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  1. Well thats the problem - I cant. For example I have two mosa babies with 96% maturation. During x3 they get 9% per imprint, and they ask for it 0,5% before. So they would have to be 102,5% maturated to get the final imprint. I just need to finish them now before the event starts. And I got more babies like this that cant be imprinted during boosted rates anymore.
  2. Half of my cryopoded babies are stucked in cryos because some of them were raised during x1, some of them are from x2, then they switched it to x2,5 and then turned it back to x1. After that we got x3 till yesterday, right now x1 again. And we are expecting x3,5 in few days. And I lost the track of which baby was raised during x1 x2 x2,5 and x3. Everytime I want to raise something its a russian roulette for me.
  3. Oh look, another ark is dying post, how exciting. Those are some good news, last similar post said the ark is dead already. Btw - you judge the game by playing till lvl 50 on only one of the many servers. Making an opinion out of one single experience isnt objective.
  4. The same goes for basilos, getting 4,3% imprint at 4% maturation... And dont let me start on gachas, they get 7% imprint at 9% maturation or something like that.
  5. And what did he waste? He is throwing the same cryopod over and over. You are either a troll or have no idea how cryopods work. And besides, the video has subtitles explaining everything.
  6. @RatardoGaming most likely he didnt even watch the video, its clear from the video how its done. Its interesting tho, never seen in happen before or I just didnt notice.
  7. Nope, it is not necessary. I raised few of them and didnt train them at all so they have the same imprint timer as other babies.
  8. Only someone who hasnt tried to breed from base 400% melee rex to 1300% melee rex can write a topic like this. Update the post once you achieve this solo, on your own with 2x150 parents. We will be waiting here, see you in approx 1-1,5 years. I really dont want to sound offensive, but this minigame with numbers is time-consuming and pure RNG, what would be the point of making it even harder? Its not like you are saying "just breed them together get hundred eggs and you have 1500% melee". You are complaining because you are far behind the people that started breeding lines years ago and want to see their stats ruined . - a word from a sad breeder.
  9. @Masurao similar thing is happening to me. I landed with my griff to loot a beacon and when I turned around, he was wandering away in the opposite direction on his own like he had enough. He does that every now and then since the update. @HiImZech I noticed the consumption is bugged for baby gachas. Its like they are eating from troughs with the same speed as they would with food in their inventory. Not sure if other babies have the same issue. @deedoubleu you had to relog. I tossed out my eggs that had 30s left before event. They still displayed 30s, but hatched after 10s with 20s still "visualy" remaining on them. Turned the game off, logged back in and it was ok. Same with gestation timers.
  10. Its a reward for new player record. Enjoy while it lasts.
  11. Not only the candies, but also all zombie dinos are gone, or cryopods showing raptor icon just like some dinos from valguero. Even my dodorex taxidermy isnt displaying the dodorex, the icon is blank with no dino siluette on it. And I spent days collecting those damn wishbones just to have the statue. Rip my lvl 180 zomdodos.
  12. Indeed! I use 4 tek troughs and I had 7 baby dinos eating from them. Before the update those 4 troughs were enough for DAYS, now I came back 2 hours later and 2/4 troughs were already empty. Its definitely bugged.
  13. Idk how to say it so its clear, so Im just gonna repeat myself. Never have I ever had the need to build orp behemoth gates, spikes or turrets. I consider them ugly. So I build smart, trolls couldnt get into my base for a long time even on exti. Im creative and happy to make something nice. Thats why it makes me sad seeing a quite nice base, but surrounded by the "ugly stuff". On pve you should build against angry tickle chicken that walked too close, wild rex aggroing on your base or raptor spawning inside your base. Troodon at your doorstep. Pegos & flying beach pegos making your life miserable. Spino slaping some phiomia near your walls, destroying stuff inside with aoe. Ground-shaking titanosaur. There is a lot of threats I will gladly face. But building a millitary base with tons of weapons and heavy structures just because someone wants to have a look into your cryofridges on pve and brings 20 corrupted gigas along? So dont act like its normal behaviour and that I should "suck it up". There is a difference. A wild roaming rex isnt the same as 20 corrupted gigas chewing your base. Thats just my opinion. Disabling teleporting of wild dinos would partially save the problem. I respect your opinion too, but you have to admit there really is a difference.
  14. I made a popcorn for all the "I transfered right after the restart on a launch day and YOU WONT BELIEVE but my character is gone! I hate this game & want a refund!" posts. Like, what did they expect? Smooth game play and a welcome drink on genesis? Ofc its broken and who expected something else is naive.
