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  1. sounds like a common occurrence, at least it happened to us too
  2. agreed, and i will add all the character loss as well
  3. soloed alpha star dolphin in official server cluster 17 hours tried, 150+ fails, and now, i have the right to demand that this mission should be made easier, or at least make it so that anyone who joins that alpha rockwell prime get to miss 3-4 missions no one else deserver to suffer this, and i at least deserve to get a few tribemates to come with me to the final boss.....
  4. awww thats another mistake here if you never experience loss, just choose I just logged in on gen1/2 one day and the character/tek gram is lost
  5. I just want to see how risky it is now And... i forgot note progress, lets add it with the tekgrams
  6. passed alpha circuit chase in official, i thought it was the worst, and yet....... tried alpha star dolphin 120 times, got the best score in an official server, and...... still failed now i feel this is pure evil that no human should go through, and its just a single mission out of many every single player is expected to face these to complete their journey !?! if the person who designed alpha missions were to puke out all the time he wasted us players, that person will instantly die of old age
  7. I guess this are the two ultimate issue of gen 2: The missions, stryder taming, and boss arena are designed with zero consideration of either server or client performace. Even if someone tried so hard to complete all missions, the ultimate challenge becomes to find someone to join him in the boss arena: since you cant even join unless you have all the missions completed.
  8. This mission is like star dolphin and circuit chase, almost impossible itself; impossible on a server; and definitely impossible on an official server with 200+ ping.... My tribemates already lost the will to try.
  9. Its ironic that WC asked us to complete every single mission, and yet they failed to get any single mission right. I guess this statement is at least valid on official servers, where the ping is high enough so that the phase pistol becomes a decoration, a bulbdog can be shot in the face without taking damage, as astrodelphis can teleport straight into wall, and a enforcer or a cannoe can blink around in a completely unpredictable pattern not unlike that of a electron in its orbit. Although nothing is impossible and i believe some people CAN get all the alpha missions, but what they have
  10. add a server to official pve with no taming, breeding, building, or item/ creature downloads, lag kept at minimum for races and the extra space dolphin mission only add 6 hour server automatic reboot for pve servers, at least we get to have a short break from suffering 255 ping forever
  11. I am glad that they are making ark 2 instead of continuing ark after gen2 I guess that really do make my survival end here........ Sometimes I just wished that I had never knew "ARK", never stayed, never got attached
  12. While the official server i am on is having constant 255 ping (PVE, i believe the ping for all players on it), i occasionally found a massive wall built with vaults. That is, this wall is built using about 500-1000 vaults (probably more, if it is multi layered) stacked on top of each others Now the questions: can 255 and this wall be related? if so, did the player who built it did any wrong (reportable)?
  13. As many of you might know, we can get 10 levels for collecting all explorer note, but i have yet to know the details and i dont want to be the first one to eat the crab, so here are a few questions..... if anyone can answer them: have anyone got these 10 levels in any official clusters? if no, what about unofficial? what is the scope of these notes? only gen2 or all official dlc and island together? what classify as a "note", does it only include the ones that you can pick up from the ground? or creature dossier from taming too? do you have to go to some boss arenas to gather
  14. Have anyone found out whether this 90% decrease of hexagon reward will be permanent or not?
  15. Add option to create and leave a copy of current character on current server each time a character leaves a sever via transfer. The copy is identical with the original except copied character: has hexagon and experience set to 0, and is mindwiped, limit of mindwipe usage is also reset, and has an empty inventory. Considering how much missions and bosses are in this game now and the "collect all explorer notes" thing , character loss will have horrifying consequences. This allows an enforcer to recover a character completely when a character is lost.
  16. I believe the creators of this dlc never tested all missions on all levels..... or at the very least they did not try anyone of them in an official server Also, whole sets of missions need to be completed by all participants of ascension. i am not sure if it is a mistake or intentional, but it start to make ascension (especially alpha and beta) impossible to most population in ark official clusters
  17. Once again, I have the feeling that WC are brilliant artists and pathetic engineers. Precision and flawlessness are simply not their thing........
  18. I am going to check my character and hope that no tekgram, level, ascension, experience, or the character itself got wiped during the transfer....
  19. What i assumed was that: 1, Wildcard set the rules for enforcers and created CoC. Enforcer seek and punish the players who disrupt the games according to COC and their rules. Thus action of enforcers represent the will of Wildcard. 2, RMT using external website is common and Wildcard can not be ignorant of it, Ebay, discord, Amazon, Taobao, Wechat, QQ....... (In fact, RMT is literally present on the page every time i search "ark" survival" in any search engines) 3, Wildcard know of RMT in official network, and enforcers , as both you and me had mentioned, almost always ignore RMT. As a
  20. So..... basically Wildcard want ark official network to be Pay-To-Win instead of fair-for-all from the beginning?
  21. But by definition RMT is an act of trading ingame items/ accounts/service with real life money, that means RMT always involve transfer of money. Does that mean wild card will never enforce the CoC that "> Real-Money Trading (RMT) - ARK items, creatures, or services must only be exchanged for other items, creatures, or services within the game. Trading for real-world currency (real money) is not an accepted form of trading.", and that ARK official server is in fact a Pay-To-Win game despite wildcard claimed it to be fair-for-all? I will not perform RMT no matter wildcard's attitud
  22. um.... but isnt the transfer of in game items/ accounts/service happening inside of game?
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