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  1. I'm not saying bases are the sole reason, I know bad hardware is a thing because Wildcard host multiple servers on the same dedicated machine.. But this game has a issue with rendering and it is causing server problems. This game was never going to work with people and massive bases. There should have been a tribe limit per server as well as lower max player cap. I come from a PVP background and when a PVP server is lagging a lot, you wipe the players who are causing it by having dinos out in the open, tails being rendered constantly.. It solves the problem. The issue isn't much different on PVE. More bases, more issues. Less bases, less issues. The facts are there. There is tribe going around griefing with corrupted gigas on 463. Avoid server if you intend on having public TP.
  2. Raised Ice Wyverns from like summer event is transferrable to Extinction. Moved my Ice Wyv from Valg to Ext without issues and back and forth a few times now. It seems as older eggs were not bugged?
  3. Breeding events is probably the most requested thing so I don't have to push that line.. Something that would be nice is imprint events with shorter timer in between to help us hard working men to get the imprints we desire without having to cryo gigas for months to complete it.
  4. Nice 2 timeout kicks in matter of 15 minutes. Luckily I been sitting in my base demolishing months of work to transfer off stuff to a new server. I guess it will only be a while until that too will crash. People need to realize, they are also partly to blame for the server crashes. Do not build in the city. Use your brain.. When you are in your massive City base, you render 10+ massive bases around you (EVEN IF THEY ARE OFFLINE YOU RENDER THEM TOO!) and other tribe dinosaurs and this cause server to lag and crash. Also people don't know what Cryopods are after it being in the game for over a year now? You don't need to have 400 Gigas uncryoed just because you are a breeder. There is low sleep timer on Gigas, they will wake up fast for mating. And edit: This is not only for 465. This happens every server where breeders think they are landlords and put their tames all over and on allied proxy tribes.
  5. Why is it, that every community crunch is so short nowadays? Something that would make the crunch so much better were if you asked relevant players what they think on the Official situation. Your view of fixing things and moving on doesn’t work. We need a full Official PvP wipe when your inplementations are done. Nearly every relevant mega tribe has cheaters today. Not only exploiters, but Aimbotters and third party tool users in general. There is even hackers on Official PVE opening locked doors and containers using third party tools and exploits. Will you at WC ever realize that the Official servers, including off projects like aimbotting infested Classic PvP need an active policing support that checks the most populated servers during wars and such? I mean, I doubt you really understand how bad it is now. Skip words, act instead. What happens now has gone on since Legacy. Time for Legacy 2.0 for PVP!
  6. Usually, avoid any YouTuber that sounds like they are in need of taking a dump, YouTubers like Syntac with video titles all crazy with caps on. They make great money from you of off bad videos with the sole intention to create a easy income. It’s like any ads, it’s their job to fool you into clicking it.
  7. Most evil players on ARK isn't on Offi PvP but on PvE. Pillar spammers, griefers who drag dinos to your base haha. I'm not surprised.
  8. It's way too late though. This should've happened before DLC releases.
  9. Disable cave building, disable Titans for anything but to kill Alpha Titan. There's a reason cave META is a thing. You caused it, and you have to fix it - by removing stupidly OP stuff from the game. Titans have no place in this game. For next DLC release, I hope you have a test group of PVP players so we don't have OP stuff on release by accident because you want cool PVE features for this game, for PVE players.. That makes game features too strong for PVP players.
  10. Some more info on Classic PvP Season 2 pls? It's been weeks now since announcement. Season 1 is already dead. All relevant tribes quit long ago due to the cheater fest you allowed to happen. We had streamers on our alliance, and we got aimbotted live on stream by these and no evidence was enough for a dev wipe. You have to up your rules for Classic.. Also applies to Small Tribes. Inviting a cheater for server defense should mean a full dev wipe for every tribe that invites that same cheater over and over again. We wiped CG and they were cheating over and over while defending, and after wiping them, doing YOUR work, they continued to play on another cluster before transfer opening and had free game to cheat once again. Can you please fix this sh** before Season 2?
  11. I need transmitter too, can come with own rex, 1k melee. Sadly only got 65 armor saddle. I think doing beta arena on Ragnarok would be easiest.
  12. I will help you with a alpha tribe on the iPhone ark

  13. I will legit throw dollar bills down the throats of Wildcard devs if this is happening. I already supported stupid projects like TSL so why not support something that will maybe push out 5FPS on iPhone if I'm lucky?
  14. I will legit buy it, if this is no joke.. But my iPhone 7 will legit put out max 5FPS and I won't give a ****. I will now have chance at understanding how the console plebian primates (no I don't intend to hate on console players, this was purely a joke, don't get triggered pls.) live in ARK: Survival Evolved. All hate aside, let's become Alpha tribe on Official Servers on iPhone too!
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