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  1. well that sure is interesting...
  2. @Cedric While I applaud the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference with having 42 PVE servers for Genesis did folks at WC really think that there are only 2,940 players worldwide that would want to play PVE? (42*70 for those who wonder where that number came from) How are the # of servers determined because it seems like it is just a spitball. I just looked at the steamcharts, and unless I am reading it wrong, the lowest count of ACTIVE players since Valg release has been 37K. I'm pretty sure you guys sold 8-10x the number of licenses for the less than 3k simultaneous players your PVE servers can hold. I obviously don't have all the info because I am not you but it just seems from the public information available to the community there were far too few servers released for this PAID DLC.
  3. Report it in the above thread. Log SS and details will help.
  4. Wow.. did not know that. My aber toon has been max for a few months... Can't imagine how grumpy I would have been had I been able to get reaper preg during one of the events LOL
  5. yea the hives have been glitched for a month if not more, but that taming with the Kill zones for anti meshing makes me wonder what else that is going to happen with, esp large things like gigas or bronto. If they aren't trapped you can't tell them where to fall so if a bronto falls in the woods and meshes with a tree will it poof when finally tamed?
  6. Extinction False Positive Additionally on The Center these coordinates are the same kind of thing. Harvestable rock spawned where my pillar & Ladder was On Ragnarok, before the killzones were made, I had my mana glitch through the ground here. I was in the air and did the boost jet thing from the mountain. It teleported me back to my base (the last place I was on the ground) when I went back over to my mana half its body was sticking out from this spot that my mana is looking at. Not sure if that mesh was fixed or not but when walking around it it seems glitchy. Same thing with a metal node on Scorched Earth, it spawned, clipped the ladder
  7. Nice video, especially when the dude stops to type instead of scoping. Must have been overcome with excitement or something
  8. Eggs Dropped in the sky Anyone know if dropping wyv or Deino eggs in the sky is still glitching nest? We have this player on our Valg server that is constantly throwing out Wyv eggs and now even Deino eggs in the sky. I don't understand why this person can't just eat the egg if they don't want it. I reached out to support about it and doing this isn't against the CoC but that they would discuss it.
  9. Link it, we'll upvote it there too
  10. How does a drop calculate what goes into a boss fight? They would just be applying the drop logic to the transmitter. It is up to the player to know how close they need to be/how far they need to keep dinos away from it. Teleporter is also smaller than the space that the obi/drops pull things in. Additionally the teleporter doesn't not have an inventory system so you are talking about adding programming to an asset when the majority of the programming already exists in the transmitter. the only thing missing from the transmitter that is different from a drop or obi is the boss fight option.
  11. When they first had transmitters you could boss fight from them, but the problem was that there was no "tribe lock" like with a gate or a vault or anything else that you have to open.. you know kinda like dedicated storage right now... -.- Anyway... so in PvP people were coming to other people's bases who had a transmitter and dinos around it and starting a boss fight to suck away that tribe's dinos (thus killing them) So instead of putting locking mechanisms on the transmitter (kinda like the doors in Jurassic Park) they disabled boss fighting from the transmitter. They later added a lock and pin code to the transmitter but never turn boss fights back on. You would figure they could make it a toggle like Flyer pick up and the other things they have in the server settings, then they can EASILY turn it on for PvE and leave it off in PvP if it causes some type of angst there. UpVoted
  12. Facts - or at least the damage to structures. The damage to dinos doens't bother met as much, but a level 10 C Giga being able to munch through your metal in 2 or 3 bites is a bit redic.
  13. I'm sorry but WHAT? Wyvs are supposed to be "kings of the sky" but since they got their stam nerfed they are not. Before the nerf I would fight with a dozen wild wyvs on my imprinted lit wyv and we would fight in the sky for a while and it was great. With the nerf your high stam imprinted wyv gets what 4 or 5 breaths before it has to land? That is not King of the sky.
  14. @JenHow about a spot where you guys let us know what bugs you are working on? The recognized submitted bugs section on the forum seems to be a joke as aside from the Beta stuff there is only one post recognized as a bug. Its annoying for those of us who have submitted legit bugs to not know of any progress or any sort of priority list. Don't even care about timelines, just some sort of acknowledgement they they are on some list to be worked. I think that is what we all thought this was supposed to be https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/21105-currently-recognized-submitted-bugs/.
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