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  1. dodo back in alpha, they actually attacks you if provoked
  2. and i remeber it when all the white 18 dinos turned into albino 36..... you can bearly spot the difference though
  3. i tried that, but its simply quite unrealistic to join every single server and check its admin, players, server hardware, and stability. Eons could pass before a good server is found..... so what else can on look for other than population?
  4. um.... you are aware that in reality, inbreeding doesn't cause any negative effect on genome directly right? besides, it will be really unrealistic if you actually make creatures in ark suffere from inbreeding: the way inbreeding affect genome is to cause large (welp, relatively large) fragments of genome (and thus the allele in these fragments) to be identical by ancestry. this is not bad itself, unless the identical fragments happen to carry alleles thats are already mutated to be malfunctional that being said, generally, a species organism can only be negatively affected by inbreeding if and only if both condition below are satisfied: 1, there is an alleles that is already mutated to be malfunctional 2, the organism is not haploid P.S. i think diploids are most negatively affected by inbreeding since there are only 2 copies of genes. having 3 copies will reduce the possibility of all- malfunctional allele combination and 1 copy will just kill (make - unfit) every organism in that species that carries malfunctional allele, thus eliminating that allele now.... as for creatures in ark........ have you ever seen an malfunctional allele? (ever seen rex with 1 leg or 3 legs? theris with no claws or full of claws?) do you think that they are diploids (ever seen any recessive trait when you are breeding? if there is never a recessive trait in your organism........ then it is most likely halpoid)
  5. lololol...... i guess thats how the overseer was first created.......
  6. it is really sad but once again, i guess.......: its unlikely that this problem will be solved before all your belongings decay. (that is, assuming if it will be solved at all) as someone who faces similar problem, I suggest you two start from zero again
  7. i guess whether one support wipe or no wipe, pvp only of pvp and pve, most of us probably have one common consensus: this should not happen before we find a way to remove all cheaters, bugs, exploits, glitches, and real money traders (whats the point of wiping if this didnt happen?). unfortunately i dont see that coming. i guess this topic should be discussed only after all the problems named above are solved.....
  8. every time this kind of post end with no end......... i guess who ever cares cant do anything, and whoever can do something dont care
  9. its unlikely that this problem will be solved before all your belongings decay. (that is, assuming if it will be solved at all)as someone who faces similar problem, I suggest you to create new character start from zero again.
  10. I remember the center used to be 100, but then these servers exploded (perhaps literally, I am not sure)
  11. I don't think official servers are a responsibilities either, but think they are an important advertisement. I played pvp and pve in both official and unofficial, but a general comparison between them is: 1, unofficial servers shut down (or become empty ) sooner 2, popular unofficial servers are usually highly modded 3, unofficial servers usually have very high multiplier in harvest and taming/breeding 4, popular unofficial servers are usually (configuration wise) unstable 5, popular unofficial servers (obviously) have a smaller network, some do not have dlc maps What these mean is that: 1, unofficial servers are usually easier and do not require a large tribe ( reason see comparison 2, 3) 2, unlike players in official servers, players in popular unofficial servers do not have to buy dlc to stay competitive in both pvp and pve (reason see comparison 2, 5, mods can sometimes offer alternatives to dlc. For example, a mod that offers element eliminates need to go to extinction) 3, players in unofficial servers usually don't stay as long (reason see comparison 1, 3, 4) Taken together, what if official servers don't exist? 1, if a large tribe is no required, less people will drag their friends into this game 2, if dlcs are not desired, less people will buy dlcs 2, if less players don't stay long enough to see the new dlcs, less people will buy dlcs I guess official servers might be a free service, but it can also be an important income somehow
  12. I agree that this is not okay. but unfortunately, this seems to be what happens most of the time
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