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  1. Same, I have the engram showing I should have all but 1 fight and all the engrams are gone. Please fix. Only on Genesis it seems.
  2. Teresa

    Loot Box Loot?

    Loot Box Loot? Today when I bought a 20k loot crate I looked forward to seing if i could start getting some bp's etc as we are to that level now in game. and 20k hex later I got this? Is this normal?
  3. check 50/50 for your dino, it auto ports there in val and island if they disapear.
  4. Center 56 PVE is the server I am thinking today Ill go back and have a lot of pillars that are gone, the ladders went with the update. I lost ceiling tiles in the water pen, most things seem to be foundation items that were placed in the non solid rocks placed in areas (cannot pillar top yet need pillar for foundation structure above if that makes sense. Center some tribes lost half their base. Bases that sit on beach across from skull mountain. Also I used the cord commands to go into single player and see where things were lost. Here they are if you all want to look also. I did investigate the cords, use this to see where yours are located. Solo Player mode. https://arkids.net/command/setplayerpos#
  5. The post from Panda was 2 days ago. and if your extinction server is up for 30 min you are lucky. We don't get more than 5-10 minutes tops before it crashes. FYI from sounds of it, sounds like Panda is swamped by whatever is happening.
  6. ~Only dinos that are already on Abberation are allowed for most part. -You can also bring all extinction creatures minus the snow owl. -A non aberrant variant of a radiation immune dino isn't radiation immune fyi. -Aberrant dinos boast slightly more damage and slightly less hp (on the top of my head its like 5% less hp, 4% more damage or something.
  7. We buy a game really cheap play it for 1000's of hours and then complain because something doesn't work. To top it off the developers for new content is not same people that work on servers, or handle public relations or even do security stuff. Its like you yelling at the guy who is painting the building when the toilet doesn't flush.
  8. Good morning Miss Tiia, I agree, We have this issue today. 10 ice wyvern babies trapped in cryopods after transferring to mains after after hatching. Messg (Cannot deploy) Also @ Polar Bears I took from Valguero to Center and a Rock Golem I trapped up in Chalk. Raptor Pictures on the cryopods but broken and cannot use.
  9. I look for events that have active GM's participating. interaction/monitor type style. Also I would like events that we could get limited edition items. That would be cool. Special stuff (instant reskill/or other costumes that only you can have like bronto to brachi style.. suits, a dress style would be awesome. Uniqueness.
  10. From twitter: Survivors, PC servers are being redeployed with the previous version (298.37) and will be updated at a later point. I am contemplating same but it is what it is, says at a later date.
  11. It was not a scheduled down time, I would think it has something urgent to attend too. just cross your fingers, response time is so short now, send in a ticket if you have a issue. GL.
  12. for some reason this post is not showing up well, but we are still having the issue.
  13. Still have this issue and no dinos spawning in lake or on land or river. No karkinos where they were , some lakes are puffing like dust, cannot drink the water. No fish in lakes either.
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