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  1. Say you are at you base in highlands, You use a public teleporter to TP to Viking bay to check something. I run up and turn off the TP pad. Now you are walking back.
  2. PS4 Agreed with most of the ideas presented here. The blinding light is horrible. I would love a transfer amount ability. As Is, I usually play on a server that has increased stack sizes. So I need 200 stone for a blueprint. I can either tap X 200 times or press and hold and now I have 23K stone in my inventory and can't move.
  3. I believe it's called init file commands? It basically changing the code or something to increase stack size. Never done it personally. But the unifficial server I play on has most things stack to 10k except ammo.
  4. Strange. Usually when you join a tribe, all the things you own become property of the new tribe. Leaving a tribe after you joined it would result in loosing everything as it now belongs to the tribe and not you anymore. Ah I see. You actually left your old tribe to join the new tribe instead if just joining/ merging into the new tribe. Owtch If the claiming timers run out anyone can claim the Dinos; if they are still alive. Dunno about locked items you built tho.
  5. I know that there are admin commands and such to tweak stacknsize but for official, given the meager boosts stat points give, could you even carry 500 wood or iron ore?
  6. Actually, in 2025 June 17th will be on a Tuesday. but that's a long time to wait.
  7. PS4 Single Player ARK ate my Dinos! A lvl 110 terror bird and a lvl90 saber tooth both on wander in my dino pen with smaller tames ( microraptors, Dimorphs, etc) on follow. The Dinos on follow are clustered at a spot in the yard, still on follow and will rush back to the spot if I move them but the Tburd and Saber are nowhere to be seen.
  8. Indeed. Deep in where the dangerous Dinos that will chomp through your fiber clothes and primitive spear in a heartbeat roam. 😮 Boost that movement speed!
  9. the "new" Argents have 2 pickups. larger creatures in its claws and smaller, around Dilo size, in it's beak. Might be trying to beak pick something too big?
  10. Holy Hungry Herbivores Ark-man! That Iguanodon ATE the guys hand!
  11. When I first got ARK on the PS4, Ragnorok was locked behind beta acension in singleplayer mode. Maybe Nintendo did something similar?
  12. I think you missed the sarcasm. I was in the same tribe as a server admin on an unofficial server but I had 0 admin rights or abilities. (PvE server but still) ... Unless I am the one missing sarcasm in your post.... ?
  13. When you open options (on singleplayer at least) there is a button that says "save and exit" Not 100% Sure if its available in multiplayer. But, I think this is your manual save button. edit: On PS4 at least. ... I think ...
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