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  1. arathein

    Time to say good bye.

    The problem is enforcement won't ask, they just wipe.
  2. arathein

    Time to say good bye.

    I made a post a while back asking for an explanation about tribe tame limits and making two accounts. I was told that if you genuinely need two tribes to house all of your dinos. Then it's fine. See below. I have no doubt they told you that at the time, as then they get more $ for the additional account. But as we have seen with other things with CoC, things that were perfectly OK before get added to the list not matter what they had previously said.
  3. arathein

    Time to say good bye.

    This.. all over this... and now even you can't even risk sharing space with your allies because if you do they will assume that you are using multiple accounts to get past tribe tame limit and wipe all the tribes in the base. DILO is the point of sharing troughs then? or better sharing egger dinos. no each allied tribe will have to have their own in the own building, no sharing! Good Luck! TBH my tribemate is often times the only thing that keeps me here.
  4. arathein

    pve Titan Killing which weapon? For xp

    Walk up to it with a magnifying glass. Though if it is aggroed then you will prolly die. Other than that guess. Use any weapon that you have plenty of Ammo for and has a high dmg, aside from Tek, shotgun will probably be you next bet or rocket launcher
  5. arathein

    How do you imprint tuso on 100%?

    @Mukicare Tuso takes 11d 16hr and 35 minutes. That means over the course of all 35 imprints (yes it is 35 cuz it is every 8 hours and the visual shown is a rounded factor, the actual imprint is like 2.86 which is why sometimes it goes up by 3 and other times it only goes up by 2) needed to get 100% you only have 35 minutes of fluff time, this includes time having to run to get kibble, time potentially waiting for your base to render before it will let "acknowledge" that you pressed E to cuddle the thing, time having to walk the damn thing cuz they want to walk for raptoring ever sometimes before they imprint. I have the same problem with Gigas which are the same time, there is so little margin. Also now with server saves happening every 15 minutes, who knows that that is going to do. Since they made that change yesterday (oh wait they only patch on Tuesdays...) the imprint time for my reaper fluxed by 10-15 minutes! Take 97% as a win, when you ride the thing you should still get the 30% rider bonus because of rounding.
  6. arathein

    Pick up dinos with Argy

    After two months, this is still the only bug recognized by Wildcard for PC. This game must be pretty bug free eh? 🥁tss
  7. arathein

    Giga killed for no reason

    Even if a wild dino kills your dino that you are not riding it doesn't show what killed it in the log. See below. That otter was on Abby's shoulders, she got killed by the sarco, then the sarco ate the otter.
  8. arathein

    What Do You Have In Your Hotbar?

    @MandaBear What does the spy glass in slot 6 do? Now I want to try lol Usual load out Pick Sword Hatchet Custom food spyglass custom drink whip ranged weapon GPS something I don't mind pegos taking.
  9. @lilpanda Little help here server admin man This is happening a whole lot even say in the middle of flying through the scar, or even just now in the 30 seconds I tabbed out to post this message. Already submitted server outage reports about battleeye kick for this.
  10. arathein

    Pick up dinos with Argy

    I like how after all this time since they deleted all the other bug reports and made this posting this is the only "recognized" bug in the game.
  11. arathein

    All my structures are gone ?

    I don't think they care about customer service TBH. They have our money from purchasing the game, they get nothing else from us. There is no incentive for them to keep long term players.
  12. arathein

    All my structures are gone ?

    a guy I played with got global ban and they won't even tell him why. IMO it is BS, before they can do anything they should be contacting people. I mean if you report someone you have to give so much raptoring information like steam ID and stuff like that, why is it that people aren't reached out to? I guess because then they couldn't just do what they want and not be accountable to anyone.
  13. I like how pre occupied people get with what people who actually play on the server has. Who raptoring cares. People can play their game however they want, as long as they aren't raptoring up things for everyone else by like building on resource nodes or having your dinos on wander aggressive killing spawns like a certain dbag tribe on one of the servers I am on. The problem, on EVERY official server is storage/warehouse tribes. People who don't actually play on the server aside to refresh and feed stuff.
  14. arathein

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    Another thing is in Legacy the Obi's were not build restricted and some areas on the various maps were not restricted for building, on official servers now they are.
  15. arathein

    picking up tribe dinos with riders

    It will happen a lot with an argy. I've never grabbed the rider instead with a quetz. There is a recognized bug in the bug forum about the argy pick up being messed up since the TLC.