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  1. We've played ARK for 7+ years and the best you lot could do was bring us a boring Island map with 3000% amount of level 20 dinos again and same boring content that we had already for 7 years. Great job. Rather than give us release dates for new maps/ content - just announce it when its actually ready for release. The game is slowly dying, the game is boring as hell at this point and people are letting their bases decay or just giving away everything because there is better survival games now. Official PVP is stale also, the same broken poop as it was before.
  2. Was just wondering where this is, and why Dollie is acting community manager in the Discord.. Also 1.5x rates going live at 04:08 AM SATURDAY Central European Time is NOT okay.. It's already past 12 AM in OC and far-east Asia. Can we please go back to where it starts around 7pm CET?! 🤬
  3. Fun with event and all, but less fun when server has been tame capped for 3 weeks now and your GM team doesn't remove pillar spammers. Without rule enforcement, your official PVE servers are running like poop and people are quitting already citing no cryopods and no enforcement as reasons to go unofficial again. Just sad, the influx of new people to Official PVE has been great but it doesn't last, people are used to active moderating of servers, not tickets taking forever to be responded to, and then closed without anything being done because GMs only care about PVP right now? Unofficial servers had modders bringing Cryopods on first week, why are we to wait so long?!
  4. There is a very simple way to track this information, bring up dino tracking in-game and search for the baby dino in question there. There is a small timer that says when your baby ate last. Just watch that timer go up and whenever it resets, that's the number in seconds that you are looking for. If it goes up to 50 seconds, then it means your dino eats every 50 seconds for example. Edit: This only works if you play ASA however.
  5. Snap a Pillar on a Fence Foundation to claim land without blocking resources, snapping a Pillar on a Fence Foundation is also cheaper than double-stacking pillars to put ladders.
  6. Servers crashing every 2-3hrs or so must get fixed asap, and the 15+ min rollbacks are NOT fun.
  7. Waiting eagerly for ARK remastered minimum requirement specs.. I want to play it but I'm not sure my GTX 960 is up for the task. Graphicscards are still too expensive for upgrading in 2023 with inflation. If we would get AMD FSR 2.1 maybe would be possible to play. Please devs remember that people have played ARK 1 on potato GPUs for years.. Do not gate keep ARK remaster behind RTX graphicscards. Some of us just wants to play official no matter what, the community is great. 😱
  8. Very appreciated that the important info is at the top before the wall of images. 😀
  9. Not even a week in and there is already aimbotters as always. Snail Games stop neglect your clusters, you kill Classic after 2 week EVERY SINGLE SEASON with these insane hackers running free. I understand you like your countrymen but tell them to play fair for damn once. Not gonna even bother reporting, our tribe done this for many season and nothing happening other than that we get wiped off from cheaters EVERY season so we just don't want to bother with it anymore.
  10. Shouldn't you be happy if you have event colours still running around in the world? Stop complain. 🙃
  11. Syntac don’t have to test anything, he’s always yearsss behind on everything. Pls stahp spam his links and share some PVP official players who actually know how to play the game. Deinonychus defeats all bosses no problems, in fact with many damage and health mutations, many other tames can do it too. In the end, breeding events is really helpful for the official life. No one tames anything on these events anyway, all mutations are 3 years ahead. Aaaand harvest rates crashes gen2 server, thanks, no thanks
  12. Why though? The chinese aimbotters will ruin this cluster too.. No one wants to play Classic PVP with the bad GM support coverage. People get wiped from the aimbotters and noone gets banned. Snail Games GMs sucks so much.
  13. Thanks for not doing EVO events anymore.. The servers are working 2x better instead of 10x worse with EVO events on.
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