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  1. I have a step by step to obtain genetic improvement in any dinosaur that can be crossed. I hope it can be useful for you. https://steamcommunity.com/id/ragorgonio/myworkshopfiles/?section=guides
  2. This subject is controversial, it depends a lot on your objective and your taste. But I will try to be as clear as possible. In my case I like practical arena rex. limit of points on an attribute is 255. Translating for those who have not entered the world of mutations and being specific to rex this is equivalent to 1619.4 of mele being born. As much mele implies having little life, it needs a good saddle to be useful in all arenas. I believe the ideal rex point is 184 points in hp (41580) with 190 points in mele (1243) values being born. (lvl 375) With 100% printing it is 49,846 hp 1490 mele,
  3. I just wonder how they can skate on something so simple. I survived several tragic updates. but I confess that in the update until 313.10 I saw things unthinkable, it seemed that Draco Malfoy and his gang were throwing terror into the ark. Example I passed my dinosaurs that are in passive mode, I traveled to another map just to get some clothes 30 minutes later I came back and the dinosaurs are gone there is nothing in the log. When excluding my presence on other maps as well, I spend an average of 1 or 2 hours on each map and go at least once every 4 days. broke the power cable and killed all
  4. 504 SA broken I'm passionate about work as a whole, but I won't shut up when I see something wrong, you can explain it to me in a professional way because 504 is always the last server to come back online? The server is online but no one can enter, this is a constant. Stop giving loss in the rank of the server and treat it with respect. I believe in good work, I want to thank everyone for their attention and praise the work done at Genesys, it was something well thought out, it surprised me and my friends the clear objective of encouraging tribes with at least five or more people, returni
  5. I'm passionate about work as a whole, but I won't shut up when I see something wrong, you can explain it to me in a professional way because 504 is always the last server to come back online. The server is online but no one can enter, this is a constant. You can hate the South American people, but I help to pay your salary, be professional stop giving loss in the rank of the server and treat it with respect.
  6. Event-Colored Wild Creatures ...wow ...Only one question does Dino Sky Blue exist? @Cedric
  7. Why play on an official MMO server? It depends a lot on your profile, if you have problems to play and make friends with people from all over the world, it is better to go to the host or unofficial to decrease the range of possible friendships. And remember that this game is not free, you have every right to enter an MMO and play the way you want, as long as you follow good game practices. What is not tolerable is the absence of the developer to calm the mood, since the update came with problems and is hurting both old and new fans. The timer is counting, soon it will have a lot of starved or
  8. If there is still any doubt, explain to me the "coincidence" of the legacy always paying the bill and staying for later or the server with a good performance and, when it gets bad, I will see a reason and found this pearl online, but as couldn't it have been eradicated? Are they doing tests? Mistake? and do not invite us, I think to do a test, you must notify and invite everyone.
  9. Any company knows that, above the owners, there are consumers who PAY for everything, whether in the form of a dlc, renting a dedicated server. Yes, I mean you, me, your friend and other consumers, this game is not free. A good professional, he is able to receive praise and criticism. I like those who praise and love ?those who criticize me because he took the trouble to make me better, to know where I am weak and of course he wants to see me overcome this weakness. A good employee does not hide, is not afraid to debate and is able to listen and find new ways. Now, what is not acceptable is un
  10. the otter is desperate so i will repost. By otter!!
  11. Given the current circumstance of not being able to travel between the servers and return to the tribe due to the transfer problem. It can be up to 10x, it doesn't really matter. This fifth anniversary is having a bitter cake. Unfortunately, I and many friends were surprised by this setback, with sadness we see new people arriving and having a bad experience. And here we won't even go into the merit of having the new DLC. What I can say is that I only spend money on ARK when I see the new product on the legacy server.
  12. I know it's boring to wait, but let's look at it from another angle. not always being the first platform to have dlc is necessarily an advantage. See friends who are on new servers, they need to find out blindly. You who are in the legacy already enter the DLC knowing where it's cooler and all you need to do is get there first.?
  13. There is a saying from Mr. Switzer, which fits this situation very well. He said: It is better to shut up and let people think you are an idiot than to talk and put an end to doubt. I don't want to compete, but my serious friend, even if you think the gigano solves everything? my king, do you really think your gigano hasn't been edited? Anyway, I don't need answers, take your gigano and take him to the arenas, spider, monkey, dragon, manticore, tek cave, send photos on the official server. Whoever plays in the legacy wants to solve their problems directly without the help of third parties,
  14. I confess that Genesis surprised me, a new game mechanic that has the clear intention of uniting more players to join a larger clan. (fewer single player buildings result in more space and more players using the same map). I expected the 5th anniversary to be different from its predecessors. But I was wrong. I see new players having bad experiences, and this of course will affect Ark itself because it discourages the person from continuing.
  15. I always ask myself that question. Legacy server is a profitable game style for the WC, because whoever chooses to play on the legacy server chooses not to require third parties to solve their problems. Add this fact to what the WC secretly does on legacy servers, it is not two weeks old and the 502 PVP legacy server was online for patch testing. (Please call the legacy community to go test together and be smart once in a lifetime). And now on the fifth anniversary, precisely the community that helped this game from the beginning has been forgotten once again. It just shows that the years
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