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  1. Example for instant ACTIVE enforcement. you know, the one they advertise for so much but can't live up to the demands. Takes 4 to 6 weeks before they show up. Griefers know this, they even act to this. Griefing back isnt allowed, luring gigas/rexes to the dinos either, i.o.w. you're bout to loose interest. WC doesn't care. Good luck.
  2. Sorry for your loss. Over the last few weeks, lots of tribes on our Val server lost these amounts of rexes. Some of those ragequit the game as well due to the above. This bug has been here since day 1 of Valguero, sadly I dont expect this to be solved anywhere soon. People are getting tired of reporting, sending tickets and/or coming to this forum where they are laughed or trolled at for "being on officials, expect to loose all but we love the game, blablahblah." Also, WildCard does not give your stuff back, no matter how much proof you send in. Getting a GM is a planning wich takes
  3. Still trolling official players huh?
  4. That's weird. This should be deleted, it blocks pathways if this goes all around. Altho I seen some weird stuff being wiped tho. Mate of us had some rollrats running around getting berries, they kept on breeding (automated mating is still an option, altho there's an extra option to mate on the spot. But, his fault apperently not WildCard nor its programmers). Another guy submitted a ticket, 24 hours all of the dinos wich where walking around got wiped. Not a single headsup, so I'm not surprised by this at all.
  5. Yes. This will add up. The amount of rafts should be capped at 3 or something per tribe, in my opinion.
  6. Finally online, unboxed 30 babies: "We're now taking the server offline.... blahblah" Not even a 15 mins headsup anymore. *HEADDESKS*
  7. All lies! They fixed all servers! Current Version: v310.29 - 04/15/2020 Fixed multiple server crashes
  8. Yep, for 2 times allready. We gave up on all events. All crap, all dead.
  9. I love the persistancy. Too bad this is not changing the crappy servers, better yet, 1998 faxed too. They want their Pentiums 3 back.
  10. Current Version: v310.29 - 04/15/2020 Fixed multiple server crashes Shutting down servers means fixing? Multiple servers are down over an hour now...
  11. Nah, this update wasn't finished let''s say 6 weeks ago. But ontopic, yes it can take up a pretty long time. Too bad some eventwyvs paid the price.
  12. After updates, please make function wich FREEZES dinos till activation Another huge update and again DURING an event. Alot of players peeing particals because of their timed imprints/feeds. And alot of these are going to miss them or even log in seeing alot of red lines; death due to starving. Please make a function, so dinos STOP maturing after patches like these. They can be activated by forcefeeding the desired food. This is not funny anymore, but at least I try to help out. Sending tickets is not helping to get all the losses back. Asking NOT to update during events res
  13. Yep, they love to do grand patches during events. Also very nice when you planned your imprints.
  14. 7.4 GB update. During an event. The timing, just wow.
  15. Says someone NOT playing on nofficials. Now what does this say about you? LMAO
  16. Oh really? And these events are promoted on? Unofficials? Single player?
  17. WildCard will NEVER EVER apologise. Nor an official statement of what's really going on.
  18. Beginning End Duration 04/12/2020 7:14 PM Ongoing 03:56 That's 1 of 3 servers, wich means waking up in 6 hours will result in yet another failed event for all of us. Can't we get a time out when servers crash untill the parent of the newborn loggs in? A notification saying: " Due to a recent servercrash, your non adult dinos have been in stases untill you forcefeed 1 item of food" or some sort?
  19. It seems 1998 has just faxed, they want their servers back too.
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