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  1. You cant transfer character from solo to unofficial on console. All your stuff including dinos can go just no characters.
  2. .... you're good, like getting a meal at a restaurant and going "Oh it tastes bad fix it". Also when complaining helps to know what system you are on as well as the actual issues you are suffering. Just an fyi most people paid for the game mentioning it doesnt mean **** all
  3. They legit just boosted rates to x2 not long ago and now you want more boosts? Half the complaints about unofficial used to be "rates are set to high just cheating with that" now all i see around here is people complaining that "they are too busy for standard rates". Just putting it out here, should get used to the rates as is cause once ark 2 swings by even if servers stay up a year or two the events will dry right up.
  4. Its cute you think WC gives a hoot at this point. Once genesis part 2 hits they will shift entirely to ark 2 and this will be a memory.
  5. If you have tribe mates then honestly it will be faster to start a new toon and if you don't have tribe mates then be prepared to lose everything
  6. Your character wasn't deleted they no longer exist. If it was deleted which does not happen by the way then all tribe memberships would be gone, dinos owned and bases owned would become unclaimed. However your toon simply no longer exists so it is different as your original server will operate as if you can come back even though you can't.
  7. This late in a games cycle they wont be swapping the server hosts, so server hardware certainly wont be changing.
  8. Game still works in single player official servers aren't something they owe you.
  9. You must be challenged or have an issue comprehending english. I summed up in my last post your issues aren't a big deal and easily solved and I also pointed out IDGAF for your opinion but wasnt commenting on it.
  10. Lad I dont need to post a clip just build a torch and swing once or twice BAM swarm dead. Your "legit reasons and issues within the matrix of the game" arent legit issues, getting killed is part of a survival game, if you dont have a bed you dont pick exactly where you spawn not new here even for the genre of game. Making rookie survival game mistakes like not trying different methods of killing things in this case using fire on the swarms is on you not the game. Your opinion on the areas of the map, hlna and hexagons is your opinion and well I/others might share those and might not but I
  11. It takes half a second to kill a swarm. Genesis is really one of their better launch dlc, majority of your issues seem to be related to being new/incompetent
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