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  1. another option could be that, when a container is destroyed violently in pve, no item can be recovered, or that the bag dropped will also require corresponding rank to open
  2. anti PvE insider update Logged in yesterday and my tribemate told me a recruit blew up half of our storage with c4, a common occurrence for our tribe by now. We are prepared for it, so the loss isn't unacceptable, but getting into a tribe and using c4 to demolish their structure have been a common practice of insiders on PvE. My concern about this is that: 1, it is troublesome 2, it causes distrust, so new player don't get a tribe and tribes don't get new players, game became less interesting for everyone 3, it discourages cryoing, since cryoed creatures can be stolen. This may cause significant server lag A few options I have thought of that may make this problem less severe: 1, disable friendly fire 2, immortalize refridgerators, cryofridges, vaults, dedicated storages and replicators 3, disable explosive damage/ metal weapon/ plasma projectiles to player made structures in pve
  3. question: if a character is lost, does that mean all progress in genesis missions are lost too?
  4. saving and loading inventory load outs allow players to save and load inventory load outs (such like load out "combact" includes assult rifle in hotbar 6 and medicine brew in hot bar 7 and 200 bullets in inventory) when in chest / creature inventory, loading load outs will transfer all items into chest/creature inventory and take& equipe items in chest/dino to fill player inventory with items in load outs as much as possible.
  5. I see this "snail game" a lot, people seem to be very upset about it, is it bad?
  6. Did you make this suggestion because your character was lost or because you are worried about you may lose it again?
  7. I think PvP players probably have have areason for keeping their wyverns out, but for PvE: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/497655-changes-in-pve-cryopods/
  8. In a simpler analogy: it is like you have to tame a gacha with some items, but you will still have to feed it something to let it make crystal after it is tamed. Or else it will just sit there and do nothing, and probably die.
  9. I read this whole thing and I think it can be summarized as: servers are expensive
  10. Yup, and although I don't have definite proofs, I think reselling of steam accounts make WC get even less money. New player click "join ARK", probably see a official server on the screen first and clicked join. After sometime they quit because it is too difficult/laggy. Then they decide to sell their steam account with only ARK in library to regain some money because the refund period have passed. ~This may also be why WC focus on new content rather than optimization: when new DLC is released there is no possibility to resell, at least for some time.
  11. you cant if they are not claimed already and you can not claim them if they are in the floor
  12. Is there way to include polls in replies?
  13. perhaps its better to encourage cryoing?
  14. awww.... it is merged…….. the poll is gone...…..
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