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  1. Nice video, especially when the dude stops to type instead of scoping. Must have been overcome with excitement or something
  2. Eggs Dropped in the sky Anyone know if dropping wyv or Deino eggs in the sky is still glitching nest? We have this player on our Valg server that is constantly throwing out Wyv eggs and now even Deino eggs in the sky. I don't understand why this person can't just eat the egg if they don't want it. I reached out to support about it and doing this isn't against the CoC but that they would discuss it.
  3. Link it, we'll upvote it there too
  4. How does a drop calculate what goes into a boss fight? They would just be applying the drop logic to the transmitter. It is up to the player to know how close they need to be/how far they need to keep dinos away from it. Teleporter is also smaller than the space that the obi/drops pull things in. Additionally the teleporter doesn't not have an inventory system so you are talking about adding programming to an asset when the majority of the programming already exists in the transmitter. the only thing missing from the transmitter that is different from a drop or obi is the boss fight option.
  5. When they first had transmitters you could boss fight from them, but the problem was that there was no "tribe lock" like with a gate or a vault or anything else that you have to open.. you know kinda like dedicated storage right now... -.- Anyway... so in PvP people were coming to other people's bases who had a transmitter and dinos around it and starting a boss fight to suck away that tribe's dinos (thus killing them) So instead of putting locking mechanisms on the transmitter (kinda like the doors in Jurassic Park) they disabled boss fighting from the transmitter. They later added a lock and pin code to the transmitter but never turn boss fights back on. You would figure they could make it a toggle like Flyer pick up and the other things they have in the server settings, then they can EASILY turn it on for PvE and leave it off in PvP if it causes some type of angst there. UpVoted
  6. Trike Charge broken against OSDs I was just doing a yellow drop cuz I was bored and was starting wave five with only 1k dmg done to the drop. As I was going around chomping a single corrupted trike (not an enraged one just regular corrupted) charged the OSD and took it down to 20K health in ONE SHOT. That is too far overpowered. 4 waves of pteras, paracers, spinos, arthros, raptors, carnos, and other trikes and a singe trike in wave 5 did over 25K dmg to the drop with an attack. When a charge hits my giga it doesn't do as much damage so it seems to be something unique to the OSDs.
  7. You know what update I would be happy with? Not having to hear anytime someone across half the map completes an ele vein or drop on extinction. That would be great
  8. @stevealicious I"m with you, though I am only at just around 200 otters myself. Anyone who has otters knows they are not easy to maintain. Only eating fish, have a consumption rate similar to a giga for their base food stat. You have to feed them twice a week if you want to ensure they don't starve. But yea I am in the same boat, I had to unpod all of mine so I could get a good count and be able to pod them with the current pod logic (they were podded before the pods even showed stats) and to let them get off CD. I put billboards up around them hoping not to get reported, and the server was not capped when I had them out. But yea it is a gamble. If I were you I would reach out to support and get a direct response from them on the situation or maybe Jen or Cedric could direct you to an answer quicker. Unfortunately though even if Jen/Cedric verified it is fine, I have found that CoC items that leave room for interpretation can get interpreted differently depending on who has the case.
  9. Yes to the first - This would also allow people to share telepad with allies on extinction without having to worry about griefers teleporting corrupted things like they do. Devs just go to servers and look how many teleporters there are in the same areas because our options are only to share them with the entire server or don't share them at all. Yes to the 2nd - While there is the option to turn off the Auto chatbox pop up, all too often one or two people who want to bicker, argue, air their dirty laundry, use global chat as tribe chat because they are too lazy to use the right button or hit tab after enter, ruin the in game chat for everyone. Maybe do something like the Isle has done, you press a button and it lists the players on the server, in that list there is a box that you can check to ignore that user. Boom done. Yes to the 3rd - Those of us who have thousands of thousands of hours in Ark sometimes need to have a break. Not everyone has the luxury of tribemates because people come and people go. most people that have been around for a while and have breeding lines and what not don't often invite unknown people into their tribe because even with tribe ranks anyone in your tribe can kill any dino they want by stabbing or shooting it. Tribe ranks is also a PITA to setup once your tribe has been established because it doesn't apply to structures already in the time.
  10. Facts - or at least the damage to structures. The damage to dinos doens't bother met as much, but a level 10 C Giga being able to munch through your metal in 2 or 3 bites is a bit redic.
  11. I'm sorry but WHAT? Wyvs are supposed to be "kings of the sky" but since they got their stam nerfed they are not. Before the nerf I would fight with a dozen wild wyvs on my imprinted lit wyv and we would fight in the sky for a while and it was great. With the nerf your high stam imprinted wyv gets what 4 or 5 breaths before it has to land? That is not King of the sky.
  12. @JenHow about a spot where you guys let us know what bugs you are working on? The recognized submitted bugs section on the forum seems to be a joke as aside from the Beta stuff there is only one post recognized as a bug. Its annoying for those of us who have submitted legit bugs to not know of any progress or any sort of priority list. Don't even care about timelines, just some sort of acknowledgement they they are on some list to be worked. I think that is what we all thought this was supposed to be https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/21105-currently-recognized-submitted-bugs/.
  13. Before if I typed "Raw M" in the search all that should show was Raw Meat, which is what I wanted. Now if I type Raw M it gives me every raw thing that also has an M some where in its name. If I wanted everything starting with Raw in my inventory I would not have typed Raw M I would have just typed Raw.
  14. they may not work next weekend. not sure 100% would be great if they did!
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