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  1. It just sounds like a server setting to disallow tribe war in PvE
  2. There are many well documented s+ settings. See the mod page. You can disable foundation support or extend it.
  3. Just level up a couple sets of characters. You can only have 1 character per map. But you can move them around.
  4. Maybe some kind of pre tek industrial tier water/air pump and metal/glass. Pump out the water and in the air. Would need air locks like space ships.
  5. They haven't been ignoring it. New metrics have been implemented and many map fixes. See the patch notes
  6. Have you read any of the last several patchnotes?
  7. That's basically asking for a nerf. Like what happened with the moschops
  8. If your on the steam version, backup the file that contains this info.
  9. Yeah. Consolidate or restack button added to the UI would be nice. Then a transfer [x] button would be nice also.
  10. I doubt maybe people will agree with your request for a further flyers nerf. Maybe another set of no fly servers.
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