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  1. Mate sadly you seem to think that gamers can make a difference but you are wrong. The world we live in now is where a game can launch like AC Unity and be basically unplayable but get patched down the line. In the case of ark the biggest of issues are ones that can't be fixed due to engine limitations (use the search function to find more info) and the new ones that crop up are yeah usually caused by patches which fixed a previous bug, however as plenty of devs have pointed out not just WC in house testing can only go so far and its when a patch goes live they find the issues cause players do all sorts of unintended things. Tldr The new world is the world where games get patched at the drop of a hat and nothing we do will change that so you need to change with the times and accept it.
  2. Because it shouldn't take you more then 15 minutes to return to base and prepare for the erver to go down. The idea isn't to give you enough time to continue about your day and return to base with a minute to spare.
  3. If only something like a wiki existed to help answer these sorts of questions...
  4. You must be mentally ill, the game works just fine there is zero reason to remove it from sale.
  5. I feel sorry for you thinking there will be a roll back
  6. You will find since the game still works you are entitled to a refund. Maybe in the future though you should invest in a N64 their games cant be patched and therefore you can't have a sook that its being patched.
  7. Why if you were having issues for so long would you possibly think it was a good idea to raise babies?
  8. Oh no whatever will you do two nights of small updates. And seriously guys 20 minutes is the most warning you should be given before a server goes offline
  9. I too would like a tribe to inside
  10. Last post on the matter I can recall from WC was maybe 3 years back but maybe a mod can recall a more recent comment.
  11. For once on here I dont overly feel like arguing but I will point out that its not the game that people are putting fees on its access to the privately run server. Also your other examples work because those companies haven't released access for players to set up their own servers in essence WC have authorized limited use of the Ark IP.
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