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  1. Wow thats a very sentimental thing, +rep wildcard, Can anyone tell me when the Ark poc wipes are as i have not played that before and would like to jump in on the next fresh wipe ! Thanks
  2. My Tek Trikes are now completely broken, before the cryo pods worked on genesis and could be used and bred there, now they are broken on all servers and just deinonychus on all servers..
  3. Well. will i need new ones ? as they still dont work for me sadly Q.Q Images just taken, on official servers *
  4. Very nice, though no element increase for the "pain of a grind ~ aberration element farm" that would have been nice Q.Q Low Key ~ Along with breedable Rock Drakes of course
  5. I would love tek trike transfers too ! Q.Q Having them turn into deinonychus is frustrating
  6. Yeh i kind of agree with you but well you just have to join the if you cannot beat them, i have come to love the mana, yet still i cannot beat anyone on one over a 350, and they all have the saddles needed to make them so op. drakes don;t stand a chance against them, you can hardly breed any of aberrations better dino's either so there is no way to compete really. If we could breed up the drakes there might be a slim chance, but i feel the drake has earn't itself a good re-work by now ! let alone the reaper which is also useless against the mana. but soon there will be new and more op dino/c
  7. hopefully like extinction, all new creatures will be allowed in ab other than the flyers of course. wait can araneos come to ab ?
  8. have you ever seen one, i have looked a few times
  9. But, Bronto, can you take a Bronto over ? Dimorphodons can go and they don't even have a counter part or they do but, well. find it if you can ?
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