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  1. Hello All, Have a issue, We all went to Rag 70 for a boss fight, characters are level 100 plus, however we cannot return back to our original server. It will not allow us to upload at obi. Have tried to kill the character, and that doesn't work. Anyone have a similar issue and a fix?
  2. Teresa

    Apparent Bugs with new patch?

    @JatheishThe argent looks awesome but in PVE it is picking up wild* dinos.
  3. Teresa

    Can't use Zipline anchors

    Same issue
  4. Teresa

    Defenses against nameless and reapers. Please teach me!

    Make sure you push T when the bulbdog is actually on your shoulder and select emotes then select Light! it will then be *On*
  5. Thought I would share, i love all the creative stuff I see in here, Kudos! SO I added one to the batch, I have a base on PvE server and a public crafting area. This large area called for a statue to finish it off and the tribe name is Kitty Boom Boom. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/894392297507270903/A6603E4AB0330AA059BF8B582E9FE00F768B1A6C/
  6. Someone started the boss fight.. Your dinos were ported in
  7. Teresa

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Didn't you write a notice saying that we would have at least 30 days to transfer and make our bases? Now we have 5?? And those of us who have stuck it out and supported you in all these changes like them or not we didn't leave and now you are saying if we keep our bases that we have currently we have no customer support. Cannot transfer element and have no rates higher than regular to help us build this new base??? and then to top it all off we cannot even transfer dino's?? This is crap.. You expect for us to keep our word and then you don't.
  8. Teresa

    NA-PVE-Isolated-Ragnarok11 is down.

    I have put up a server , you all are welcome to join. NA PvE Ragnarok 1, it is set at x2 same as events.
  9. Teresa

    NA-PVE-Isolated-Ragnarok11 is down.

    wow really , a bit rude aren't you? I come here because it is about 11, and has been, I have not read or posted the whole board as apparently some have..
  10. Teresa

    NA-PVE-Isolated-Ragnarok11 is down.

    I do not see Rag11 or rag50 in list
  11. Teresa

    NA-PVE-Isolated-Ragnarok11 is down.

    OK ty, I guess I never realized the PvE/PvP servers were together. Truthfully I was shocked when I saw the PvP on the end of your server name lol ty for replying
  12. Teresa

    NA-PVE-Isolated-Ragnarok11 is down.

    How would this effect Ragnarok11 PvE server? Are we c0onnected in the same cluster? I do agree witht he Ddos though as when watching server this time, it said server full. When we are not in it
  13. Teresa

    NA-PVE-Isolated-Ragnarok11 is down.

    yes It is down and this time a long time has not came up, ok yes it came back, I was on it 2 minutes and down it went. It came up and went back down before we could even load onto it now... just give me 5 min to get my dino home..
  14. Teresa

    NA-PVE-Isolated-Ragnarok11 is down.

    @ThzNutz Hey:) Need you to let you know we have major issues, Last 15 min server Ragnarok11 has kicked everyone off every 5 min. Last 2 times less than get on and you are off again. Something is up. It was actually doing really well earlier today we had hours of play with no dc. Please let them know and TY. 4:56PM PDT server kicked us all out again. 5:08PM PDT Server up/ down again 5:18 PM PDT Server up 1 min then Down