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  1. It makes me sad to have empty or half painted things all over
  2. Hello all! I love to upload photos to canvas on my base, but as of lately every time I try It kicks me from server halfway through the painting. Any idea why? I just made a new template this morning so it's def not corrupted. Edit: PC Specs: i7-8700k, 16GB DDR4-4000, GTX 1080 Ti (before someone blames my pc 😅)
  3. Nessy89

    RTX 2080 BSOD in Ark

    I have been getting the BSOD randomly, as has my fiance for the past week. I am wondering if in the last update something it the coding caused this, it was never an issue before. We have the 1080Ti though, just built our PC's a month ago. I will give this a shot, sick of randomly losing otters to it. LOL Thank you
  4. Nessy89

    Servers just vanished - Bug?

    Yeah x.x just woke up to do my imprint. Sigh
  5. Nessy89

    Servers just vanished - Bug?

    What I don't understand is how some can get on, and others can't. Flushed DNS, Verified Files. x.x
  6. Nessy89

    Servers just vanished - Bug?

    Having the same issue! All my servers are gone but two, same with my fiance and 3 tribe mates x.x
  7. I think that Ark should implement some pay to play server clusters, Monthly sub style. I am sick of the servers constantly being capped by box tribes using them as a parking lot. I really do enjoy this game and I have a few thousand hours into it. Just tired of not being able to tame or hatch. I watched one tribe let his timers run down to 16 hours, and then he logs in just to refresh and feed, and he is gone for a week again. His wood base with hundreds of the same kind of dino's is kinda obvious he doesn't actually play here. There are many tribes like this on my main server. I think that paid servers would alleviate a lot of strain from the regular servers, and hopefully help out Wildcard with continuing improvements to the game. I know myself and many other tribe mates would gladly pay to have a less populated server. I doubt people who wanna use the server as a parking lot are going to want to pay monthly. And yes, I know that we can host our own private servers, but the community is not the same. I would rather pay Wildcard to have a big community / cluster available.
  8. My fiance and I decided since we have some time to finally hatch our giga eggs. We are sitting here watching babies with full inventory's of meat just stop eating for no reason. We are not leaving render, standing right in front of them and they keep getting eating disorders. No sleep for the next 28 hours
  9. Nessy89

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    No support to legacy servers... "Thanks for putting up with all our BS, now go F yourselves" Awesome!
  10. Nessy89

    Disappearing Dinos Fix Thread

    Server 593 PVE -The Center Had a freshly tamed Equus vanish off the back of the quetz when we were leaving the Underground World, entrance coords 49,59. We were flying up the tunnel and we were randomly teleported to the top. Equus was gone, nothing in tribe log, no where around the entrance or in the area. She was really pretty.
  11. Nessy89

    ARK's Valentine Celebration

    Awesome! How useful for those servers already at dino cap thanks to the server transfers and Chinese tribes using PVE servers as storage