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  1. Do you learn all the engrams or carry lots of stuff on your character or in the cloud? Both these things make your character file bigger causing this error.
  2. Phlinger Phoo's soloing the ark series on YT shows how to solo everything. If you like watching videos.
  3. Its likely a unique creature. Like Ragnarok had the griffins.
  4. From a business and money making standpoint, free modded maps shouldn't have ascension and extra levels. Also each paid DLC should have at least 1 unique creature. SE really should be revisited for an ascension.
  5. I read that it was 100% complete. That's why the workshop mod received no updates and it was a secret.
  6. There is the suggestion subforum. Or you can get the devkit a create the map. Enter in mod contests or mod sponsorship
  7. Has this mod author been hired by WC or is this more of a freelance job?
  8. Aren't console releases typically a few weeks after Steam?
  9. It already exists, there are bug report sections for each platform
  10. This is really subjective. I play on good hardware for my client. Good hardware for my server. Most major bugs, like ovis babies falling through floors, can be avoided with workarounds.
  11. This is true. Wipes at this point will not change anything. New servers with new playmodes might help.
  12. An actual land claim system would be better
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