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  1. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Imprint percentages have always been based on maturation rates. 100/x% imprint * 4 gives you an idea of how long growth is. Obviously not a perfect number, but close as the timer varies.
  2. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    He’s Official. And imprinted after the servers came back online.
  3. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Did they shorten the growth period for gigas? Buddy said he got 3% on a giga (maybe like 2.75%?). But that math works out to 100 less hours to raise to hit 100% imprint versus the 1% we had.
  4. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    When do they allow us to start picking up wild dinos then in PVE? Just a mechanic right?
  5. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Doubling the timer on imprints probably doesn’t fix anything. So I’d file this new update under “a swing and a miss”.
  6. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Also, there was talk of a kibble rework in 2016. Nothing really since then other than a confirmation the middle of this year that something was going on with experimental servers. Which has no timeline.
  7. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    3 weeks after launch we saw the first caps on servers....
  8. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    If WC had any common sense during the negotiations with Nitrado, they bargained for a much better rate, and may even be profiting off of people renting servers from Nitrado for ARK. You’ve also go to think that Nitrado is making money off of that price as well, so figure anywhere from 30 (way low end) to 100% profit built into that number. So the cost structure for WC is significantly different than a single user buying a server as they get to deal in bulk/volume which drives costs down.
  9. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Sure it is. Nowhere in the games terms of service does it require you to join with a minimum of one other player. And for engrams, they created mind wipes to enable the lone person tribe to rework their engram chart. So it’s absolutely designed for 70 solo tribes. But it’s also designed for one 70 person tribe as well. Or even a 200 person tribe. Is there a cap on the amount of people in a tribe?
  10. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Caps were hit well before any of the bigger events. All the events did was speed up the process on any servers that were behind on breeding. Our server was behind because we went through 5 weeks of constant crashes and rollbacks until they upgraded the hardware. So it’s not a contribution to the issue, but only expedites the issue, not cause it.
  11. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    I’m using my wallet to show my displeasure with the server caps. We capped on our rag server with the 8x charity event, then went back down, and went back up with the 3x event. We’ve floated in and out of server cap since then. If this was at least addressed at any point from WC since the issue arose about three weeks after launch, I would consider purchasing aberration. But I believe the same issues will arise with that map. Too few servers, overcrowded, and dino cap only a month or two down the road. I don’t have a great fix (lower the tribe cap again?), but it’s a stifling issue that has driven new and old players away from the game mode. I just don’t get why we can’t get any form of communication or strategy/vision from WC on the issue.
  12. Ragnarok spino spawns

    Need to rework boss fights to make them possible if the spawns aren’t going to improve. Finding one spino sail in two months seems a bit rough for ragnarok. Island is tough too, but killing the fish seems to help (sort of anyways). Totally defeating to require near impossible to obtain items to go to the next level. Maybe WC will start selling them like the skins...
  13. Crafting replicator - in a replicator

    We will just drop mats to a tribemate on the ob until all of them are on their body. Dropping each package individually eliminates the weight restrictions on characters.
  14. Crafting replicator - in a replicator

    Thanks. That confirms my fears I believe. To the ob I guess... sigh...
  15. Evolution Event Removal

    330-400 hours worth of imprinting gone in 30 days. Rage quit stays engage!