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  1. Yes, that's exactly what happens. Time pauses the moment it disappears
  2. Same here, Our val server is down, xbox pve 1097 Ours has been going down 1-2 times daily this week
  3. 1. Last V-day the chocolates stayed but were removed later due to duping 2. Ced said that the quality of the rod doesn't matter when replying to people's comments on Twitter. From my personal experience (using a jm rod vs a prim rod) I've noticed better rods get way more candies and chocolates, got 13 candies from a single fish with jm around 4-5 max with prim. Chibis I have no idea, on the rarer chibis I got a paracer, rex and theri chibi using jm so far. Got only a giga using prim
  4. Already submitted one, I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem
  5. NA-PVE-XboxOfficial-Valguero1097 is down Our pve val server has been down for a few hours, can't find it on the list of servers when we tried to log on to fill troughs. We also have babies out but they're probably dead already
  6. No, that is called kiting and it's against the COC Under 'PVE Griefing' near the bottom
  7. My tribemate and I think you're amazingly awesome, Cedric
  8. After the console update, the system decided to destroy one of our troughs that was covered by a harvestable rock. Xbox Official Pve, Valguero
  9. There are no friendly pvp servers but if you try building on abb there are alot of small areas where it will be hard to find your base easily. Watch some yt videos on it, abb is the best for solo or duo tribes
  10. Yes, they were always 3%. The winter event contained 2x taming, maturation, xp and harvesting so it doubled the imprints (gigas were 6% each during it)
  11. Xbox here, can't log in and we have babies to feed
  12. Pros: 2x breeding, xp, harvesting and especially taming was amazing as always. Chibis are adorable. Cons: Toxic people because of drops. Drops not containing the best loot, got too many sickles. Lag because of the sheer number of people on. Chibis not working as intended, mine kept losing lvls The event was great overall, would love to see some chibis of untameable creatures in the future. Such as seekers, nameless, mantis, ect. Water chibis would be cute as well, maybe have them float in the air like the flyer chibis
  13. On PVE Official, I lost a reaper chibi and a yuty chibi after the update, the reaper was our rarest chibi
  14. Best Surface Area on Abb For Drops? Hey all, I'm wondering which surface area on abb is the best for getting drops with high quality loot or a high quantity of drops at the same time. I have a drake to do them so difficulty isn't an issue. Thanks in advance.
  15. Sorry for your loss, may he rest in peace. I'll definitely join the giga walk to raise awareness
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