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  1. @JenHow about a spot where you guys let us know what bugs you are working on? The recognized submitted bugs section on the forum seems to be a joke as aside from the Beta stuff there is only one post recognized as a bug. Its annoying for those of us who have submitted legit bugs to not know of any progress or any sort of priority list. Don't even care about timelines, just some sort of acknowledgement they they are on some list to be worked. I think that is what we all thought this was supposed to be https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/21105-currently-recognized-submitted-bugs/.
  2. Before if I typed "Raw M" in the search all that should show was Raw Meat, which is what I wanted. Now if I type Raw M it gives me every raw thing that also has an M some where in its name. If I wanted everything starting with Raw in my inventory I would not have typed Raw M I would have just typed Raw.
  3. arathein

    Does anyone enjoy the Valentines candy?

    they may not work next weekend. not sure 100% would be great if they did!
  4. arathein

    Cryopods bugged

    Were the animals podded before the patch? If so you have to unpod them and repod for the stats/male or female to show up.
  5. The only way they could actually restore your base is by rolling back the entire server to a back up which would negatively effect all players on that server. I highly doubt they will do that. Typically they don't restore items/materials either. They may do some dinos if you have some proof of what was there. IT takes 5 minutes to create the support request (when it actually works), but it will probably take them at least a week to respond so you may just want to restart building.
  6. At what point will they be able to balance PvP/PvE without effecting the other play style?
  7. So the player escapes but his stuff gets wrecked... You are choosing to PvP don't complain just because someone is using tactics you don't like. Where are your snipers to take care of this guys from a distance? Where are your team members on manas so you can catch em? Where is your team member on a snow owl so you can ice bomb them to hold them still while others open up on it? Many options, its PvP you need to constantly update your tactics for the new threats/defenses. PvP is not a duel where two parties agree to the weapons and whatnot being used.
  8. They are actually community testing it this time, which I give them credit for. Better than them rushing it out and stuff not work making them patch something that causes your build to collapse. If you are antsy in the pantsy to play with it, do the beta.
  9. I think the old submit a ticket page has been nixed. You have to use the Submit PC Bug report thing which basically makes a private forum post. Still takes the same amount of time to get a response it seems. Half the time it doesn't tell me there is a response even though the settings say to notify me of replies. Sorry to hear about your situation.
  10. @Jen Do those raptor, dilo, trike stats include Corrupted variants?
  11. Yea, having wyv eggs be for a kibble will probably reduce how often people throw them out of their inventory in the air instead of eating them and glitching the wyv next.
  12. Snow owls, which are new with extinction (duh) also don't have a use for their eggs (other than feeding titanboas). WC Please make it so that every egg that is laid has a use, otherwise what is the point of the dino laying the unfert egg? Other than omelettes.
  13. I think they should address the frequency at which titanboas lay eggs so they are a more viable egg source. We have 12 boas on Center and I think the most I have gotten out of them in one day of playing was 6 or so eggs. I haven't spent enough time to know it as a fact, but it seems like they don't lay that often, even when they are away from other eggers (we have ours in a special pen away from other things), in the swamp (if that matters anymore), with multiple oviraptors (because in theory the oviraptor buff stacks up to 3 ovi raptors) and even if I sit on a chair having them rendered in for hours.
  14. What I have noticed is if they are in a spot where ANY of the placing options would make it too close to enemy foundation/gate it won't place even if you aren't putting it that direction and it is green. The only time I have been able to get one to place is when I swiveled it around and it never hit an enemy foundation/gate area. Another great idea that doesn't seem it was thoroughly tested.