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  1. Definitely this. We have several broken nests now on the dein spawns because there are eggs people have dumped in the air somewhere. Same issue on aberration. Someone grabbed all the eggs available and dumped them right after the July event. Minimal drakes spawned the entire event. We found the eggs on the last day sitting at the top of the scar high up in the air. 27 of them. Once we picked them up, all spawns returned and we actually got mobbed by drakes again.
  2. Manticore does the same thing on Valguero and Rag (much less often on Rag tho). I think it’s a coding issue that they can’t figure out. So shotguns and dimorphs or vultures would be the best bet. Shoot it until it’s almost dead and then whistle attack the dimorph.
  3. Valguero Electric Outlet distance on Turbine Bugged Using a turbine in chalk hills to try to power the base (PS4 PVE Official) and the distance that the boxes reach is maybe 1/4 foundation. I placed an outlet directly behind two fridges and it only powers one of them. I thought maybe it was a render issue, but no luck. The turbine is 10 cables from the fridge, so I’m not even getting the bug where I have to snap another cable on to power it back up.
  4. I don’t want any new structures until the large walls and the triangle ceilings can snap properly to a roof instead of only snapping to the foundation. Building in them in a pain in the arse if you go from wood to stone to metal to tek. You can’t easily replace them so you have to either break the bottom and they all fall or you break each one to reclaim mats.
  5. Hit boxes on those rocks is definitely terrible. We farmed down there all weekend and it was ridiculously hard to get the anky to hit the rocks
  6. I want a mute button - the voice gets super annoying very quickly. Oi!!!! And for some reason there’s now a weird noise that I can only attribute to the stupid HLNA. Also, can I drop it from my inventory?
  7. flamron

    Red OSD

    For purple drops, two gigas and a yuty will allow you to get to wave 7 to cancel. Stay close to the drop and each other to hold yuty buff the whole time. You can also do it two man with some luck. Two gigas and two reapers. Reapers in neutral and unridden. If you get too many corrupt rexes it’s game over though.
  8. Same on PS4 PVE Official. I’d be surprised if they change it though. The deino eggs are top tier eggs for now. Which means they’re easy to get. Raptor eggs kinda make sense.
  9. And yet Wildcard designed the leash to prevent any dinos locked in from leaving when you whistle follow. Logic is a bit flawed. Took me several times whistle following a dino to realize they are locked in for good until you ride them out or server restarts/crashes. The restart glitch is why we have 35 gigas roaming the swap now on aggressive lol
  10. You can beat it two person. Have one on a rex, one on a yuty. Yuty ruder controls remainder of rexes. Kill dragon first. Quick as possible. Then chew manticore as it lands. Once the golems come out, have the rex rider kite them all over to the start. There’s a ledge that you can walk up onto and the golems will stand below throwing rocks into the side. Now the yuty rider finishes manticore with well timed whistles and patience. If your rex line is above 750 melee on hatch, you can chew the golems. If you’re kiting them off, one stat the ridden rex in HP.
  11. I checked all but a couple of your spots with no luck. Will keep looking though!
  12. Thanks. We have a 135 crafter so good there. We will hunt some ocean drops.
  13. Any drops that would have giga BP on Valguero? I don’t see it on the normal drop loot tables but I couldn’t find the deep sea loot tables. We have several gigas, but a better saddle armor is needed.
  14. It seems the best strategy to get someone wiped is to gang up with other tribes. It worked on us anyways. Three tribes faked reports against us. Still not sure how. They may have even gone to another server and created our tribe and then built things in “our tribes name” and then screenshotted it showing us breaking CoC. Because the GM that showed up did a wipe all structure command that broke any pillar/ladder or stand alone gate.
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