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  1. So xbox is still without the update. And server maintenance is about to bring servers down for 1-2 days. The Fear event for xbox will still end on the same date as other platforms? Xbox has already lost half the event window. That sucks WC.
  2. Too many of you have word-pooped on the last crunch post. Looks like WC gave up the crunches...
  3. It is not boxed over, just a single foundation with a stacked pillar. I think it is being done with the sole purpose of preventing others from harvesting those nodes, out of some form of spite. Then there are again, foundation and pillar stacks all over that region of the map. All from the same tribe. Its like they dont want anyone else on a server they never play on....i dont get it...
  4. Is there a reporting system for griefing via landclaim? Whom do i contact about oil nodes that have foundations and pillars spammed over them?
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