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  1. Did you make this suggestion because your character was lost or because you are worried about you may lose it again?
  2. I think PvP players probably have have areason for keeping their wyverns out, but for PvE: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/497655-changes-in-pve-cryopods/
  3. In a simpler analogy: it is like you have to tame a gacha with some items, but you will still have to feed it something to let it make crystal after it is tamed. Or else it will just sit there and do nothing, and probably die.
  4. I read this whole thing and I think it can be summarized as: servers are expensive
  5. Yup, and although I don't have definite proofs, I think reselling of steam accounts make WC get even less money. New player click "join ARK", probably see a official server on the screen first and clicked join. After sometime they quit because it is too difficult/laggy. Then they decide to sell their steam account with only ARK in library to regain some money because the refund period have passed. ~This may also be why WC focus on new content rather than optimization: when new DLC is released there is no possibility to resell, at least for some time.
  6. you cant if they are not claimed already and you can not claim them if they are in the floor
  7. Is there way to include polls in replies?
  8. perhaps its better to encourage cryoing?
  9. awww.... it is merged…….. the poll is gone...…..
  10. That is what I meant, and enforcer will also need to act out of considerations for players because now players pay. If they are irresponsible and players leave, then there will be less money for them.
  11. I guess at this point, all the opinions basically distilled down to 2 questions: 1, Will there be enough players to pay for subscription servers? 2, Will WC/DEVs use these money to improve enforcers/hardwares/softwares if they get it? (Surprisingly not many people who oppose subscription cares about spending money itself) It seems like players who think "yes" to both questions always support subscription and most player who oppose subscription think "no" for question 2.
  12. With the massive net work and so many players behaving in all sort of different ways, I think the official cluster itself is the stress testing server. And I also think that they are aware of the problems, but they don't have enough manpower to fix them. As for why genesis is priced as it is: Since the simplified profit of a sale can be calculated as : (SellPrice - CostToProduceEachProduct)*(#PotentialConsumers - f#ConsumerLostDueToHighPrice(ProductPrice)) - R&DCost, WC may have simply chose the (ProductPrice) that maximized (profit) (that is to say (profit) increase as (ProductPrice) increase until it reaches a maximum, after that (profit) decrease as (ProductPrice) increase)
  13. Actually... that's why I suggested subscription for official server, because it may be able to give DEVs ability and incentive to improve coding.
  14. Didn't thought about that! Sigh..... you are right, I guess that is probably the opinion of most players now
  15. I understand that. It is just sad to see this forum with all the people turning their love for ARK into hate, so I am just trying anything possible for a solution. I think ARK is a game with very good concept& graphics. I got a feeling that the DEVs are working around the clock to make it better and I would rather it not get bad reputations or even fail because of technical issues like optimization, server hardware, or support and so on.
  16. This idea came from: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/504784-can-i-pay/&tab=comments#comment-2780168 Please do not merge
  17. I organized the ideas and posted this Added a poll and thought of another more direct topic too:
  18. Subscription access: the solution to all problems? Look at the forum nowadays, this is what I saw: “Our servers are disconnecting us every 10 minutes!” “My dinos and character are ARKed!” “Genesis now!” “I sent video proof of exploiters and RMTers, why are they still here in my server !?” “People are duping mechs in PvP!” “There are pillars and huge bases everywhere in PvE and the owner only refreshed it once every 2 weeks!” (zombie tribes) “The enforcers doesnt care about me being ARKed, but acted against me because of weaponized reports!” I think a subscription based official cluster can solve all these problems. A look at the problems: Some facts i have gathered: At least a considerable portion of the official servers are definitely abnormal ever since christmas I have checked ARK public ban list. People who i have reported to be RMTers are not in it. (Report made with video record of ingame chat of players giving their shop’s link, and the link is leading to a website with dinos labeled with real money) Developers focus a lot on genesis, and yet delayed it for months. A hypothesis of what i think is going on right now: The DEVs are running out of cash, hosting official servers cost money, hiring enforcers costs money, hiring programmers to FIX ARK need money. Yet without new DLC, the money they have earned from base game and previous DLCs are running out. To make ARK survive this winter, they have no choice but to work their heads off for new contents; and at the meantime, they also reduced the expense by downgrading the servers and hiring less enforcers. Enforcers are outnumbered by exploiters/RMTers/insiders (can i just call them ERI from now?) ten to one, not to mention hundreds of reports for pillars, ARKed players, and server malfunctions. They have to make decisions very quickly (which is seen by many hard-playing players as a sign of irresponsibility for their hard-earned properties in game). That is why their reputation isnt exactly good. Due to the reasons