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  1. Aaaannnd here goes my coffee, I even made it to the wall behind my screen.
  2. To all newbies at ARK; This is how WC rolls. Since day 1. Get used to it or switch to other developers, because they DO NOT give a single bit about complaints due to delayed release dates. Like the CoC and ticketing sytem. It's there, somewhere, but you never know when they going to use it.
  3. Can't imagine a triangle block not eating veggies from a troug tho.
  4. You can send in tickets all you want; 1) You DO NOT get any dinos stuff back whatsoever if 2) You only even get a response because 3) WC don't care. They only bring out patches.
  5. It wouldnt surprise me for a bit they will make it on the last day of this month. Just don't ask the state it will be in. And those fixes you're taling about? I'd rather see them live up to their own words regardingthe CoC they're so proud off. Hand out thos bans for cheaters and duping. Don't give just hollow promisses.
  6. WC seems to be learning. Like most learningcurves, most go way down minus groundlevel. And it's pretty safe to assume the negative reactions on certain "live" streams really affected the way WC has changed their battleplan towards the end date. Now all they need to learn is to stop giving dates months before release. Time this better, hype it up good when it's REALLY safe and this learningcurve will go up.
  7. Sounds to me, you're not a beginner anymore thus ready for the "big boys"?
  8. Ben benieuwd wat je ervan maakt/Curious what the outcome will be.
  9. It's getting very frustrated for players that the CoC WC made is NOT being enforced. They feel like it's more of a empty shell with hollow promisses.
  10. I rebooted all my old servers, was hoping WC had a mindshift in the holidays, but I realized yesterday that the majority of the players and admins are right. Why stay on legacy/officials while there is no response on tickets? Duping is just allowed, not a single soul is doing anything. CoC is nice and all, but when all legacy are closed (my bet within the following year) the officials will be the new legacy without any backup. Duping, stealing, kiting and trying to glitch into bases (on PvE ffs...) even with proof, the players don't get banned. Even worse, not a single warning was given. During the last 3 weeks event, some tribe decided to put down Rock Golems on the obelisks. Nobody could get into the inventory of it to start bossfights or get off to another server. Dozens of tickets, no response. Reason; "We hate Europeans, you guys don't deserve to play with us. We want you to cry and feel bad." On PvE EU server ffs. Tickets where send, not a single reaction. I'm using ASM, all servers are clustered. Tweaked, couple of mods, no saves however. I just run some events for a few weeks and we're back in business. We're allready having a laugh, no more lags/pillars/political crap/hate and pathetic people. This game is pretty great, but the backup... Utterly ridiculous. Officials will be the new legacy and all the players who are here to "hate the Europeans" dont give 1 single crap about the CoC nor the closure. They will continue on a new server without getting harmed or banned whatsoever. I'll be cryoing all i got and start asking for savefiles. If I ever get a response back that is.
  11. All this work.... Events, building, 5 k hours.... And all these friends we made...
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