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  1. i can still not get the entry scene note in gen2 (hlna 1)
  2. anyone still trying or having done this? i dont think i have ever seen anyone with these +10 levels
  3. So far as i have seen almost 100% of the bugs that can stop any players from getting all explorer notes come from HLNA glitches. I dont expect these to be fixed soon, or fixed at all.
  4. you are hopeful! tell us if you finally complete all of them
  5. If no one has completed collection of all notes, have anyone completed collection of all notes on any SINGLE map? If so, then which map?
  6. awwwww so one one yet after these months?? the design of this thing is just ridiculous, why does it have to be 100% of the note, even lowering it to 95% allow some glitch work around
  7. Survive the ARK is my last alpha mission left to do. I tried it about 280 times and finally got to wave 9, then disconnected........ for a second i thought i was going crazy. Having 10 waves means this mission can not be completed unless one manages to stay connected for 1 hour. Considering the condition of official servers, it is highly unlikely for people that do not have optimized connections. Not to mention this alpha mission is already ridiculously lengthy and difficult even without performance/connection issue.
  8. this, is exactly what happened to me
  9. And I just found out that there is a brand new form of Real-Money-Trading where the buyers will share steam account with the seller and the seller team to unlock gen2 ascension for buyers............. Some times, i just dont know what to say about this game anymore I bet sooner or later, or right now, this is happening with the "all notes for 10 lv" thing
  10. Wont it be nice if they require like... 10 missions instead of 17 for the ones who follow.... Not only that I myself found these missions to be quite impossible, the more impossible thing is to find helpers. I alone can spend days trying over and over again to get some missions done (In fact, I did complete all missions except tranqs and survive the ark) , but some may not have the will to go through all these torture. If someone know that they will never get the ascension, will they be willing to help me? Of course not, and I cant blame them. Team breaking, this is what really make the missions awful.
  11. true but regardless, there is no other response here that indicates problems does that mean i am the only one? if so, i will change the question: Who has bred a ferox in the last 3 days?
  12. buggy is true, but i think they are still useful. after all among all the heavy hitting creatures they have the smallest turning radius and is capable of jumping
  13. Simple story, i mated a female with 100% addiction and ready to mate with a male, when the mating bar filled the female was not impregnated, instead the female showed hours of mating cooldown now. is there anyone else experiencing this?
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