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  1. No, when PvE is on you cant damage unclaimed dinos. Just claim it and kill it like a man.
  2. Im on official PvE legacy island and I have been playing here since beta. And to be honest, the server has almost no lags if I dont count the 15m save timer. But also we have NO pillars on the map. When someone new joins they usualy ask if there are any unofficial rules. The answer is always the same - do NOT pillar anything. Sure, tribe bases are big but they are evenly spread around the map and mostly consisting of one big building, sometimes people dont even build walls around (including me). I also tell everyone, if they dont pillar they will get support/help in form of resources, lost dinos (I can easily replace them if they loose it because of bug, I have thousands of spare dinos in cryos) and guidence when asking questions. This way we can all benefit from a friendly environment and less lags. Secondly, there are no box-tribe player. Not a single chinese. There was a time when we had a box tribe on herbivore island but they stopped playing when the game was released. This is my little ark-heaven. Not sure if the things I wrote are directly responsible for less lags but Im just glad I can breed and go caving without the fear of being arked. Then I join Ragnarok because I want to get a wyvern egg and it takes me 20 minutes to leave the base because of lags and rollbacking. I literally cant open the damn gate, and then the gate opens and closes 5x in a row and Im rollbacked to the other side of my room and by the time I get to the closing/opening gate the rollback happens again. Flying above murder snow without getting any damage and then BAM - 10% hp, red screen flicking, panic & chaos. So I join aberration to get some nice reaper. Jump, fly, lag, lag, lag and then Im stucked with my drake half-body under terrain locked in place and infinitely falling while namelesses slowly munch on my 190 rock drake. So I join exti to get at least something done. Half of base is missing, was devoured by a corrupted giga in the 15m ORP window and my base in forest is decayed even though I was there 2 days ago refilling generator. Not mentioning the city is laggy as hell because there are like milion structures and mostly pillars&behe gates everywhere. So I sadly return to my island heaven and start another breeding line. PS: if someone decide to pillar the island and be rude with no chance of negotiation, I also have like 50 brontos Im gonna rain down on his base. So far it didnt happen yet, but Im ready!
  3. As Lycan already said, they get more stats. I tamed two 150s achatinas with a base lvl 224 outcome and put the lvls in food. This way I have to feed them cakes once in 3 WEEKS and they just constantly produce paste for me. Got a full dedicated storage of it already. If you have a low lvl snail you have to feed it every 2-3 days.
  4. They produce cementing paste in their inventory (1 stack of 100 called achatina paste) and a small amount of organic poly (around 10) when you need to repair slightly damaged ghilli armor.
  5. The base stats of them are 14k hp and 614% melee. I just pump the hp to 40k so they get close to the rex stats and rest goes in melee, mostly around 1,2k but still not fully lvled. I guess you have to ask some local traders for theri eggs, if you were on legacy I could give you an egg or two.
  6. I always made it in time, to be honest I had no idea what would happen but since Im on official servers and everything is so grindy I didnt want to find out either. And one last thing - before I get teleported out of the cave, I always put everything thats in my inventory including armor in one of my dinos. Sometimes I wake up on beach naked, sometimes in armor, sometimes with element, sometimes without it. Dont know what is bug and how its supposed to be, so Im not taking any chances.
  7. Depends how many people wanted to go to the cave with me. Last time I went with 7 theries (3 pairs +1 I was sitting on, in arena I dismounted to let him attack too), one person brought rex with tek saddle + 2 rexes on follow, another tribe (2 people) tried to bring 4 rexes but 2 fell in lava. Last person brought yuti and a pack of velonosaurs - he just wanted to try it out. We were all shooting the hell out of it, but theries did the most damage. We decided to use the remaining rexes to tank the fire breath in dragon form. The less people join me, the more theries I bring, with the maximum I ever brought was 9, other person brought 3 rexes. More dinos means longer tekcave part and less time in arena.
