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  1. honestly i don't care about the rates, most peeps want evo to be on the breeders side
  2. Same thing goes for ARK 2 no point, the stupid lag that's been going on for years and years is not going to magically fix itself in ARK 2, it will be the same old bugs all over again, sadly a lot of ppl i already know have said when ARK 2 comes out they are done with WC. They don't want another round of the same old crap all over again
  3. Are u kiddin no Evo again, I guess WC don't like giving the community what they repeatedly ask for in discord.
  4. Wiping servers will serve no purpose, other than create somewhat lag free server for a few days while players populate it with tames, pillars and massive buildings. It really doesn't take that long these days. Its funny when new players come on to servers and say there is no where to build because of pillars and bases, they spawned at the spawn locations and not moved more than 50 foundations away. Go a bit further and u will 100% find unclaimed land of which new players can build upon. Personally I have never once had issues finding a building spot even on the most populated ag
  5. What about eggs that u cant pick up. New breeding for insects, hows that going to work, are we going to be able to pick them up in the future, we have an entire floor full of air cons for this purpose approx 600 units
  6. Wasnt they suppose to be fixing the character loss issue over the last 24 hours, by the looks of it, it didn't work. People still loosing characters left, right and centre
  7. Wow one of the best update notes I've seen in a long time. Good job WC keep em coming
  8. Bronto could use a bit of love too, they just look dumb and clumsy Also the Tuso where it turns the other way for no reason when attacking a target, would be better if it was made manual so you can hit the C key to turn its tentacles towards the target, if something creeps up behind you, his C again to turn it back around to the new target.
  9. See @StudioWildcard Look how happy the community is now giving Evo for breeding maybe consider running the evo events during the week. Say week on week off. Some peeps like myself are kinda stuck at work during the Evo events Maybe some more info on the current progress of QOL, the list seems a little dated
  10. Nitrado customer service is absolute dog poop, I rented from them in the past, they fob u off when u raise an issue. I can't see WC getting any special treatment from them either. I'd agree, they failed to provide a service move on. My own internet connection could provide a better service as a server setup, cmon WC get a grip.
  11. Nie sądzę, WC kiedykolwiek się tak stanie, to będzie lepiej na forum sugestie
  12. People asking for Evo events after the base rate has already been increased, my guess is they don't want the Evo harvest/XP/Taming rates. They are hoping that breeding is increased during the Evo weekends. Yes most people will still only play at weekends because they are not interested in any other rates other than breeding, the harvest/XP/Taming rates were already ok as they were before WC boosted them. Breeder addicts didn't get any love from the recent changes apart from a few dinos, think about those poor souls hanging around for the next event while stock piling babies a
  13. We have been putting in those reports for mass kicks on Genesis 648 for the last week, at least for the week we have got back into gen, this might have been going on for longer. You dont need to guess what's happened. Absolutely nothing!! All you can do is log in look at the scenery before getting completely bored. Running missions is a no go. Doing boss is a no go. Currently we have been packing up and shipping out of that server, not that anyone cares. Paying for genesis was a big mistake. It's clear that the person maintaining the servers is not reading, responding or doing anything
  14. I'm pretty sure almost all ARK players have tried unofficial at some point, then resorted back to official, finding a half decent server is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Not everyone wants mega boosted servers, some hosts want u to pay too But then again the host usually gives up after a couple of months, at least that's how we found it on multiple different servers Unofficial server admin don't guarantee your toon to be replaced if it was lost in the cloud during transfers Half the unofficial servers don't even show up unless u know the IP of a specific s
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