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  1. What i assumed was that: 1, Wildcard set the rules for enforcers and created CoC. Enforcer seek and punish the players who disrupt the games according to COC and their rules. Thus action of enforcers represent the will of Wildcard. 2, RMT using external website is common and Wildcard can not be ignorant of it, Ebay, discord, Amazon, Taobao, Wechat, QQ....... (In fact, RMT is literally present on the page every time i search "ark" survival" in any search engines) 3, Wildcard know of RMT in official network, and enforcers , as both you and me had mentioned, almost always ignore RMT. As a
  2. So..... basically Wildcard want ark official network to be Pay-To-Win instead of fair-for-all from the beginning?
  3. But by definition RMT is an act of trading ingame items/ accounts/service with real life money, that means RMT always involve transfer of money. Does that mean wild card will never enforce the CoC that "> Real-Money Trading (RMT) - ARK items, creatures, or services must only be exchanged for other items, creatures, or services within the game. Trading for real-world currency (real money) is not an accepted form of trading.", and that ARK official server is in fact a Pay-To-Win game despite wildcard claimed it to be fair-for-all? I will not perform RMT no matter wildcard's attitud
  4. um.... but isnt the transfer of in game items/ accounts/service happening inside of game?
  5. same here, i think thats just bad server performance, not a bug
  6. Wouldnt it be simple for an admin to register a new steam account and get a free ark copy, then trade with the RMTer? After confirmation the said admin can record the proof and ban the RMTer. They can also check the account's log in history to destroy all properties in all servers owned by the tribes of the account. That should prevent revival trough an alternate ID. Admittedly it is not perfect and somewhat tedious, but it is like enforcing the law in real life: if you cant catch every last one of the criminals, you can at least catch enough of them so you set an example for the rest
  7. i think the mean problem of lag and pillaring came from 4 sources source 1: despite written in code of conduct, Ark enforcers seems to allow RMT (real money trading) RMT drives many players to pillar massive amount land and build huge empty bases, just to sell them later for real life currencies. it also drive them to produce massive dust/ breeding structures and creature arrays, and some time even exploiting and hacking. all off which creates lag and takes up land. Despite the fact that CoC indicated that:"> Real-Money Trading (RMT) - ARK items, creatures, or services must only be excha
  8. warnings to all players: watch your character experience when transferring i just transferred a character and lost ~2x10^8 exp
  9. As transferring characters can cause character loss, it is necessary to create a less time-wasting method of item transfer without transferring characters add a dedicate-storage-like item slot for ark data that can hold 1800 stack of a single type of resource. add an "upload all" button that allows player to upload all items in character inventory, excluding items that are untransferable, in a hotbar, in a folder, or exceeding ark data capacity add a "download all" button that works in similar fashion
  10. is character, tekgrams and missions loss still happening? i havent played for some time
  11. welp, sometimes i think the whole ark, its game, its players, its ticket system, transfer cloud and so on is a splendid example of how all useable systems eventually get abused i guess its not just "human nature" but the "nature"
  12. i can tell you this: i can not upload any item on any of the official server i am on
  13. If you are a developer and you actually read this line, please some how give a sign......
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