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  1. NA-PVE-OFFICIAL-TheCenter-56 (Lag on Center map) The lag makes the game unplayable Does every center server lag after v301.3
  2. Please, please : DodoRex, Zombie Fire Wyvern, Zomdodo Colors: Light Orange, Black, Dragon Fire, Orange Dye Event items: SHADOW BOX PUMPKINS Skins: Corrupted Wyvern Mask Skin
  3. Please change the Tek Helmet hotkey #Community QOL Catalog could enumerate several disadvantages, but that uses knows the problems in the double "E" Yeah, it can be annoying when you are picking up lots of dropped items or something and you keep switching the mode you in
  4. ...change the Tek Helmet hotkey! let's raise this topic, maybe the WC listen to us
  5. WildCard deveria ter GM que falasse na língua portuguesa
  6. Where to use the kibble: Extra small advance kibble/ Small advance kibble?
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