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  1. His tames seems good enough, just looks like user error a previous poster mentioned
  2. There is no need for good imprint, i raised rexes with around 60% average imprint, leveled to 40k hp 1k melee with around 70 armor saddle, is enough for alpha brood.
  3. Desert and ice cave loot crate dont have rex saddles in them, they share same loot table as deep sea which does not have it.
  4. Did some rexes ended up getting stuck behind the others while fighting? If u whistle them to move behind the broodmother until they are beside her, they could surround her properly when whistled to attack on it
  5. What is their health and saddle armor? I done this solo with 16 rexes of this melee and 40k hp with around 70 armor with no losses without a pig, just a yuty for buff
  6. Easier get it on center, just glide in with a drake into lava cave all the way to the artifact, no aggro at all, or u can use any large and fast creatures that wont draw any aggro from the usual cave creatures.
  7. Also u dont have to dismount to get it to impreg u, just use a weapon while mounted like a crossbow on it.
  8. Store all the hide gathered from meat runs while feeding dinos babies etc. I got enough for around 60+ asc rex saddles and 12+ asc giga saddles and still got more than 2 tek storage full thru this method.
  9. I farmed manticore on scorched several times with no problems, its very weak with only around 170k hp for alpha.
  10. If u are trying to move dinos and buildings to genesis,very high chance its disabled for a few months, so there is no point in packing up early. U could have just kept all your dinos in cryo to reduce base maintenance while waiting.
  11. Dinos lay regular unfertilised eggs on their own over time that cant be hatched, only when u mate them will they lay a fertilised egg.
  12. If its fertilised its in the name, u wont see a decompose timer but u should see a egg health bar and incubation bar.
  13. Fish spoils so fast? They have twive the spoil timer compared to regular raw meat. Sea creatures give more fish meat than more fish will, like manta and sharks, and those are easy to kill.
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