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  1. remap hidden key bindings Is there a way to remap hidden key bindings? such like "hit ' use ' twice to activate tek helmet" and "hit ' reload' when mounted to throw shoulder pet"?
  2. lv 400 and lv1 snails on official servers? Is it possible to obtain lv1 and lv 400 snails o official servers? if so, how?
  3. Generally I think officials are more for people who play ark as a habit, and unofficials are more for players who want to play through this game quickly
  4. I never made games, but to share ascensions/tek grams in a single cluster for a single account, servers can probably be programmed to do the following: 1, include a saved file that have a list of gamer IDs and the ascensions/tek grams they have acquired 2, compare the said file and a character when a character is downloaded into the server. If either a downloaded character or the shows that player ID have acquired an ascension/tek gram, then both are set to have this ascension/tek gram unlocked. What it means is that once a character enter a server, the server remembers its unlocks, and will apply it to other characters. If a player have alpha Rockwell on one character, alpha overseer on another, all alpha bosses but not ascensions on yet another character, then these characters can be moved around and all 3 of them will gain all tek grams/ascensions. Since its impossible to move characters between pvp and pve, private and public, or single and online. An ID can not share ascensions/tek grams cross cluster: ascensions/tek grams are shared between characters only if they are capable of transferring to each other's servers. As for imprint sharing, currently creatures recognize character ID, but they can also be configured to save a player id. Whenever transmitted or released form a cryopod, creatures can ask server "what is the current character ID of this player" and update character ID accordingly
  5. Similar, either on server or on the closed cluster will have the same effect.
  6. Um..... I meant a cloud based recognition, that is, the account ascension must be completed on the specific cluster you are playing on. (Such like, to aquire ascended account on official pve cluster, a character of this account must have beaten overseer on one of the official pve servers, not on any private servers or pvp servers) It is more or less like how items and character transfer itself is limited to the same account on the same cluster.
  7. But there must be some sort of ID on all platforms right? Or the concept of character transfer itself will not function.
  8. This nerf doesn't affect me too much.... except that now it had become very hard to get back to my base located on the top of a extinction city sky scrapers...…..
  9. I wanted to, but it is pretty hard when they start calling people who doesn't use these bugs stupid.
  10. It is true, I just saw one on my server. Will it be meaningful to report them? Or will they be ignored as usual?
  11. Is there any specific reason why ascensions and imprints are not bond to steamID I have not lost any characters, but I can imagine how trouble some that can be. Binding ascensions and imprints can minimize the damage easily, but it is not done. Is there any specific reason against doing so?
  12. That's why I always stare at them until they turn juvenile...….. awww.…...
  13. It is true for 1-10 babies, but when there are more than that, the equation flips. It will also depend on how grown they are and their weight. Obviously it is not worth it for gasbags.
  14. bog spider If you look at their legs, they look more like tentacles than legs, and they drink blood ...… are they actually land tusos (squids)?
  15. Sigh..... there is just to much weird things in ark that I can no longer tell which is exploit and which is not. I guess my common sense about this game have degraded after being in official servers for a while.
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