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  1. Not gonna happen. Other players can't make money then. This is also my last post ever on this forum. Being robbed by players while they have carte blanche doesnt fit in my believe of upholding rules. Being silenced without 1 official statement while proof is at hand is not a tinfoil on my head. It's dictatorial. Take care everyone. I'm out.
  2. Look for my thread, read and weep. WC lets them do it without any interference.
  3. I just had a conversation with a Chinese player. The majority of all Chinese are actually duping servers because they do this in a joint effort. They are even being pushed into cooperation, or else their own group abandones them. With the duped stuff they make a market from wich you can buy for RL money. This is well known by WC, they can and may not interfere from the Chinese. That's an agreement they seem to have. WildCard, I would like to have an official statement. Because if this is true, you guys are even way worse then I thought. You make us believe in your CoC and upholding it, but it seems like a big farce now. So, can we please have a statement from Wildcard on this?
  4. Wut? Is this for real? That would explain loads.
  5. Its utterly ridiculous. We loose stuff due to duping and they double up on stuff due to duping. Sounds fair? WC thinks so apperently. I didnt know duping was allowed?
  6. Hey WildCard! How about fixing those servers? How about letting us ACTUALLY enjoy the event this time? How about responding to all the countless tickets of server outages? How about upholding your CoC? Lost 2 good wyvs, 2 splendid armour and the people duping are EVEN PROUD OF IT ON GLOBALCHAT! And not a single "Enforcer" around? What a joke.
  7. So, thats 2 wyverns. And Chinese are saying on chat they are so proud of them making loose our stuff! And not a single person from WC in sight???? GOOD JOB WILDCARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. All ragservers are crashing. WC allready received hundreds of tickets. Wich are all into the bin apperently, nobody gets a single reply.
  9. Ye, then Genesis comes along. Same poo, different toilet and ofc, no enforcement. Not even a single GM flying around on PvE, so many players stating they hate Europeans on chat (and proud of letting server crash) that they flood EU servers. WC does not care.
  10. Nop. Nor will bugs be fixed. Nor will PvE be fixed. PvP is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important. Nor will CoC be enforced. Even if you put in tickets with proof. Nor will you get an answer from WC.
  11. WC does not care. All fairytales.
  12. Officials are way better then Legacy!! Ye right. Not. Ragnarok 389 keeps on going offline each 30 mins, thats official server. I left legacy, ragnarok35. That server had 1 outage per month. (Only been there for 3 years) "officials are way better..." Not even a single admin wich comes around and check. Not even a single reply on 4 tickets from today. Lost 1 wyv, good armour, nvm, who gives 1 single bit. Thanks for nothing WC.
  13. Do cryopods change genders? I hatched a giga egg. Finally a female 645 base damage! Cryod it and ran off to the nursery. Uncryod it; it turned into a male? Wut?
  14. At least WC learned NOT to hype anymore. Other then that, walk around the first few days on Genesis. Alot of griefing/kiting is about to happen, sending in tickets will not help out, no matter how much you try. And ofc the "bugs" wich need to be ironed out the first 2 weeks, just to make it at least walkable.
  15. captyarrr

    Lunar biome

    Wait.... That's not a moon....
  16. ARKlogic. It seems normal to loose all stuff and get boohoo'd of the forum as well. Sending in tickets doesn't help one single bit either. WC doesnt care.
  17. Teleporter vanished Dear community, my new teleporter just vanished. I build a lap from 8x8 foundations and they all autodecayed within 16 hours. Along with my new teleporter. This is ofc my own fault, because I was in the assumption (how stupid of me, ikr??) this would be counted as a full build. Anyone know how to make this right without loosing my teleporter again? With the kindest regards, Capt. Yarrr.
  18. Bring shotguns and start shooting at it. Just before it gets killed, it lands. Nomnommnom and done.
  19. Nop, I left legacy a couple of weeks ago and started fresh, official is the way to go apperently. On legacy, I got 5K hours and this stuff randomly happened there so much, people on this forum told me to "rip the bandage now" because legacy is bound to be cut off. The first 2 weeks I grinded and farmed so much mats, I was able to make some deals here and there to get me good eggs/babies so I could at least try to be ready for Valentines. Now, all that is gone. And you quote Einstein. Sad. P.S. here's one for your memoires; "Assumption is the mother of all screwups"
  20. We just did a test with imprinting on other dinos. It seems, when you imprint and logg off AND YOU ARE THE ONLY PLAYER in the direct vincinity the imprint "rolls back" Apperently you need to stay and logged on for about 10 mins at least TO BE SURE imprint stays OR let a tribemember be online. Woot. Sigh.
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