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  1. Its cute you think WC gives a hoot at this point. Once genesis part 2 hits they will shift entirely to ark 2 and this will be a memory.
  2. Yay baguette yay
  3. I mean like the game is pretty simple. Knock out dino and enjoy
  4. Submit a ticket no one here cares/ can help
  5. Dont like it dont play pretty simple. Sounds like you dont really have time to play gamesbetween your dinosaur research and big time investing.
  6. Quoting me from 2 years ago but still if you want to not play with tether you cant be on a non dedicated like you are. Please in the future learn what terms like unofficial means before asking how to.
  7. No longer supported, server will stay up until its funds are depleted
  8. So many things wrong with ark but this is one of the things that can wait til ark 2.
  9. To cry when they say no. Saying its the only reason you got game pass means **** all. The game isnt expensive and neither is game pass
  10. I have hosted servers since ark came out on xbox and never had this issue so try again.
  11. Ah yes the get lots of useless forum accounts to state a name here in a worthless thread method. Your server is listed just not as an official server.
  12. You cant, you are out of luck
  13. If you have tribe mates then honestly it will be faster to start a new toon and if you don't have tribe mates then be prepared to lose everything
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