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  1. I used cryosick baby wyverns to tame troodons before they removed the cryosickness on official pve, it was an extremely easy way to tame them and completely viable. So I don't think the cryosickness is causing the issue
  2. Baryonyxs too, I guess? If you count their sound as a roar
  3. They reappear every time you log back in, it is really annoying so I just don't remove them manually anymore and just deal with the lag whenever I open the tab
  4. I've been looking for some on official pve, over 3 months and I haven't spotted a single one. I've killed all the fish over and over again It's been a well known bug for awhile, no otters or beavers spawn anymore
  5. Where did they say karkinos would be breedable after tlc 3? As far as I know, it only included insects(like spiders. scorpions, etc), onyc and lymantria. I didn't see any mention of karkinos breeding
  6. OP was talking about pve, not pvp. As said before, people who play pvp can fight over them. This post was about how frustrating this event is on those who play pve
  7. Before CI was released on consoles, tropeos spawned on every map where tapejaras already spawned(because they shared their spawn) for a couple months. However, now after CI was released they only spawn on that map
  8. Ragnarok desert drops seem to be the best place for riot bps and just a lot of other nice, hard to get items and saddles. The only issue about them is that they're quite hard to find if you're not on a server with other people who have built next to it, so I'd recommend putting a small dino gate close or on top of where they spawn (it won't prevent it from spawning) so it's easier to see it from a distance. The drops contain a nice variety of premades and bps of saddles, weapons and armour which commonly are within journeyman-ascendant quality. Riot is quite common in them, so you won't h
  9. On official, the damage cap on saddles is 369% which does 1662 damage on a direct hit according to the wiki (the wiki could be wrong as it's not an official site), so it really depends on if you're willing to spend all those resources on it, and it would be better to use a crafting character or mindwipe and pump all crafting skill if you were to make it just to get the extra % added on. I personally haven't used tropeos but people say they're quite good for killing wyverns and such, so if you think it's a good investment then go for it. Keep in mind that all tropeo saddles only give 25 ar
  10. I know that before you would lose the baby if you transferred but recently I've seen people transferring to different maps on official while pregnant. But I looked it up and I didn't see anything about it being changed so I'm kinda confused. Sorry if this is a stupid question
  11. No, the cakes are the only way to tame them. Fortunately, 1 cake is all you need to tame any level (1-150)
  12. Your mount regains insane stamina when you dismount regardless if you hit it or not, it's not a bug. Hitting it does nothing, it just gives it time to regain stam before you remount it
  13. That happened to me as well, the babies fall under the map. The females have to give birth on a foundation or structure to prevent the baby from falling under
  14. Magmasaurs do in fact get alot of crystal, they get way more crystal, obsidian and metal than an anky. Why did you think they don't gather crystal?
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