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  1. It's a Troodon launcher. Maybe a cryopod mortar. lol
  2. submit a ticket I suppose. There are warnings even on the load screen warning you everything belongs to the tribe once you join.
  3. I see a lot of "missing" , "failed", and "unknown" in that report. It seems to me you are missing some important files maybe? Are you sure you have everything downloaded? / updated? I have little to no exp in programming so not sure my suggestions are worth anything.
  4. How about not taking the stupid route and NOT choosing a vulgar name? Learn a lesson and make better choices in the future
  5. If you want Dinos to protect your base do not set them all to aggressive. Aggressive Dinos will keep chasing anything they see and end up far far away from your base. Set one tanky dino (a trike or Stego perhaps with lots of HP) to passive and park it near your base. Set your attack Dinos to NEUTRAL and have them all follow the one on Passive. This will make them rush back to your base after fighting.
  6. Yeah, have your attack Dinos on follow to something that won't move. They run off and fight What ever then return back to the passive dino who hasn't moved at all during the fight.
  7. I would get a greenhouse set up as well as a breeding / hatching area. Will need air conditioners for the hatchery unless you want to use the sailback dinos : Dimetrodon? A good Anky, Beaver, and a Doedic will help get lots of raw resources you need. Get the compost bins or better yet throw a couple of dungbeetles in the greenhouse and fill them with dung for fertilizer for your crops
  8. Actually, having your account hacked and loosing years of effort kinda IS a thing that happens in WoW. I know its not totally the same and merely teaming with someone most likely won't lead to hacking unless you have a condition that makes you blurt out passwords and account numbers randomly. However people are people and not all are kind.
  9. As all overpowered cheat codes are... Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start!
  10. I have one in my SP base in the cave above green ob. found out the water there isn't really water. had to run pipes all the way to the bottom of the waterfall. But yeah pipes with water in them, some gasoline and your ingredients and you should be set.
  11. Maybe you should tame some terror birds. Have em work for you instead of against you.
  12. I tend to pick a spawn point and run as far as I can until I die, then pick a different one and do the same until I've used each spawn point at least once. 1. you open up some of the map. 2. you get exploration so and learn some engrams. 3. you may come across some cool bases in the server. 4. you don't lose anything of importance. Afterwards I choose where I would like to settle.
  13. It would have been helpful if CaptMorgan included some little blurb about how they are looking into it, or that they take these kinds of violations seriously etc. To me, the common player, this response sounds like the concern is being dismissed and discarded.
  14. Wild wyvern eggs do show parents. I suppose the game picks 2 nearby Wyverns and does the egg making thing in terms of stats and whatnot and spawns a fertilized egg in a nearby nest. not really sure. I've never had the Wyvern version of the "birds and the bees" talk.
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