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  1. nipe

    Tame cap griefer on EU PVE 372

    Also here's evidence of the unclaming for other tribe thing.. He forgot one rex unclaimed, and I claimed it as for proof. Video showing off the area; after about 5 crashes and hours of lag and rubberband, the server is somewhat more calm and you can move around without rubberband. As I state in above, he unclaims rexes when he runs out of tame slots, thus there is multiple rexes owned by him on the Obelisk ground in "allied" tribes. Earlier today I found one rex unclaimed in his base and claimed it for evidence purposes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeOn2EJF1TU&feature=youtu.be Video shows off whole area including the tribenames of his alternate tribes.
  2. nipe

    ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    I will legit throw dollar bills down the throats of Wildcard devs if this is happening. I already supported stupid projects like TSL so why not support something that will maybe push out 5FPS on iPhone if I'm lucky?
  3. nipe

    ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    I will legit buy it, if this is no joke.. But my iPhone 7 will legit put out max 5FPS and I won't give a ****. I will now have chance at understanding how the console plebian primates (no I don't intend to hate on console players, this was purely a joke, don't get triggered pls.) live in ARK: Survival Evolved. All hate aside, let's become Alpha tribe on Official Servers on iPhone too!
  4. I'm EU player going over to NA. We have absolutely no increase what so ever in ping on the server. Server Ping is stable at 60-70.. This change will completely kill off everyone that isn't cheating or exploiting in ARK. Especially those who box their Quetzals (not OK in ARK Official Rules) but people do it for a raid, and remove it after and no one uses their real tribe name so reporting is therefore useless too. What will happen when this update hits is that people will come with 5 30-40K health Stegos, a boxed Quetzal and any base will go down. We've looked at getting more Rock Elementals, Dilos and Arthroplueras but they are too weak and unbalanced for this game. People have fab snipers at 285% dmg. They take out anything so quickly. And we had people trying to raid few days ago with Stegos, and the server didn't lag. ARK devs are focusing on wrong problems. Our Legacy have bases with maybe 5K turrets. Nothing ever lagged during raids.
  5. I've never gotten wiped on my experience on Official PVP. Alpha Tribe since 2015 after first wipe, and then Alpha Tribe/ Alliance since last wipe this year. We have region-based players, US, EU and Asia. All covered 24/7. People work, people sleep, people have fun, people just comes back to re-grind after wipes of Official. It's amazing and you don't understand a bit of it from what I understand. We have no lags on our server, and we have 1300 turrets on our ONLY main base. We have one big base and that's it. The change that should come is instead to limit bases per server. Limit tribe bases to 3. Currently, on the lagging servers, especially on Ragnarok with 255 ping, people in the same tribe build everywhere and they build big structures reaching structure limit all over. We learned from that when we started on TheIsland, and only have one base, and we have server ping at MAX 70. No lag at all, and we have no complaints from other tribes on our server about lag either. Conclusion: The servers there is problem on is Nitrado-hosted servers in mostly EU, Asia and OC. NA servers are fine for the most part.
  6. You don't know what you are talking about. I hope you know that. I understand you will never understand how to defend a base since you're probably a PVE/ Roleplayer. But let me tell you. If you have a main base, you're on a OFFICIAL PVP server without ORP, you go to sleep, and come back day after and a single guy has raided you, and killed all your dinos you have spent weeks after weeks breeding using just 10 Stegos, or 3-5 Brontos. 100 Turrets with 20% buff equals 120 turrets. People have ~1000+ turrets today because META, big alliances invade your server and you have no chance to defend your server. For next time you're trying to be smart, try Official PVP on servers without ORP before talking bullpoop. And when CC Army, BLDX or Evil Empire comes invading your server where you have a base within a certain range with 100 turrets, you will get foundation wiped, no matter how many players defending. *And excuse the language, this update pisses off everyone who have spent thousands of hours into Official PVP so I may use extremely more negative words because of that. Blame ARK devs if you feel offended.
  7. I'm not 100% sure this will work for you, but I believe you must put in the following in the startup parameters for the server. Seems to work for me. Also you may need to make sure that wild tameable dinos are the max lvl of 150, so after putting these settings below in, you must write "cheat DestroyWildDinos" command to ensure that the change is in place. Make sure the questionmark is also copied and pasted. ?OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5