  15. Why are you transfering right after server restart on a launch day? Everything is broken and highly unstable.
  16. For more than 5 years my good old giga took care of everything that could ever hurt me, my base or dinos. As I said, I live in area where spinos, rexes, alpha carnos & rexes spawn too often, there are annoying raptors around too. My building, even tho I focused on how it looks, is built so nothing can aggro on anything inside and the materials are combined to withstand everything. Even if I loose some structures the building will never collapse, the roof will stand even if the ground floor is gone, keeping dinos and all my stuff safe. So please, dont tell me it cant be done without the "ugly parts". It can. I dont need a Great chinese wall made of behemoth gates on island for example, so why building it that way? Dont need a sea of spike walls either. Unfortunately, exti is exti. They dropped a corrupted carno on my roof right above the cryofridges, then crawled behind my cryofridges so the carno, still aggroed on them, destroys them. I found them dead/logouted in there. Probably ragequitted because all 7 cryofridges were empty, after trying to get inside for few days. They couldnt, even if I didnt have turrets, gates or spikes. I build nice and smart, not "ugly but everyone build it like this so I must too and that is the only correct way." Use your fantasy and creativity, isnt ark a sandbox after all? If I choose PvE I want to deal with PvE, not dealing with douchebag players. Yo sorry for the mini-novel, I couldnt resist.
  17. @yar dont know what else to say. And by the way, did you read my first post about buulding defenses or do I have to quote that one too? Because it seems like you didnt and just want to be a smartass.
  18. The game was made to be played with friends, trading is a big part of social network on pve servers, and fighting towards a common goal with friends. Why on earth would I even turn on singleplayer? What are you even talking about? Can you imagine playing world of warcraft, but in singleplayer? Not that funny, is it? Why? You can do everything like on retail, just turn on gm-mode and kill those bosses alone. You can farm resources all you want. Nobody is going to gank you. Doesnt seem funny to me at all ^^.
  19. Because I want to build free, use different materials and combine them, make tiny towers, glass windows, try out what I can create with those triangles. Why do I have to build like Im on pvp server when Im in fact on a pve one? I dont want those ugly turrets and hidious spike walls around, not the mention 243 behemoth gates to put all around. These "designs" make me puke. If I wanted all this I would join your precious pvp server.
  20. I had a disabled teleporter on exti and saw a [][][][][] tribe using it to teleport dinos to munch on my base. I havent build a single teleporter since.
  21. This happened a long time before anti-meshing system was implemented and it never happened again. The rex just flew straight up, then behind the invisible ceiling and I havent seen it since, nothing in tribe log either. It must have been a combination of lag and weird glitch, I doubt it was OPs case. I just thought it would be funny to mention it a well.
  22. @Zahlea I wasnt sure how would it look if the plesi swim backwards with a trap/house on its back but I guess it could be done with platform on too. For attacks I would leave the left click to be AoE/body slam, for right click I would make a bite attack. That long neck had a purpose, to reach a prey that was running away or attack from a safe distance, so lets make a use of it. For C I would make the plesi pull his fins close to his body and dash forward with a little movement boost, that would give a temporary movement speed buff decaying slowly over time. Only after the timer is gone, it can dash again. Would be probably better than the permanent bear-sprinting I suggested first. I spent a lot of time in the ocean, using all water creatures I tamed for a long time and I could make a suggestion for every single one of them to make the ocean an enjoyable yet challenging place. If you compare the skillset of ground or aerial creatures, they have tons of funny, interesting abilities. The only thing I got is tuso ink attack that blinds myself too and his grapple attack I cant use on pve anyway. Oh, and the basilo makes cute rainbow if you use rightclick while surfaced. Thank WC
  23. My dinos on abe vanished too, spino from the yard and bear from inside the base. Nothing in tribe log. I thought I got arked and forgot about it. The next day I see a damn diplo pushing one of my other spinos around the yard and even pushing the dinos inside the base when he pinned the spino to my walls. Furious, I decided to go farm some metal and build dino gates on the ledge above my base, guess the diplo fell from there into my yard. Imagine my surprise when I bumped into MY lost spino on the way to blue zone (I live near the big lake in green zone). And even further down in blue I found the bear wrestling with some titanoboas. On the other hand, I was taming a stego on island one day and a wild diplo came to me and started pushing my rex. I was currently checking the food on the knocked stego, then I turned around and started running towards the rex and diplo. Sudenly after one push the rex blasted off into the sky like Team Rocket after Pikachus thunderbolt, never to be seen again. Nothing in log either. The animation as he flew straight up was hillarious. Walking back to my base by foot - not so much. So, if you cant find out what happened, blame the diplos. They deserve it.
  24. Erinn

    Nothing to see here

    I dont think so. It seems its some sort of [][][][][][] trend because all the rats had unreadable names and its the same scenario on multiple exti servers. When I claimed one baby it had more than 20 mutations on both sides, so its definitely not for stat/mutation breeding purpose. But they all had full inventories of berries, so maybe walking harvesters for lazy players.
  25. To my latest post - this is how I imagine them chilling on the beach vs sprinting underwater. I hope you appreciate it would love to see them guarding my water base.
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