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  1. attack drones, defense units, and wooden airplane/ mountable balloons Perhaps add attack drones and defense units as craftable creatures like enforcers. Could also add primitive airplanes and balloons as craftable air transport.
  2. allow invite for non admins with tribe ranking ? Simple story, I want a member to invite another member without making him admin. In tribe settings, he was set to be rank number 10, invite allowed, and not limited, invite into tribe rank 0 (there is an existing rank 0 rank). He is not admin. "number of invite allowed" was set to 10 Then simple issue, he cant invite anyone Similarly, the rank has demotion , promotion, and banishment allowed. max promotion/demotion/banishment rank 10. He can promote, demote, BUT NOT banish any non-admins members in tribe. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. This post is talking about pvp so maybe my understanding is wrong, but.... If one want to start fresh, there are hundreds private servers starting everyday. I think the isolation of legacy server is not an attempt to start fresh but to remove the effect of baby taming bug. And I think that is a mistake. This game is supposed o "evolve", and evolution happens by fixing mistakes, not by starting a new thing or total annihilation. Some one suggested to wipe the cluster once more mistakes are fixed, but as long as the game lives, there will be new contents; as long as there are new contents, there will be new mistakes. If mistakes justifies annihilation, then everything will just start over and over again with no change and no hope. Whether PVP or PVE, I think the point of this massive official cluster is to construct a story in which everyone build their experience upon the ones before them. As a player who had ark since its first appearance (I think it was exactly 4 years ago from now), it kind of surprise me every time (usually when a player scream "why is this game so difficult!!!!!") I realize how easy it has become now. Not because the game had changed (though it is apart of the reason), but because of the work of all the players in these 4 years. New players may not understand this, but in my opinion, playing in ark official cluster is like witnessing the rise of a mini civilization. Where even if you come late, you can still benefit from the people before you, and even if you leave, your work can still affect the people after you. Personally, I don't like the idea of nuking the world just because it has problems. So it would be a shame to see this story end in the way the legacies did.
  4. Also a question: would the same 19 rexes 1 yuti work on island beta dragon?
  5. We just fought, and yes, these rexes are indeed enough.
  6. miscellaneous changes in tribe rank and, lock, and other systems Add "demolition" rank for structures Add "unclaiming" and "mating allowed" rank for dinos Separate tribe/personal lock and tribe/personal pincode settings Change the lock system so that we can no longer accidentally unlock something by pressing "use" (similar to unclaiming, add a delay) if a structure is unlocked and pincoded, then only pincode is required to access it if a structure is locked and pincoded, then both lock and pincode must be shared in tribe in order to access it, or the lock must be shared by tribe and the accessing player must know the specific pincode of the structure vault pin code change to eight digits Allow 10000 instead of 1000 crafts in queue Change "display "floating name"" option so that when spyglass is used or "extended hud info" key is held down, floating names are displayed regardless of if "display "floating name"" option is checked Current dino dismounting eject the player with distance proportional to player movement speed (or so it seems) change it so that player lands next to dino when dismounting.
  7. I like the idea but.... poor dinos………...
  8. And an auto shutdown timer, like the stoves in real life....
  9. vending machines Not sure if it is unbalanced, but I am sure many players want some.
  10. Should I just send all rexes to attack dragon at first and then just wait for whenever manticore lands? Is it better to wear gasmask (primitive) and flak armor (1600 armor) or hazard suit (journeyman)?
  11. Industrial (or Tek) freezer, and "grind all" button for industrial grinder 108 fridges doesn't look so good in the base, and my hand still hurts from grinding all the equipment I had.
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