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  1. What in the shazhbats is this?! Flying squirrel.. okay cool i suppose. Flying squirrel with platypus parts ... uh.. okay? Flying squirrelplatypus thing with teats sticking out the side of its body .... Who put hallucinogens in the WildCard watercoolers? Yeah, Im sure that baby Gigas are all about that irresistible suckle... How do they come up with ... why.. i am so confused
  2. Gotta agree with this. One of my personal favorite mods. Yay! Spiders are now breedable in vanilla! Now to give them wall climbing and Bolas web shot
  3. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Hairstyles Many hairstyles are unlocked with achievements.
  4. I can see why this may be an issue. Some Richard head picks up a bunch of Dilos/Raptors and drops them in someones base, Base owner is offline and thinks that his Passive dinos are all protected behind walls. Dilos whittle away at passive dinos because PVE doesn't have ORP. Still, I dont like the idea of a forced setting. Making this a option in settings is much preferred.
  5. This has happened multiple times for me. Never got a reply why. Eventually I got back on so I just chalk it up to a being a part of Arks "special charm" ?
  6. SinglePlayer: *sigh* "Well, they said they are working on it so i guess iʻll sit here and wait a bit." Primitive+ : "Trust me kid, you might as well get comfortable here." Linux/Mac : * shakes head and goes back to picking at paint chips on the wall*
  7. But! They are extending the ARK Event for a few more days! Whee! yay! I forgot what I was complaining About! Or not..... Still not playing PS4 until they fix what is Borked with not saving settings
  8. My automatic whistle seems to be "flyer land" so not too bad tho I havent really tested it. It is slightly annoying hearing the whistle every time but I can overlook it. Haven't noticed the others but that's likely because I don't play so much due to the settings not saving.
  9. Adding my voice to this as well. Very irritating having to redo settings every time.
  10. Ack. I hope they haven't been chatting up the Developers from World of Warcraft. The last few expansions have used the "Pathfinder" mechanic to allow flight. basically grinding achievements and time gated content to force the ground game at the beginning of the expansion
  11. Ha! And everybody thought that the nerdy glasses skin was useless! Bwa ha ha ha ha! ?
  12. I would think that low damage and good torpor would be a good thing when taming? Or is it posh now to have a dino all bloody by the time you knock it out? If torpor is reduced as well I agree it's an issue but low damage high torpor making my taming eff. 100%? I'll take it.
  13. PC - Single player My impatience ( and a Steam/Valve flub) has doomed me. Loaded up ARK for a bit of Single player building fun. Did not notice the text in the lower right hand corner "Loading 16 mods......" Hopped on my single player game. Apparently the Structures Plus mod is no longer loaded (hasnʻt finished re-loading) on my game. So everything Iʻve built with Structures Plus (the real S+ not that watered down kiddie light Sponsored mod version) is no more. UGH... I can replace most of the buildings/structures with Creative mode and regular items but i loved t
  14. Ah. Apparently your definition and my definition of a public teleporter differ somewhat. Your version sounds more like a private gated community to me rather than public. That must be why my responses are confusing you.
  15. Sure, but what is the point if you are just gonna "Box it in and pincode a door. lol" ? Ah I see. You may be talking about turning on the pad itself and I'm talking about the generator.
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