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Community Crunch 243: Tender Loving Care 3 Details, Official Server Maintenance and More!

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I would like to know why you do such a bad job with primitive plus every time there is an update, you have a bug, you never put an event for us, you don't watch seem to care about the bugs, it seems to me a lack of respect for those of us who play and buy the game if you don't want support to primitive plus remove it directly. it is a shame that you do not support Prim plus or seem to care about our game play experience.

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I hope Rock Drakes become breedable soon too! Especially considering that they are a crowd favorite, it would generate a lot of hype

Just wanted to clarify that the downtime next week is referring to TRANSFERS themselves, and not the servers. You'll still be able to play when that maintenance is happening, you just cannot transfer.

OMG!!!! This covers so many things I wanted!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! 

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20 hours ago, MayaPatch said:

the Kraken's better dino mod (this mod is amazing and gives an utility to almost all the dinos si taming them really worth, plus several abilities that we should really have on Ark for a better quality life)xD

Gotta agree with this. One of my personal favorite mods. 

Yay! Spiders are now breedable in vanilla! 

Now to give them wall climbing and Bolas web shot :)



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Just now, StinkyFingerton said:

So xbox is still without the update.

No, Xbox has the update, has been out for at least 10 hours now.

Just now, StinkyFingerton said:

And server maintenance is about to bring servers down for 1-2 days.

No, it is only transfers that will be down for upto 24 hours. Servers will still be up and running.

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