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  1. arathein

    Pick up dinos with Argy

    I like how after all this time since they deleted all the other bug reports and made this posting this is the only "recognized" bug in the game.
  2. arathein

    All my structures are gone ?

    I don't think they care about customer service TBH. They have our money from purchasing the game, they get nothing else from us. There is no incentive for them to keep long term players.
  3. arathein

    All my structures are gone ?

    a guy I played with got global ban and they won't even tell him why. IMO it is BS, before they can do anything they should be contacting people. I mean if you report someone you have to give so much raptoring information like steam ID and stuff like that, why is it that people aren't reached out to? I guess because then they couldn't just do what they want and not be accountable to anyone.
  4. I like how pre occupied people get with what people who actually play on the server has. Who raptoring cares. People can play their game however they want, as long as they aren't raptoring up things for everyone else by like building on resource nodes or having your dinos on wander aggressive killing spawns like a certain dbag tribe on one of the servers I am on. The problem, on EVERY official server is storage/warehouse tribes. People who don't actually play on the server aside to refresh and feed stuff.
  5. arathein

    Raft Spam

    Tribe has a collection of rafts in a redwoods water source. These rafts have nothing on them, have no outlet to any other water, they are serving no purpose other than to take up tame slots. I think this is the right spot for this since it is a CoC violation, but if not let me know and I will send a support ticket in the old way. Images are at the link below. https://imgur.com/a/atICRMx
  6. arathein

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    Another thing is in Legacy the Obi's were not build restricted and some areas on the various maps were not restricted for building, on official servers now they are.
  7. arathein

    picking up tribe dinos with riders

    It will happen a lot with an argy. I've never grabbed the rider instead with a quetz. There is a recognized bug in the bug forum about the argy pick up being messed up since the TLC.
  8. arathein

    Every Flyer from worst to best

    150 wild tamed out to 224. (Pelagornis, Lvl 224, Male): HP: 1824.1 (33); St: 531 (39); Ox: 600 (30); Fo: 5520 (30); We: 282 (44); Dm: 404.7% (47); Sp: 136.5% (0); To: 1726.1 (223);
  9. arathein

    Every Flyer from worst to best

    I use a pelagornis to kill spinos in the penguin lake on center. Get sailes, get fish meat, get organic poly all in one place. Their land speed does blow but meh.
  10. arathein

    Whistle Follow All

    We all have our follow all shortcut key unbound, along with some other shortcut keys. If we need to use them we use them from the radial menu, much harder to make an oops that way We also have the egger dinos on ignore group whistles like @Frostitute suggested.
  11. Competitive/Toxic because no one can actually work together like we should be able to because of stuff like this and warehouse/walmart/storage/box tribes
  12. arathein

    kiting Giga Kiting on PvE

    You need to submit a ticket using the support -> help in the "top bar" here. Give evidence, encourage other people to do the same. It is now a Code of Conduct violation so in theory the GM should do something about it, which could include banning the accounts of the offenders. Doesn't help with what they destroy but at least helps get them away.. unless they make another steam account and buy another copy.
  13. arathein

    TLC Ideas

    Made a game suggestion post for it
  14. arathein

    Turret Mode for ALL dinos

    Give All dinos the option to Enable Turret Mode. This would allow players that have their dinos in an outdoor pen to be able to have them on Neutral without having to worry about them running off. Have you ever had a wyv or a giga killed by a bloody pego? Or a good mosa killed by a manta because it was on passive cuz you didn't want it running/swimming out to sea? Turret mode could help with this. Since it also looks like we will never see S+ having turret mode on will allow us to breed dinos without haveing to constantly spam ALL STOP so they don't run all over the place and get out of range. Super useful, has to be easy to do as the logic is already there for some dinos.