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  1. Our target stats (other than HP and melee): 1722 stamina 150-195 oxygen 3400-4000 food 510-580 weight With these stats, you can push HP above 30k and melee over 1200.
  2. Just use pods. No cool down. I don’t remember the last time I even bothered to upload a dino. Could probably remove that option completely.
  3. Necro much? It was possible to throw gigas out in the center fight. Nothing stubborn about it. It was possible because we did it.
  4. 100-200 velos on turret mode will deter anyone from kiting you because when they do they’ll DC from the tail whips and then you can drag their body into a cage.
  5. The baby inherits all four sets of stats from its parents. So you’d add them up for each side of the baby. A 20/20 matrilineal and 20/20 patrilineal male would produce a 40/20 every time on the patrilineal side.
  6. Agreed. I do believe that was spawn tamed. We tamed a 245 melee on Valguero - which is as high as we’d ever seen. We also have a 1002 weight giga on Valguero which is 30lbs more than I’ve ever seen. Gigas are underdeveloped for sure on tamed stats. Could probably push over 19k HP if you tamed enough of them
  7. PVE PS4 gigas started at 265 tame melee. Currently sitting at 525/535 with 565/575 being grown I believe.
  8. PVE PS4 rexes started at 11k and 414md. Currently sitting at 28k HP and 1060 melee released on market.
  9. You are forgetting to apply the Wildcard logic filter. =IFERROR((B2*C4)/(B3*J5), “Purple”, 0) Once you get that code entered, it’ll make sense.
  10. You have a duped character most likely. Go back to the server you came from and download your character. Now you have two with the same imprint on different servers. If you try to bring it to the same server it will overwrite itself. Be warned you could be banned for duping even though it’s how the game should be. Multiple characters tied to one imprint.
  11. We use hundreds of non mut females and then breed them with the male of our choice (for whatever stat we want to improve) with the goal of hitting a male with the mutated stat. We breed every two days currently for HP and then melee on rexes. So every four days we increase the stat for melee and Hp. Then at some point you mix them together. Many times we hit females as well which is good to mix back with the other stats. If possible, I recommend mixing the other stats into the non mut line so that they’re guaranteed to hit (oxygen/food/weight/stamina). That way you have a full line of female non mut breeders with identical stats. Event colors are a good addition as well since they don’t take mutations to hit. We have different Easter tamed males that we’ve used to create non mut females that are 2, 3 or even 4 color. When we get the color and stats right on a non mut female, we clone it as much as we want and then add it to the breeding pile. With extinction, you can feasibly start up a breeding program in a week if you have 15-20 cloners and a good base female to use, assuming the dino is cheap enough to clone and you have enough element. Our rex breeders despawned after extinction came out so we had to start over and it only took us 10 days to do so.
  12. Must be you. It’s obviously not broken... #sarcasm
  13. Or play on the center...
  14. So just run the manticore boss fight on SE for fun? You don’t need element.
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