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  1. Hey I caught one! One of em annoyances who knows nothing about game design and thinks he could do better than wildcard!
  2. Just completely forget about the TLC dino reveals huh? Kid, they can't make a major update each week
  3. It really sucks that the tag alllivesmatter was taken by a racist group. I am white in a hispanic community and have been called a slave owner, supremacist, and tons of other stuff. It is because white people are the majority they (the racist people I wish I had no association with) take that power to leave blacks isolated and continue racism. Hopefully this all makes sense.
  4. Consoles can't really handle mods which sucks but ark was one of the first games to give console mods (p+, rag, Val, the center)
  5. What do you mean? Do you not like fun lol. Also the floating islands have rockdrake eggs so we might end up getting them too
  6. No we are getting a dlc without the dlc on servers lol
  7. It's funny how some of the comments are "that's great but I lost some of my base and some creatures" because it was in the mesh
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