above, players are (obviously) suffering from bad servers, bad optimizations, bad ERIs, in general, bad experience. Watching their beloved dinos AKRed, their beloved bases wiped by ERIs (in PvP and PvE!!!), and their beloved servers filled by zombie tribes wont be a good experience……….. This will cause players to leave ARK, complai, or refund ARK, all of which reduce sales and exaggerates DEVs’ fund shortage. (Vicious cycle) Now something makes it even worse, it is a theory that i think is highly a probable explanation for persistence for ERIs And what about the player who left? Their used accounts can be traded and sold to other players at a cheaper price than ARK’s official price. Nothing wrong in itself (but once again, less money for the DEVs). The problem is these accounts can be resold over and over again, until it becomes very cheap so that the ERIs can get another account after they are banned for nearly no price. This effectively allowed them to negate most attempts to ban them. (After that, enforcers outnumbered, duping cause unfair PvP and lagging PvE, players leave…… vicious cycle again) Now that all the problems is a single big problem, how does a subscription system solve it? What does the system look like: Access: An official cluster that requires seasonally payment to log on, and a legacy cluster that does not require seasonally payment. Supports are offered on official but not legacy (as it is now). Monthly payment reduces as player buys base game and more DLCs. DLCs are not required to access the maps on official but are required on legacy/single/private games. Game mechanics: All items/characters/ dinos on official can be SINGLE DIRECTIONALLY transferred to legacy. Beginner servers can be accessed with either season pass or base game. All items/characters/ dinos on beginner's can be SINGLE DIRECTIONALLY transferred to official or legacy. Why can it help? It gives DEVs more funds.It gives subscribed players better supports. It gives subscribed and unsubscribed players better servers. It gives all players better server programming and client optimizations. It gives ERIs a hard time getting new accounts. Why can it give subscribed players better supports? As DEVs have more cash to hire enforcers. Enforcers will have more time to look into each issue and make better judgements. Besides, players are paying DEVs and DEVs are paying them, they will need to act out of consideration of players now. Zombie tribes will also reduce since payment is required for them to stay. Why can it give subscribed and unsubscribed players better servers and all players better server programming and client optimizations? As DEVs have more cash to run better servers, more programmers are hired to fix issues, and numbers of ERIs reduce, server performance increases. Even unofficial/single players can benefit from improved codings. Legacy player will also benefit. Since official players may one day decide to transfer to legacy, they will watch out for the rights of legacy players, and since official players pay DEVs, DEVs will also watch out for the rights of legacy players. Why can it give ERIs a hard time getting new accounts? When the accounts are resold over and over again, season pass expires. These recycled accounts can not be used to access official servers. The system tries to end vicious cycle: As there are less ERIs duping, server performance increases. As there are less ERIs insiding, people can trust each other more and from tribes, less bases will be built for single persons and people can feel safer cryoing their dinos. Reduction in structures and creatures brings increment in server performance. Less players are ARKed after code improvement, enforcers can focus on less reports…….. It goes on and on…….. Now, do you believe it will ever work?
  19. come to think of it, now I understood why WC never solve any problems for me, I paid once and expected them to work for 5 years after all......
  20. Agreed, I guess they can make Permanent access to game and legacy server work as a life time premium membership on subscribed server. Such like: A player will have permanent access to single player and legacy/unofficial if they bought base game, they will also have access to the dlc map they bought. But should that player play on subscribed official server, they can pay a reduced fee (reduction scales with the amount they have paid for base game/dlc).
  21. For player with permanent access already but do not want to pay for subscription, they could also allow transcription from official to legacy and make legacy the free cluster. This will be a good news to legacy people too because it satisfy legacy people's need for more people and reduce probability of legacy wipe. Beyond that, legacy will also get the benefit of better software updates.
  22. I will pay double for ARK if hey fix major bugs, double that again if their servers are stable, and double that yet again if they managed to get rid of all the RMT and exploiters...…… Even it means I need to pay more, I think subscription is a good idea. Perhaps they can remove the purchase option for permanent access for base game and DLCs, then for the ones who already bought permanent access, they can give them a founder's discount. For example: (subscription fee= (original fee)*(1 -0.1*(number of DLCs purchased)-0.2*(if permanent access to base game is purchased)) They can also charge less from players who do not play on official (and free of charge for who have "founder's discount" and do not play on official) I don't know if it will affect RMT and exploiter directly, but this will definitely reduce amount of zombie tribes and give WC more cash to (hopefully) improve the game
  23. Does it affect officials only or private servers too?
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