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  1. Rule the pillars, rule the ark. Just how many are.
  2. Ability to prove who was there first will likely be a challenge. Especially if the other tribe is sneaky and puts a ticket in first claiming you’re grieving them by gating their land off. Anyways - you’ll have a good long wait for a support ticket to be answered. So I hope you have 2-3 months before you’re ready to build. Good luck surviving pillars evolved.
  3. You can pick up small dinos with the argy. Larger ones would be nice. Nothing like dropping pegos in your neighbors dino pens on PVE. Lol
  4. Good luck reporting and getting action. We’ve had a city terminal and charge station boxed in since both maps released and nothing has ever been done about it. Enforcement team is as helpful as Boobs on a boar...
  5. We podded all dinos on our island because we’ve gotten tired of the lag. You’d think 450 dinos not being there would make a huge difference. No change. Still crappy lag all the time. So bad.
  6. Mantis on 2x with any damage pick will get you 400-600 element on a 50k node. I’d not bother farming the 25k or 10k as they take the same amount of time but yield considerably less element.
  7. Meh. Who cares at this point. Honestly think being wiped for dumb poop like that would be a godsend some days. We’re mostly done with Ark as it is, that would really simplify things. Lol
  8. We use 400 female rexes in an alt tribe inside our own building for breeding and still miss stat mutations. If we were sticking with it, we would double that by cloning rexes for 2 days. Our ally breeds gigas and bumped his non mut female count from 300 to 500 in a week doing the same thing. Now he’s hitting 1-4 mutations per hatch easily. It’s all about numbers for mutations. This 100 female crap won’t get you anywhere fast and you’ll never compete.
  9. I can clone 50-100 rexes a day on 20 cloners. Low level female takes a few hours to clone. Bang out multiple sets on extinction and you have a tribe cap full of rexes in a couple days easy. No difference other than Wildcard being dumb as hell when it comes to understanding the difference between breeder tribes and box tribes.
  10. So are gigas in this realm as well? Our ally runs giga stats, and has cloned 400 non mut gigas in one week on extinction. A level 25 giga only takes 6-7hrs to clone, and with 20 cloners, that’s 60 a day. Seems “easy to tame” is pretty ignorant since element is infinite on extinction. What’s to stop people from now just spamming with ridiculous dinos like gigas? Pump food stats in them and you don’t have to feed for 2-3 weeks easily. This has to be one of the most idiotic things Wildcard has ever done, and that’s a feat in itself.
  11. And the response back to all those tickets will be “sorry we can’t undo this even though we F’ed up big time because we’re power hungry morons that don’t give two poops about people’s work”. This might be the nail in the coffin for many of us. So congrats Wildcard. GG...
  12. They’ve been useless in PVE for a few nerfs now. Manas were my preferred dinos until they smashed the distance, damage, and stamina. Now they’re like a jumping carno with a bad cold...
  13. You can also fast travel to fix this issue. Just be sure to go back and pick your bag up. Usually happens to us on Official only in bases that have high lag. There’s an issue I think with rendering and the game knowing you’re on a bed. Issue has existed since they made it to where you could lay down on a bed.
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