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  1. flamron

    ps4 no flex pipe or cable why?

    Search for them is the only way I was able to get them to show. Not as flexible as I had hoped though - they just point in whatever direction you want (kind of what regular pipes should do anyways) and you can’t connect the drinking spigots on the end.
  2. flamron

    Tek Dedicated Storage Engram Unlock

    Island dragon is buffed now and is insanely hard to beat. Cakes seem to be nerfed to about 10% of their healing too. So 5x damage reduction on dragon and crap healing on therizinos means no dedicated storage.
  3. Just for the session that you play. Once you close app it resets. Wish it would stick. Bloom sucks so bad on PS4...
  4. flamron

    Enable mating for console

    I want a whistle mating command.
  5. flamron

    how can i get high quality rex saddle blueprint?

    Purple drops on extinction are dropping rex BP’s like candy. We’ve pulled 5 this week, including 2 120 armor. I would recommend getting in and farming them hard while you can. It won’t last.
  6. flamron

    Spino Saddle Blueprint

    We’ve pulled 130+ spino BP’s out of purple drops on extinction.
  7. flamron

    Alpha Tek Cave: Cryopods/Tames?

    What gate? Guess I’m confused on that part? We’ve ran the Tek cave many time and always made it to the arena with plenty of time left on the timer
  8. flamron

    Alpha Tek Cave: Cryopods/Tames?

    Fine with me. Pod them up before you go in. We usually run it with 15-20 people anyways. So 3-4 lead gigas and rest on the usual rexes. Won’t even need pigs to heal with the giga front destroying stuff at 700+ melee.
  9. flamron


    Level 1 can enter the rag fight. Recommend using a couple manas to destroy the manticore if it gets finicky on landing. We beat alpha rag in 8min last time we ran it. Which was a record for us.
  10. flamron

    Alpha Tek Cave: Cryopods/Tames?

    So walk in and deploy gigas?
  11. flamron

    Loot Table Rework!

    And when, exactly, have you felt giddy about an MC premade wooden shield? Or a crop plot BP? Or a compass BP? Or better yet, two compass BP’s AND a crop plot BP? loot crates are useless 99.9% of the time.
  12. flamron

    Managarmr Issues

    Mana on other maps equals certain death and loss of mana.
  13. flamron

    Mana on new patch note

    Maybe I’m wrong or it’s the 124 max armor saddles, but I don’t even level HP on our manas. No need. Corrupted can’t hurt it unless I get into a hoard. I’ve got a new HP stat to mix in and that’ll push a 100% imprint HP to over 10k. Seems fairly tanky to me. But I’m PVE so who knows. Weapons might be a different story.
  14. flamron

    Gacha only dropping apprentice crystals?

    The PVP “it’s unfair club” complained that gachas were too OP and leveled the playing field too much with MC and Asc crystals dropping. So Wildcard nerfed the gacha into the ground. I wish they’d allow us to turn off the junk prim and apprentice crystals, because it just wastes everyone’s time at this point. Just give me the resource only. I don’t need more JM stone picks...
  15. flamron

    Nerf Manas

    Nice of them to wait for you to pack up. It’s your story. Make it as good as you want. Leave them as is. Levels the playing field. Is that too much to ask?