  8. If you are going to bring 20 rexes, well... Good luck trying to get them through the cave. Their turning radius and big bodies will cause them to fall in lava, some of the parts of the cave are really narrow. Its possible if you are really careful, but it takes a lot of time. I use my army of battle theries with 40k hp and 1,3k-1,5k melee. Even in boss room, the boss runs too fast for rexes, but theries are quite agile and get to him quickly, plus they dont block each other while attacking because they are smaller. While going through the cave, one or two rexes go in front, killing the carnivores in cave, then I follow with my "theri train": I make pairs follow each other like this ::::: with the first pair following a yuti or another theri Im sitting on. Killed alpha overseer on official server 4-5x already. People who joined me and brought rexes on follow lost some of them in lava. Also, if Im not bringing a yuti, I spend whole time on foot, shooting from shotgun. I use half ghilli and half fur ascendant armor, and its enough for the heat in volcano cave and the cold in boss arena without the need of soups. I always bring some health brews just in case but barely use them. If I have time, I make veggie cakes for theries, but I have killed the alpha overseer without them too, but lost 2-3 theries which tanked the dragon-shape of overseer. Hope I provided something useful to you and I wish you the best of luck. PS: You can get dismounted by microraptor, followed by a stunlock from burrowed purlovia that gives enough time for a kapro to snatch you in his jaws and jump with you in lava. Happened more times than I would wish but I always have a good laugh when I remember it.
  9. @PertySlick I didn't mean to belittle anything, and as I wrote I encountered some of the game-breaking bugs too. The fact that I play on PvE is protecting me from 100 duped MEKs wiping my base and all the meshing that's happening on PvP. Duping is on PvE too, but I don't really care if my neighbour has 50 or 100 MEKs. I consider PvP much more punishing than rewarding and I avoid it since the day one. I was talking about hundreds of posts that pop up everytime after a patch saying "so I logged in after patch and transfered my character and now it's lost" or "I didn't cryo my 2% matured babies and now they are gone" or "I just went right into bossfight and the server wasn't stable yet and I lost my stuff". Just why? Why everyone feels the need to rush everything in a game that takes almost 2 weeks to raise a dino? Flooding the game with hundreds of tickets like this and then wondering why it takes 5 days for GM to help you with your issue. I just craft/breed what I lost back and don't bother (and I can't really complain since I'm on legacy anyway). I agree if someone is playing solo and loosing a 150 tamed dino he worked hard for, he is right to ask for replacement. But when someone is outraged because he lost one of his 128 manas in a bug, it's nonsense. But you are right, more straightforward communication would be a big improvement. Also the testing, as you said with the whistling - if the patch was tested, I bet something like this would be noticed for sure. But it's not happening on PC and we don't know if they tested it on one platform or none (probably more likely). From what I see the other platforms are neglected much more than pc. What I ment was - play safe and always protect yourself, try to minimalize the risk of losing stuff. It's kinda sad we have to play this way. Even the moderators here say they upload event items so they don't loose them.
  10. You always hear only the whiners, reading tons of posts like "I lost this and that, fix this bug, incompetent monkeys" bla bla bla. I'm surprised Cedric isn't like a grumpy old harpy by now. I have more than 8000 hours on official legacy PVE and I never had a major issue. One time our server was broken and the battleye was kicking everyone after 2 minutes. Filled a server outage - fixed in 30 minutes. I have never lost a character, I simply make a new one for each map and enjoy the new DLC without my overpowered stuff (until transfers open). If someone is duping, I simply don't care, it doesn't affect me on PVE anyway (RIP PvP players, my "thoughs and prayers" are with you). I don't transfer dinos RIGHT AFTER update because I know there might be issues the dev team didn't know about. I never lost any babies because I simply cryo them, or work on my building projects around the base and regularly check on them, not trying to exploit the stasis thing and then cry when they starve. Ofc I lost few manas together with my ascendant or tek armor/weapons because of the island glitch, but don't tell me someone with 8k hours doesn't have some spare ones. I was raided once too on exti. The manticore never bugged for me and I did the fight for all my characters and random people who asked me for help. The "bad things" simply happen, but I encounter something like this once in 1-2 months. Seriously I have no idea what half of the posts are about. And there is a lot of people like me, we are just not that noisy as the other part of player base. With this, I would like to say I still enjoy the game even after thousands of hours, I loved the autumn trees and now I'm in love with the snowy ones too. I like the latest changes and I like the ideas from QoL list, can't wait for them to be implemented slowly to the official game. Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays. I surely will. TL;DR: stop crying and use your brain while playing, it will make your game more enjoyable.
  11. 135 is max, with chibis the new max will be 140. So if you are 105, your max will be 110. If you kill the bosses, your max will be 140.
  12. Because it's so hard to move to the next gift falling down when you see someone waiting for the first one before you. What if he gets a nice chibi pet? What if there is more coal in this gift? Why would I gave him a chance to get something nice when I want to have something nice?! How dare you to demand some fun from this event? Everything belongs to me! ME!!! Sometimes I think these players are just pegomastaxes dressed up as players and I wouldn't be surprised if that was a true statement. Last thing we need is a big overgrown pego the size of a rex with that neon green color, santa hat/costume called Grinch roaming the map and stealing decorations from your base.
