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  1. As transferring characters can cause character loss, it is necessary to create a less time-wasting method of item transfer without transferring characters add a dedicate-storage-like item slot for ark data that can hold 1800 stack of a single type of resource. add an "upload all" button that allows player to upload all items in character inventory, excluding items that are untransferable, in a hotbar, in a folder, or exceeding ark data capacity add a "download all" button that works in similar fashion
  2. is character, tekgrams and missions loss still happening? i havent played for some time
  3. 2, agree again................
  4. welp, sometimes i think the whole ark, its game, its players, its ticket system, transfer cloud and so on is a splendid example of how all useable systems eventually get abused i guess its not just "human nature" but the "nature"
  5. i can tell you this: i can not upload any item on any of the official server i am on
  6. If you are a developer and you actually read this line, please some how give a sign......
  7. about boosting breeding rates......... good things: makes game much easier? bring more people into official servers bad things: makes game much easier? increase player head count in server (extra lag/ crash likelihood) increase creature head count in server (extra lag/ crash likelihood) offset pvp balance by a lot
  8. roughly, i think you can consider x-creatures to have exactly 3 times more health
  9. i havent done this in 2020, but usually i make a cluster of identical 1x1x1stone buildings on beach and split everything in them..... (hidden in plain sight?) although there as still times when you log on and found everything gone, if this happens, then you would probably just have to wait at a door, club anyone who comes out, and start over....
  10. indeed, it would be pretty awful if mutations are gone nowadays but at the beginning, there was a time when there was breeding but not much for mutations, during which per postnatal level in melee and hp cause 5x more increase than it is now. this means that no creature is born with high melee/ hp, but can potentially be leveled up to be more powerful than they are now. (stats depends more on leveling than breeding) I am just thinking what kind of difference would that make if it stayed that way
  11. i think most people are not complaining about : why cant "someone whos played the game for 1000s of hours can be overthrown by some noob on a wild tame" what they are complaining about is: why can "someone whos played the game for 1000s of hours can be overthrown" by "some noob" on a "crazy dino" from " black markets where exploiters sell these crazy dinos" for real life currencies
  12. the good, the bad, and the end Since (i suppose) the last dlc is coming, and that may be the end, i just want to make a list of good and bad things ever happened in this game. I also want to know the general opinion to see if everyone think this game is worthy. everyone is welcome to add to the list good (starting from the most significant): massive official network large number of active players in official network new things constantly being added longevity of official network and the game itself detailed graphics (map, c
  13. I doubt there would be anyone who disagrees with this statement in the entire official network......
  14. I dont think anyone would actually hit that wall if not for the lag......
  15. imprint, ascensions, tekgrams, missions, and extra chibi levels.............. maybe its just better to add an option to duplicate the character on transfer and zero the experience and hexagon of duplicated character
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