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  1. You cant, you are out of luck
  2. If you have tribe mates then honestly it will be faster to start a new toon and if you don't have tribe mates then be prepared to lose everything
  3. Feel free to spend your thousands hours on social media, no one will care
  4. Ummm no it would still be a large amount effort to move the game to the new engine. It would make way more sense to save UE5 for ark 2 while they fix the bugs in their base code at the same time.
  5. So I tried to translate your words but I think you need to up your meds playing a game for 6 months and still thinking you should get a refund.
  6. So basically you want to jump on someone else's unofficial and abuse admin powers? Can only imagine you are at the level of asking because you either did this already on your own server and scared off any population or you are too cheap to host your own server. You are the exact reason why people have a poor perception of unofficial servers.
  7. Southeast asia is right next to the Oceania server area and will have your lowest ping or get an unofficial based in Singapore but just like south America they wont add officials for you to use.
  8. In the Oceania server area yet still requests your own servers
  9. Learn to play this is a survival game eat or be eaten.
  10. So you break the rules and then find the punishment unfair... well next time play by the rules like everyone else.
  11. Submit a ticket is what you do for real issues but with this you are out of luck. The baby is gone forever.
  12. Submit a ticket lad no one here can help you.
  13. Hahaha well you're mostly not wrong haha.
  14. I enjoy people losing their stuff/time and effort, it is the driving force for me playing PvP. Tbh its not as funny when its to bugs and the like but still makes me laugh.
  15. Look im certainly not dismissing what happened to your son but this isn't news or even PSA worthy its a warning label in every game manual if not the game itself.
  16. Feel free in the future to just stop playing a game without joining its forum to say you refunded it
  17. Where the heck does killing the babies even come into it? If you are too soft to kill a virtual dino then just unclaim it and let it walk away
  18. The first pass with SE is the far superior option, all three maps are out rather than having to wait for part 2 and the maps themselves are actually quite unique and enjoyable.
  19. Which model xbox are you using? Is it possibly a hardware issue? Are the servers you are referring to official, unofficial pc or unofficial dedicated?
  20. Gee its a good thing you are here to keep things together, I might have to call you "the controller" keep things on track when it suits you. Please note we have good forum mods here that keep things on track properly and dont need your "ASSistance"
  21. Ah yes the whole I cant fight so everyone else is using OP stuff they must've bought argument.
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