official settings. 28hrs of pure joy. Lol we just hatched 20 gigas on Monday - nothing like the rush of getting a new melee mutation on the line knowing it’ll crush even more than your current lines of gigas. Lol
  9. flamron

    rockdrakes in rockwell?

    We use rock drakes only. 10 drakes, 10 light pets and 400-500 shotgun rounds per person. Ignore the reapers unless they get too close. Stay in the front middle and shoot all four arms and then have a couple guys as runners to get the back two arms. I hardly even move if I’m shooting the arms. Back and forth a little for better angles. That’s it. We’ve beaten all three gamma, beta, alpha with this strategy 100%
  10. You can also close the game and restart to fix the bed bug. I prefer that over fast traveling so I don’t lost my bag if it drops under a foundation or something silly. Thr bed bug is super annoying and has been around for at least six months that I’ve seen. I hate it. Happens on beds, bunk beds and tek sleeping pods all the same.
  11. flamron

    Question about Gigas

    They’d be a giant rex if the wild gigas didn’t have more melee and HP. Once you get a good line of gigas going though, you can take them down solo easy.
  12. Best of luck enforcing the informal alliances. That’ll be the death of the small tribe servers. They’ll shut everyone out and you’ll see 30-36 people on at all times that are one mega tribe.
  13. Broke forever i guess. I was excited for a second for this to work. Then it didn’t work. Then I said, “Oh it’s Ark”. You guys care? @Jatheish @bubblywums @lilpanda