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  1. Not sure why u mentioned this since it totally makes sense, how can they even float when they are encumbered?
  2. They dont spoil if u dont pick them up also. I had a tribemate start hatching a few drake eggs with less than 5h to spoil. They hatched without spoiling as no one pick them up after the spoil timer was up. Deino eggs spoil also when u pick them up after the timer is up.
  3. Not just deinos, dont forget about wyverns and rock drakes.
  4. So this means we cannot place our own platforms down to reach the platform limit around our buildings and prevent others from placing them nearby?
  5. How are you going to destroy others' platforms on pve?
  6. He could have used a parasaur, those can detect any enemy tames and players nearby.
  7. If his structures and dinos has his name and tribe settings are under personally owned for structures and dinos, kicking him out should return it to him. What does this mean? Did he merge his tribe into the tribe u own or are part of?
  8. U forget to mention that it is only until CI is released on console. After that it cant be found on other maps. On pc it is only found on CI.
  9. U forget to mention the other important details about them spawning on other maps.
  10. From my personal experience, if the settings is under personally owned, then whatever structures and dinos with your name above it still belongs to you if u get KICKED out of tribe. If u LEAVE the tribe by your own choice they stay with the tribe regardless.
  11. It is only on other maps for console only until CI is released on consoles.
  12. He is not the leader, and it was the leader who invited the thief.
  13. They are considered scorched earth engrams, so u can only learn them on maps that has them like se, rag or val. They are crafted in the titan terminals.
  14. Check the dinos u recently rode outside base, one of them should have the leech.
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