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  1. Gen2 servers are over populated by South American players, they lag up the whole damn server. 13 people had to log off at the same time because they couldnt play due to lag, 38 survivors, less than 3 minutes later 25 survivors were left....any chance of adding servers for the S. Americans in their own region? Less lag for all!
  2. I got dinos in pods that have a matter of hours left on their charge...sup WC?...you already dont support legacy players, i will have no way to recoup those dinos if they perish. And FIX THE MANTICORE ON VAL ALREADY, I lost alot of dinos to the pinned Manticore bug i will never get back cause WC dosent support legacy...
  3. I logged out on my bed in my skiff. I logged in to 50 50, in the sky and fell into water, cant deploy cryo pods, cant use anything on my hotbar, cant drink, got no O2 meter, cant see my flipping base...
  4. As stated, the bugged out Manticore fight is making it impossible to obtain element from Valguero map. I have lost almost 40 dinos, ascendant saddled, to the last two fights. I am on Legacy, so the limited support WC chose to retain for Legacy actually prevents a GM from giving me any help! Salty! Anyway, can someone suggest which Legacy Cluster map has the most reliable game mechanics? I am aware of gachas, i have 2x males and 2x females already, too slow. Legacy NA Extinction servers are so full of lag, they border on an "unplayable" state for me. Valguero Mantiroe that cannot find
  5. Sucks worse on Legacy cluster, WC refuses to assist or support Legacy players in anyway. Even if they have lost everything, TWICE, to an ignored bug...no replacement dinos for Legacy, no help with lost dinos, no admin action on toxic players...and a bugged out game that steals your time and makes you crazy...when is Ark 2 coming out?
  6. Since The Item Currently Known As Dino Leash can never, ever, ever be destroyed, should the name of said item be changed to reflect its most commonly used purpose? Would Wildcard do something about it if 10,000 red rings existed in perpetuity on every pve server? Does anyone at Wildcard realize that Dino Leashes persist AFTER a tribe has moved on, decayed, quit, etc.? How many nice places to build have been ruined on your server?
  7. Manicore bugged and couldnt land or even move. I lost my entire force, 17 rexes, 2 pigs and an xyuti and all my gear/armor on a gamma fight! Is there someway to submit a support ticket on this confusing and poorly laid out forum?
  8. It would serve the community to have notice of EVO weekends, BEFORE the timeframe they commence . I work, in bed by 10 pm. Wasted a 2x friday night...
  9. I see it on every server to some extent. So many decent places to build, ruined by demo allowed dino leashes that cannot be demoed.
  10. Xbox, 58.46 GB update? Is Valentine's event happening on a new surprise map? Why so big of an update for some chibis? Grand total of roughly 200 GB of HD space for Ark...Gen 2 coming also...
  11. Why cant i stay connected? Another great start to another great event!
  12. So...it has been days, closer to a week since i lost the last of 10 dinos during this debacle of an event. I still cannot find them, not one, anywhere. I have never received a hud msg about any of them dying. They have just disappeared, not died. 10 dinos is a large portion of my current fleet. Is it at all possible to have WC determine what i lost and would they replace it? Its not like i killed my dinos, they are not dead. The game crashes and bug outs just "stole" them from me. I had no responsibility in the matter. Its not my fault. How do i submit tickets on this super confusing forum int
  13. Found it! Thanks for the help..also i did quit, but i got over it. Ppl on my server helped me replace an Argent i lost...so thats 10 dinos lost now...
  14. Why does it appear as though just the comments containing a negative narrative have been moved? They were about this thread, and this event. The guys growling about pvp in this thread stays?...weird...
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