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  1. A quick way to get their attention is to put a rock element on top of the ob in rock form. It’s against the rules, so be sure to use a dummy account so you don’t get wiped. That will get them to listen effectively. Lol
  2. Yep. Reactivate the use of transmitters on PVE only. Silly we have to go to drops and obs to run bosses. That’s purely a PVP mechanic.
  3. flamron

    Is it legal to clone the Phoenix

    Jen said it was here to stay on Twitter.
  4. Do you bluescreen every time you transfer into 868 like I do? So annoying.
  5. Maybe we can play on the island in the dark/fog/rain with an owl. I just go to another map when that crap happens. Which is every time it’s night time basically.
  6. Along with cliff platforms, fix the tree platforms too. Same issue. Some jack wagon just put one right on top of a teleporter I have down. So I can’t add to my structure now.
  7. flamron

    Manticore landing still not fixed??

    Permanently broken I’m afraid. Just take shotguns in and shoot it I suppose. You can also try a lightpet. They seem to aggro the manticore, but it’ll kill you quickly if you’re not careful.
  8. flamron

    Rock Drake can't glide

    Definitely seen more gliding issues lately (PS4). Jump to glide and I just faceplant right in front of where I was. Jump again, same thing. Jump jump jump and finally take off gliding. Of course, when I land, I always hold my breath and pray it doesn’t fall into the map like my beast 190 hatch did last week down in the radiation cave. If anything were gonna be fixed, I wish it was the drakes being pushed under map. We don’t play ab much (because of that issue), and we’ve lost 20 drakes so far to the undermap vacuum called the ground.
  9. flamron

    Aberrant dinos dying for radiation, why?

    We put down four vaults near the two larger red gem spawns and use picks and drakes. We filled two vaults (150 slots) with crystal and red gems in about two hours with two people. Now we just go down and pick up what we need and fly back. Good picks and good hazmat suits and you’re golden. Plus you can run the cave down there that’s close by if you want to grab that artifact.
  10. flamron

    Servers down

    You were right Adam. Restart didn’t do much good. Looking forward to the hardware maintenance to help get us back on track. Until then, we grind out 63 gigas. Baby stage took us 38hrs. So I’m guessing it’ll be the worlds longest giga raise ever. Lol
  11. flamron

    Servers down

    That would be great. We are struggling to raise 65 gigas atm. Losing 30-60 min worth of time every 8 hours. Thanks Adam!
  12. flamron

    Servers down

    @lilpanda you think you will have a chance to fix PS4 PVE EU 39 today? Five days in a row it’s been pinging out and lagging. We can’t even spawn into our tek pods. It just freezes when we load and kicks us out of the server.
  13. flamron

    Servers down

    Can you check on PS4 PVE Official EU 39 as well Adam? Been acting up for five days now with terrible lag spikes. It’s been reported a lot by many on server in hopes of it flagging up for you.
  14. flamron

    SE Spoilage changes

    I don’t like it. I prefer SE because it doesn’t draw the crowds. Low server pop means no cap issues. We have raised every land dino on SE currently, so it’s not impossible. It’s more work. Which I’m ok with. Now I’ll have to deal with beach bobs constantly complaining about being new and dying all the time.