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  1. I'm passionate about work as a whole, but I won't shut up when I see something wrong, you can explain it to me in a professional way because 504 is always the last server to come back online. The server is online but no one can enter, this is a constant. You can hate the South American people, but I help to pay your salary, be professional stop giving loss in the rank of the server and treat it with respect.
  2. Event-Colored Wild Creatures ...wow ...Only one question does Dino Sky Blue exist? @Cedric
  3. If there is still any doubt, explain to me the "coincidence" of the legacy always paying the bill and staying for later or the server with a good performance and, when it gets bad, I will see a reason and found this pearl online, but as couldn't it have been eradicated? Are they doing tests? Mistake? and do not invite us, I think to do a test, you must notify and invite everyone.
  4. Any company knows that, above the owners, there are consumers who PAY for everything, whether in the form of a dlc, renting a dedicated server. Yes, I mean you, me, your friend and other consumers, this game is not free. A good professional, he is able to receive praise and criticism. I like those who praise and love ?those who criticize me because he took the trouble to make me better, to know where I am weak and of course he wants to see me overcome this weakness. A good employee does not hide, is not afraid to debate and is able to listen and find new ways. Now, what is not acceptable is unprofessional behavior, questionable attitudes, such as blocking the transfer service.?
  5. Given the current circumstance of not being able to travel between the servers and return to the tribe due to the transfer problem. It can be up to 10x, it doesn't really matter. This fifth anniversary is having a bitter cake. Unfortunately, I and many friends were surprised by this setback, with sadness we see new people arriving and having a bad experience. And here we won't even go into the merit of having the new DLC. What I can say is that I only spend money on ARK when I see the new product on the legacy server.
  6. I know it's boring to wait, but let's look at it from another angle. not always being the first platform to have dlc is necessarily an advantage. See friends who are on new servers, they need to find out blindly. You who are in the legacy already enter the DLC knowing where it's cooler and all you need to do is get there first.?
  7. There is a saying from Mr. Switzer, which fits this situation very well. He said: It is better to shut up and let people think you are an idiot than to talk and put an end to doubt. I don't want to compete, but my serious friend, even if you think the gigano solves everything? my king, do you really think your gigano hasn't been edited? Anyway, I don't need answers, take your gigano and take him to the arenas, spider, monkey, dragon, manticore, tek cave, send photos on the official server. Whoever plays in the legacy wants to solve their problems directly without the help of third parties, which in itself is profitable for the WC, as it does away with the help of the ARK team and leaves more time to solve bigger problems or to pay attention to other players who do not has the same resilience.
  8. I always ask myself that question. Legacy server is a profitable game style for the WC, because whoever chooses to play on the legacy server chooses not to require third parties to solve their problems. Add this fact to what the WC secretly does on legacy servers, it is not two weeks old and the 502 PVP legacy server was online for patch testing. (Please call the legacy community to go test together and be smart once in a lifetime). And now on the fifth anniversary, precisely the community that helped this game from the beginning has been forgotten once again. It just shows that the years go by, but gratitude and recognition are far from this company.
  9. I think a line was missing from the sentence ... ARK: Genesis Part 1 - Available Now! mention that it is available for team PCs and ONE server (new). sad.
  10. I looked for similar problems and ended up concluding that, unfortunately, ark does not have an automatic installation tool and another to check the server folders and settings after the update. Take 504 SA, for example, without the valentine event activated. Reinforcing the thesis that, unfortunately, these patches are not being applied correctly and automatically, as they should, and the worst thing is that there is no automatic verification tool for the application of these changes, which leaves me perplexed and something much more serious. When choosing a server to play, it can run out of updates. It may seem silly, but the lack of a patch on the server can cause undesirable situations when another patch of the game arrives to correct a patch that does not exist on the server. To be more clear, it will be like husband and wife on the day of payment that you want to stroll in the mall with the object of dinner and watch a movie and she intends to visit all the stores and test you to see how many bags you can hold at the same time .
  11. Many are disappointed with this, however, it is possible to see a noticeable improvement in performance on many servers returning to what it was before the disastrous extra life x8 farm x36 lag, in part correcting some of the flaws in the ark itself and in another of the players who use inappropriate tools to try to get advantage the game, but undoubtedly the players in the legacy cluster ended up paying the bill for everything that was bad about the new cluster and the legacy, what I could see is that some friends partially reduced the frequency of the game of the ark, others have stopped and a small part is playing in the new and inherited clusters. ARK's image was undoubtedly scratched and discredited. There are three paths to the future of the legacy cluster: 1) ARK will end the entire legacy cluster, stating that it is not possible to take seriously what the ark team writes. 2) The ark will keep the legacy pve cluster separate and will impose more difficulties or 3) try to improve the image by merging the clusters.
  12. And which Ark DLC came out without many errors? Do not wait for miracles, many expect this dlc later this year.
  13. Due to the lack of honesty and respect for people who play ARK, many friends have stopped playing or decreased their frequency on ARK. Anyone who knows me knows that I was a fan of merging servers today, looking at the situation. I'm against. The player on a legacy server, learned not to be spoiled by GM, he solves his problems directly and knows how to lose, even when the failure is due to a game programming error. Legacy is a ultra-hardcore game style, hated by many players on the new server, takes a beating from the Staff team, survives total neglect; Until a legacy server update, they are the last to go online ... the 504SA has always been the last and, on several occasions, takes half an hour longer than any other. today, I wonder why to continue if the only thing I liked the most was laughing with friends from the legacy; if I don't have the slightest respect for the team, I don't bother GM, but I tell the truth. I buy DLCs and the only thing I see are threats, lies and mischief, selling a DLC amid so many failures, be a player (who is not part of the staff) with an administrator account on a new server doing what he does either or worse, a GM adding several mek to an island beach on purpose. I would like to know if it is worth continuing in the midst of so much destroying. because selling a DLC without being able to monitor and inspect this mess seems to beg for crumbs without worrying about who buys it.
  14. The delay is due to the fact that it has identified critical issues identified in some accounts of people playing on new servers (pvp and pve) not previously listed and this is unbalancing the game. The wiser solution will lead to a much larger discussion than we have today. To keep the game balanced, and have a new DLC just probably all current servers will become legacy.
  15. Wildcard has a great game concept called Ark Survival, unfortunately, just the concept, she urgently needs a new internal meeting to respect herself as a company and reaffirm her values, a frank conversation without rancor looking at the cases that went wrong, like servers. SA, learning from mistakes and solving them consistently and professionally, focused on good service, improving market image There are structural flaws in game design, monitoring software, servers are a headache and lack of regional representatives who understand Players can make the game succumb, depending on amateur measures forever. To be a company, you have to leverage core values and try to follow the path of other companies - an example would be Blizzard, even if the example is light years ahead, it's time to stop believing and start doing it. It is very sad that you read the game owner making some statements that succumb to ARK's image as a company, the person who buys the game will want to play where the ping is lowest and if in this place the game owner does not provide adequate support for A good gaming experience, comes an obvious question, how do you intend to sell new DLCs if you do not care about your greater good, the consumer of your games. With bad experiences and even worse excuses he won't buy his DLC.
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