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  1. Back in the day people quit a game by just not playing it rather than dribbling rubbish on a forum.
  2. That is unfortunate. One on one combat in ark is surprisingly enjoyable but isn't something you can encounter often enough even on small tribes.
  3. Solo with x3 rates, that actually could be a fun lil niche server kinda like the old no tames. Did you add it to the suggestions page?
  4. Joe hardly set the tone mate OP did that quite well himself and continued to do so in his replies. I find it a touch disappointing you find my actions to be trollish, I felt I come across alot more unstable than troll like. Point is though the game is going just as strong as always at least on xbox so the OP is just dribbling rubbish because they are upset.
  5. Mate if you can't see the difference between work and a game you need to take a break. Also Ark on xbox is going just fine, the game isn't dead or dying if the player base isn't solely on official servers.
  6. I wish I lived in a world where forum mods had power and influence .... but alas i'm stuck in this world, On that note though I believe the mods are just keeping this thread on topic and not trolling. Hard to actually disagree with this, The only extra bit I would add though is that while Official servers might feel like a barebones experience they aren't needed to enjoy the game at all and WC could just cut their losses and stop hosting them without any issue.
  7. I just love when people say they speak for everyone and they couldn't be more wrong, we literally had a post like this a week or two back and you will find it was a 50/50 on wanting new content or fixes. So no they shouldn't stop making new content at all and well im enjoying the event and hope it runs while genesis comes out.
  8. Oh yeah cause we all can't wait to do your dirty work for you.
  9. Those things you have changed are in the values they give you to change. Tbh I was giving you facts so that you know your options rather than wasting hours trying to figure it all out, not overally interested in whether or not you believe its how it works at all. Happy arking
  10. Just a quick fix for you, I believe you meant to say "I really hope they don't launch Genesis with all these issues going on, that would be the nail in the coffin for me." Seeing as just because some players are having difficulties with servers certainly does not mean that all players are.
  11. I hate to be the one to tell you but no it cannot be done. In fact due to the windows 10 version just being the xbox version played via emulator any changes to the ini files would make it incompatible with crossplay. Unfortunately you will have to deal with the tether, only play one map at a time, rent a couple servers or find an unofficial with rates/stats that you and your friends enjoy.
  12. But its not my server so no I dont give a rats that you are missing out
  13. I get it you are a little slow but don't fret one day you will see things for how they are rather than with special glasses
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