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Community Crunch 212: Legacy Servers, Winter Wonderland 4, and Sponsored Mod Applications


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3 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

That's primarily what they are for.

It was a ton of fun back in the day when the first saves came out to load them to your unofficial and flip PVE to PVP then roam around and blow up every ones stuff.

haha very true .well im gonna ride the gravy train till the wheels fall off :D the community my friends on the legacy cluster I will miss if any shall leave the game.which I don't agree should just migrate to few servers and hope that we get spared few servers atleast :) and if Wildcard does decide to close them all im not saying I wont join official .because I love this game I mean I have yrs invested into it as a whole I don't mind starting fresh either. its some of the COC I just don't agree with :( and personally wouldn't wait for support if issues emerged lol but cheers to all of legacy we have made it this long in game and have few more moments still yet to enjoy .unless ur on pvp legacy :( then ur screwed but ya lol join official gets some action:)


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5 minutes ago, Lycan187u said:

hell ya and the best one ever lol :D do you play btw joblow or are you at your desk scanning the forums like ur profile picture :D i could see that with all the crap you have to read here :DDDD

I play a lot still. Have since early access. Spent years on PvP, years on PvE, the usual.

And yes I see damn near every post on here.

My avatar is me trying to maintain my sanity. 

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14 hours ago, Hoeser707 said:



Lag is out of control on crossplay servers. it breaks the game. we all die all the time, get dismounted, lose tames, lose items. We get time traveled upwards of 2 or 3 minutes... UPGRADE YOUR SERVERS WHEN YOU TAKE DOWN LEGACY.

I represent everyone when i say :

fix the game before selling more dlc.

You don't represent everyone at all. I couldn't give a fig about you suffering lag I don't so I want more dlc

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11 hours ago, Orfew said:

Do not expect honesty from those who do not have it. If you still believe that the server with high population would be respected and that there would be a fair classification of server usage, pay attention to the 501 SA server, the fact cannot be disputed. If you still believe in the purity of the ark, answer honestly if the legacy only had an "extended" life, why didn't you block these servers for new players??
This is very easy to do and need not be a programming genius.? Isn't it by chance that the 504 server of a few months, with an average of 45 to 50 people online on the island's fourth best server, suffered and continues roolbacks, dripping 255 or more to intentionally downgrade? Professionalism is so concerned about the image of ARK that it is closing its eyes to what happens in the legacy: a self-assertion of total neglect? As are the most distant people who bought the new DLC, you from Wildcard have stopped to think about it, it sounds like a bad and extremely dirty policy to respect, because they do not list what will be deleted before new DLCs are released. I am deeply saddened by losing a lot of friends here from SA, I have participated in 504 since it was created, and I can say in every card that much of Latin America comes into play, but talking to them, I realized why they do not continue to play in 99% of cases don't They stay and consequently don't buy dlc for several factors and all pass directly in front of WildCard, which unfortunately takes shameful paths.

I wish I could read this but seeing as I can't I'll just give you the default, legacy was always destined to close and if you played there then you should've known your time was limited complaining will change nothing.

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1 hour ago, RoxannePugg said:

I love watching all these kids cry. Legacy was doomed from the start and wasn't meant to last. The fact you are crying over a virtual game that you clearly don't like is astonishing to say the least. Now all of y'all either nut up or shut up... Btw Unofficial forever y'all official and legacy guys need to really ascend to the master race of servers.

I have been to both. Official servers have many problems, but I chose it simply because it lasted 4 years instead of 4 weeks.

I guess it is just personal preference. I would rather live a with life long of sickness than being perfectly healthy and die young.

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Come sempre ci sono controversie sulle varie decisioni, sopratutto su quest'ultima decisione di chiudere i server legacy, ricordatevi solo che se avete perso tempo lì e stata una vostra scelta, ovviamente alla jolly devono anche considererae il fattore spesa/guadagno che e cio che permette agli sviluppatori di poter continuare il loro lavoro, percui non lamentatevi ma limitatevi a ringraziare il fatto che continuano a cercare suluzioni per poter continuare a migliorare il nostro amatissimo ark, invece che lasciarlo a se stesso, in ogni caso, ringrazio l'intero teem di sviluppo del gioco, mi avete donato il primo gioco che non riesce a stancarmi, stupendo, nuovo, personalizabile, per quanto mi riguarda ogni decisione che prenderete sarà sempre ben accettata, continuatè cosi, siete fantastici, grazie mille per il duro lavoro che fate, adoro ark.

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3 hours ago, IceBabe said:
Can we get a list which legacy servers will stay? Or are you going to delete ALL legacy servers?
Chibis: I was giving so many coals to gacha claus on several maps and never got a rare one like the genesis ones. So what is the trick? Or only luck?


Edit: my bad, i didnt read clearly

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2 hours ago, Castlerock said:

I don't mean this list, in the past there was such a list with popular servers and these servers were safe. So the question is, will (a few) legacy server stay alive or they are going to delete all? And if servers will stay, they could make a list, so the ppl can join and transfer to this servers.

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me and my buds play legacy as a sort of "private server" where we made bases and we had wars with each other simple fun!

but know idk what to do. Official is just a mess, private servers are ok but not the same, Playing local has host barrier and that's very annoying. (and before you say just buy a private servers, me and my buds are broke and young so we can't just work to get money) 

so me and my friends are just going to find another way 

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On 1/7/2020 at 8:58 PM, Vaiks said:

Talk to your friends, get your save and pay for an unofficial server and never have problems again.

I rebooted all my old servers, was hoping WC had a mindshift in the holidays, but I realized yesterday that the majority of the players and admins are right. 

Why stay on legacy/officials while there is no response on tickets?

Duping is just allowed, not a single soul is doing anything. CoC is nice and all, but when all legacy are closed (my bet within the following year) the officials will be the new legacy without any backup. Duping, stealing, kiting and trying to glitch into bases (on PvE ffs...) even with proof, the players don't get banned. Even worse, not a single warning was given. During the last 3 weeks event, some tribe decided to put down Rock Golems on the obelisks. Nobody could get into the inventory of it to start bossfights or get off to another server. Dozens of tickets, no response.

Reason; "We hate Europeans, you guys don't deserve to play with us. We want you to cry and feel bad." On PvE EU server ffs. Tickets where send, not a single reaction.

I'm using ASM, all servers are clustered. 

Tweaked, couple of mods, no saves however. I just run some events for a few weeks and we're back in business. We're allready having a laugh, no more lags/pillars/political crap/hate and pathetic people.

This game is pretty great, but the backup...

Utterly ridiculous. 

Officials will be the new legacy and all the players who are here to "hate the Europeans" dont give 1 single crap about the CoC nor the closure. They will continue on a new server without getting harmed or banned whatsoever.

I'll be cryoing all i got and start asking for savefiles. 

If I ever get a response back that is.



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Sorry, it wasnt a tribename but in general hence the brackets, but point made.
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50 minutes ago, Udam said:

did . did you read what i said? we can't afford one due to the fact that i can't earn money due to me not having a job. im only 16

Then a private server is out of your reach, unless you find supporters.


There are still other free options to choose from, but will mean losing your legacy progress. Plenty of unofficial communities that want to grow.


It's not like this should come as a surprise. 

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The  thing is, they where only called or made to legacy servers because of all the duping and cheating. i would not mind if they make the actual servers legacy. Of course they should get rid of all the duping exploits before hand.

With the new DLC a fresh cluster without access to the old ones would be great. 

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