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  1. Holy Hungry Herbivores Ark-man! That Iguanodon ATE the guys hand!
  2. Rattasaur

    Ragnarok DLC

    When I first got ARK on the PS4, Ragnorok was locked behind beta acension in singleplayer mode. Maybe Nintendo did something similar?
  3. Rattasaur

    Offline raids cowards or smart play...

    I think you missed the sarcasm. I was in the same tribe as a server admin on an unofficial server but I had 0 admin rights or abilities. (PvE server but still) ... Unless I am the one missing sarcasm in your post.... ?
  4. Rattasaur

    s+ Is this the last of S+?

    You can dye the electrical lamps as well. and yes I love angler gel for lighting. What I liked most about the S+ Torches is that they woukd turn on and off at sunset & sunrise
  5. Rattasaur

    Issues with saving progress

    When you open options (on singleplayer at least) there is a button that says "save and exit" Not 100% Sure if its available in multiplayer. But, I think this is your manual save button. edit: On PS4 at least. ... I think ...
  6. Rattasaur

    Newbie Please Help Me!!

    I did not know a Wyvern could carry a Rex! Off the top of my head. 1. find high ground and shoot it till it drops. 2. build a trap an lure it in using yourself as bait; or honey if the dino isn't aggressive
  7. Rattasaur

    Game freezing issues

    Have you tried whistling while looking thru a spyglass ?
  8. Rattasaur


    Ive never tried it but, Can you transfer or upload items from your singleplayer game to a character on a multiplayer server? I.e. make a single player on rag to farm eggs and make kibble then upload the kibble and download it on your multiplayer character?
  9. Rattasaur

    Auto drop harvested materials

    A similar post brought up this idea as well. My thoughts are if there would be a radial menu listing the items a dino collects For example a dino collects wood, thatch, and berries. The harvest menu would list: Only wood / Only Thatch /Only Berries/ No wood / No thatch / No Berries. If you only want wood then you pick: "only wood" If you want wood and thatch then you pick: "no berries" Or something like that. Granted it's probably a lot of coding and would take a while, but I think It would enhance the gameplay.
  10. kinda like the Moschops gather wheel?This would be very welcome.
  11. Rattasaur

    Fix manas

    Check notes for today's update!?
  12. Rattasaur

    infinite weight cheat ?

    Creative mode gives near infinite weight. However, 1- only available to admins or in single player 2- You can max your inventory (makes that little black weight icon)
  13. Rattasaur


    I will add that placing some structures forces me into 1st person. The object doesn't show for me in 3rd. usually resulting in structures placed with large gaps. Not so much an issue nowadays with pickup available but still I'd like to be able to use 3rd or even orbit camera to place items.
  14. Rattasaur

    Boss Order

    @d1nk Well ... Two things. ? 1st. It was an open question to anyone who wanted to respond, not just you. However, thank you for the explanation 2nd. I am typing one handed as I stand in a bus getting to work. Trying to delete 90% of a quote just because I wanted clarification on one sentence is too troublesome. Sorry. ]