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  1. I'm not 100% sure this will work for you, but I believe you must put in the following in the startup parameters for the server. Seems to work for me. Also you may need to make sure that wild tameable dinos are the max lvl of 150, so after putting these settings below in, you must write "cheat DestroyWildDinos" command to ensure that the change is in place. Make sure the questionmark is also copied and pasted. ?OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5
  2. Ragnarok Download Size? -Answered-

    G'day traveller, I hope this information helps you on your way onto Ragnarok.. Beware of the flying lions!
  3. Your Game is doomed (PvP)

    No, just no. If you don't like PVP, go play PVE. There is many PVE servers to choose from.
  4. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Hello Jat! Is there any possibility we can have an option to turn off Global Chat and also the new Alliance Chat, without having to turn off our Tribe Chat? Would be really cool because we play a International game, and I don't speak German, French or whatever else language our allies speak, and I am not very interested in reading spam from 10 hours on record people spamming the chat asking to join a tribe, or crying because they got wiped/ raided on a PVP Official. It's quite annoying. Would love this hiding different "channels" option enormously! Thanks for a great game otherwise! Also for where to put this option, it would be cool if there was a tickbox in the chat that you can click on with your mouse cursor to "unsubscribe" to unwanted "channels". A bit easier than messing around with our already messed up hotkeys, and the already too large settings menu.
  5. s

    Here is a link for where you should report Official Server abuse. I am guessing this thread will be removed like what happened when I did a thread on the same topic. So here is your chance to do right:
  6. Hello. After I read next patchnotes (read quote below) I have come to the conclusion that updates/ or the whole game should seriously be separated due to the stupidity that they will A. never be used in a PVP official or unofficial game. Yes PVP RP servers may use it.. But PVP RP is about the same as PVE anyways. I understand like 1% of the players love it but the majority doesn't.. And B. They aren't in any way making PVP better. Or like that update that brought a camera.. That costs 80 black pearl. One of the most rare resources on Official and you decide a camera must use that? Like how in the world are you thinking?! So reading and analyzing next patchnotes we see "New Mechanic: Hairstyles & Facial Hair (with real-time growing), Hair Dye-ing, & Haircutting and.. Scissors? So after a quick thinking that makes me think of The Sims. Is ARK going to be a The Sims game? Or what in the world is going on over at your studio Wildcard? Or lances.. Like come on, no one in this whole world will seriously be playing using that.. Maybe RP but RP is a small percentage of players. It's about time to split your game again just as with Survival of The Fittest. Make one part of it RP and PVE, with updates that PVP people will never use, and vice versa. Just my point of view. For the love of the game, do something about your less oriented PVP updates, split the updates and don't bring out stupid things to PVP. Like trolling new players to make a camera where they waste 80 pearls for something that will eventually break and require more pearls, or something they will lose in a raid where the raiding tribe will drop the camera because it is just stupid.. Hello Wildcard have you heard about F12 in Steam? I am sure Xbox and PlayStation have the same in some way. Just some thoughts I just had to share with the ARK community. I love the game but not how the game is going in the wrong direction. I understand updates for the PVE commuity must come out, but then please split the game in favour for PVE only. Don't make Bob lvl 50 make a camera just because he thinks it will be useful. Oh and lvl 50 for it? Wait what? A lvl 50 farming black pearls on a official PVP server is killed anyways.. I think or actually, I do believe that this would also make all of us on PVP servers more happy by skipping the amount of extra engrams in the already messy engrams list and over all, it would probably make PVE players happy where as for them I don't understand why they get heavy weaponry, rockets and everything to it when they are playing PVE. Is it for blowing up their own homes or what? Over 'n out.
  7. Ex alphas keep coming back

    In what way did my post have anything to do with what you just said?
  8. Bring Back Platforms Having 0% weight

    This is stupid. Just tame/ breed a quetzal that is going to be used for mainly farming, then put max weight onto it, and some movement speed and problem solved. I don't glitch mine. I do it the real way with ankylo lifted with the quetzal legs, and other player hitting rocks. I do one run in Volcano on Official Servers with no issues, also on 2x weekends. Weight is 3400 something.
  9. Ex alphas keep coming back

    That is very true. Sadly for most people, there's only like 1% of the ptera riders that knows how to maneuver a Ptera the right way. I don't think threadstarter has what it takes. Atleast that is what it sounds like.
  10. Ex alphas keep coming back

    Being a part of an alpha tribe and having no wyverns is just biggest issue as far as I see it but that's the whole game that WildCard wants today. People gotta pay money for a DLC that can eventually help a new tribe on any server to get to a good respected position and even aim at alpha from week 1. Enemytribes will bring wyverns do any server to attack, and are doing it right now and they will not stop until you are taken out. If you took alpha position from them, you should be prepared for them to take that position back, and if you can't kill their wyverns you probably haven't prepped your base enough with turrets.
  11. No more rain pls

    Rain is one of the 4 weather effects for Scorched Earth with the 3 other weather effects being Scorched Earth exclusive. I am happy for the rain, I live in the desert far away from waterwells and watersources!
  12. Rich Metal Rocks (Bug)

    It's still quite stupid, but I am sure it will be fixed eventually.
  13. Rich Metal Rocks (Bug)

    It is a bug, I believe ARK devs have already heard about it. I know on Steamcommunity, a ARK dev actually answered about it, so yes, it is a bug and it will be fixed sometime.. There's just probably more important bugs to take care of I'd say. Or maybe it is a balancing issue.
  14. Rates should be like this normally to be honest. I've put lots on hours into Official PVP 179 and seriously, since I started a full-time job, I can't sit 4-5 hours taming stuff anymore. Also, new players choose Unofficial over Official because of the 1x rates. I think better rates overall would make the server I play on, and other official PVP servers popular again. But overall, it's a good initiative from ARK devs to give us this and if they don't wanna change rates, I will eventually go on to unofficial myself since official PVP servers are so dead I can walk around without weaponry and no one attacks me. Official PVP is far more PVE than PVE servers as of now.. I will be taming a new 100+ pteranodon this weekend tho since mine died thanks to ceiling clipping glitches.
  15. Rich Metal Rocks (Bug)

    The solution is. Use a ankylo with max damage of 400%, when you go up to 500% you get max 30-50, with a 400% one I get more.