  13. The same can be said about official servers. Sometimes during peak hours I see at least 4-6 people on ALL legacy servers, but when I check official servers some say 2-3 players are online. I even saw an empty one. I would suggest migration, but this time for official players. We will gladly share this funny event with you.
  14. Cmon, they announced YESTERDAY they are going to shut down the servers for the enforcement thing today. You had more than 24h to NOT keep your young babies outside. I had 20 babies outside and they are safely sleeping in their cryos while I was safely sleeping knowing they won't die until I come home from work. So calm down mesopithecus, stop throwing poop around.
  15. Uuuhm...I did? As far as I know, beta game is (quoting googled internet resources): It's a work-in-progress version of a game that is released for testing, generally to a limited number of paid testers or selected users. So yeah dude... I don't know what are you talking about . Ok after I stopped laughing I want to add this - you can't analyze data after a day, or a week or even a month after the game was released and make big decisions based on that. You need more information from a longer time period, the longer the better (that's what she said, right?) and collect info in intervals so you can see the progress curve. That's probably one of many reasons they didn't boost the rates after the first week.
  16. Finally someone noticed! Thanks for the love man, I appreciate it
  17. So when someone asks you "Hey dude, do you know if the x2 event is already on?" you respond with "IT'S NOT x2 IT'S ACTUALY x4, please educate yourself about our humble ark history, when developers were testing rates and decided they need to pump the numbers up!!!"
  18. Also don't forget: Compy number one - he looks cute and fun! Compy number two - hey, what are you two up to? Compy number three - ouch, they are biting me!! Compy number four - now I'm lying dead on floor. *Respawn* Now I see a brand new dino, and his name is little dilo. He looks suspicious and mean, but I'm not judging him. When I came closer to check, he floated his weird scaly neck. He shoots his oozing spit, now I can't see shi....anything. When I get my vision back, I feel a chill on my neck. I turn around and see a raptor charging me. He jumped and used his deadly stun, being dead again is no fun. *Respawn* Now I hear a mighty roar, so I peek outside my door. I saw the Jurrasic park and there is no doubt, that's a REX wandering around! If the movie facts are true, I must stand still and don't move. Now I know that was a lie, I should have run away and hide... *Respawn* As I wake up from the dead, I hear a noise - a new threat? Outside I see two shiny MEKs, and they defeated the mighty rex! I run to them to say my thanks, and this is how the story ends. They foundation-wiped my thatch hut, and kicked my lil' sad butt. *Exit game*
  19. You are absolutely right. I made my base during beta on uneven ground and didnt rebuild it since. Made it 3-6 pillars high above the ground, on the far side even higher. For years I have dinos spawning inside (my base is at a river bank). Strangely, from the mix of dinos spawning around there had never been a carnivore, mostly phiomia, oviraptor and sometimes parasaur. I have a lot of theries, raptors, carnos and alpha versions spawning outside tho, sometimes even rex/alpha rex. One time I had a wild ovis chilling with my yuties inside. The only dangerous thing for the last 4-5 years was a wild chalico. But NEVER a carnivore or theri (god bless).
  20. I always have to laugh when people playing on officials say: You need new servers? Kill the legacies. You need to lower the number of servers to reduce costs? Kill the legacies. You need a place where you can test your bugs without people sending in milion tickets? Well, legacies! Those are mostly former-legacy players who decided to jump from this ship and abandon their work and friends because (and I LOVE this sentence) "you are on a borrowed time". You are saying that for years since official release. Keep saying that for the next years too. Now those former-players are salty because we are still not shut down and they traded chill and friendly player base for toxic, chinese-hackers-infested shiny officials. Hope you like being milked by them on both pvp and pve. I agree with you Lycan - leave the testing for beta servers and leave us finally alone.
  21. You realize that was a sarcasm, right? The game is updated quite often these days he didn't say the patches are useful or helpful.
  22. Go to customer support and click on "submit a request". Fill out the ticket and click submit.
  23. If you are on official servers, you have to write a ticket. If you are on legacy, say bye bye to your dinos and start over. If you are on unofficial, ask your admin. We can't help you here.
  24. Is this a completely new update or the "quick 15 minut minor hotfix" that took 2 hours yesterday? Dont want to come home from work and find out the rollback threw my babies out of pods.
  25. And you guys asking for bugs to be breedable in Quality of life forum. Seems you got a nice mutation on this bug! Be careful what you wish for.
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