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  1. Extinction map - ps4 PvE official. The ladders and fence foundation were not big deals (no idea where I had them). I landed inside one of the broken structures to check the pillar and then I got the “spawn in you got F’ed” message. No beam of course, so it cost me an 1100 melee giga with a 124 saddle and a full tek suit. All replaceable things, but I just won’t play until things are in a better state. Helping you by losing dinos and gear that you couldn’t even come close to replacing IF I opened a ticket and got a response is of no interest to me. @complexminded this might be the final straw for us PvE players. Too costly to risk any dinos at this point.
  2. Was getting that. But now it’s just crashing like turkey trials where we couldn’t log in at all without crashing unless you were far away from base. My guess is they forgot to fix that on the new build so here we are.
  3. Must be you. It’s obviously not broken... #sarcasm
  4. It looks like the HLNA in exploded view. Maybe it opens up and scans the area.
  5. It’s an interesting theory. Since you’re killing it by hand, would the element go into your inventory? For Valguero, i think Manticore only gives you 25 element on gamma, so if the dermis trophy is more important than that, it’s worth the risk I think.
  6. You’d have to get the kill with the dermis tool in order to collect I think.
  7. We left our yuty unridden last night in Valguero beta so that we could DPS it with shotguns while on rhinos (5 rhinos). We lined the rhinos up in a circle around the yuty and the manticore seemed to land a lot on it. So I agree an unridden larger dino works wonders (at least the one time we tried it). Definitely worth giving it a go. Maybe use a tank rex or yuty if you have the HP. We also had a few unridden deinonychus in there with us that we whistle attacked to the manticore. 3k rounds of ammo and we have about 1k left - that was running gamma and beta back to back. We did get the kill with the rhinos as well.
  8. Wonder if that’ll come down as they optimize (IF they do). I haven’t spent much time on the map yet. Just day 1 and then left for a week. But the tribemates are loving it. Hopefully it’s a map we can settle into and use as the island/center/rag have all gotten stale for us.
  9. Aye looks like it’s 60km2, compared to 98km2 for rag and 48km2 for island. But Val has way more land that’s buildable. So I think build wise it may end up closer to rag. Hopefully the constant lag issues on Rag are completely predicated by map size and we won’t see the same problems in a few weeks on PS4.
  10. Rag was amazing too for about 3-4 weeks until everyone got big boxes built. Then the lag came. I fear Valguero will be the same, but probably worse since it’s even bigger. Once structures are up, it’ll be constant lag spikes and DC’s. Hope I’m wrong though. Time will tell.
  11. Battlemetrics don’t exist for ps4 though do they? But my favorites list has 2 ab servers listed and they are consistently 1-3 people. It’s a fairly good basis and looking at all of the ab servers doesn’t see much variance. Maybe they all fill up when I’m sleeping though. But my alt time zone friends would disagree.
  12. I like how people pretend that aberration is this massively popular map. On PS4 PVE, there are never more than 1-3 people on any of them. Occasionally the bump to 8-9 people if they are running a Rockwell fight. I don’t see the value proposition of moving to valguero yet. We have bases on island, rag, ab, SE, and extinction. Rag is so unplayable it’s just a render and log out base at this point. SE we tame Phoenix. Ab we farm metal. Island we are rendering only at this point to maintain the base. I can’t see us adding another map into the rotation realistically because keeping up with them all currently is a challenge. Valguero sounded neat, but definitely on the fence. Does Valguero have OSD’s or veins? With all the missing dinos, that’s the one thing that might pull us over to try the new map. We love running drops.
  13. We podded all dinos on our island because we’ve gotten tired of the lag. You’d think 450 dinos not being there would make a huge difference. No change. Still crappy lag all the time. So bad.
  14. Any chance we could have the ability to imprint with the kibble just in our inventory and not in the hot bar? Doing bigger raises and imprinting 30-40 dinos at a time is really a pain to swap out the kibble in the hot bar every time (I’m on PS4 - maybe it’s easier on other platforms).
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